Bettinardi Queen B #15 Putter Review

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The Bettinardi Queen B #15, a compact, slightly wide, blade-style putter, is a new addition to the Queen B family.  Beautiful craftsmanship – both in design and execution.  Bettinardi’s softest honeycomb face to date.


For 2023, Bettinardi revamped two previously released Queen B models, the #6 [review HERE] and #11 [review HERE], and released two brand new designs, the #14 and #15.  In this review I’ll take a close look at the Queen B #15, the most compact and classic looking putter of the lot.

Bettinardi Queen B #15 address


Pulling off the beautiful headcover, I was immediately captivated by the large, milled, crowned bee on the sole that matched the intricately stitched cover.  Glancing at the face I was mesmerized by the fine details of the honeycomb milling.  As with its previous releases, Bettinardi craftsmanship was on full display.

At address the Queen B #15 has a very approachable profile.  Though somewhat wider than a classic Anser, it’s not what I’d consider a mid-mallet.  The width of the top flange harmonizes well with the width of the bumpers.  The cavity frames the golf ball nicely.

Bettinardi describes the #15 as featuring a “10% smaller head from heel to toe providing a fresh compact look.”  I grabbed a couple Anser-ish putters I had in my stock yard and sure enough, the blade length is clearly shorter.  The overall look at address is very well balanced.

Bettinardi Queen B #15 cavity

I really like how the white paint fill pops against the new caramel copper colored finish.  The photo above also captures the lovely taper to the bumpers that adds to the beauty of the Queen B #15.

Bettinardi Queen B #15 face

Sound & Feel

Another common trait of the Queen B series is the soft feel produced by the honeycomb milling.  Bettinardi boosted the softness by utilizing an 8% smaller tool to make the face pattern even finer.  I don’t have the tactile memory skills to feel the difference, but I have no reason to doubt this is the softest version to date.

I did note a little pop to the ball off the face with centered contact.  There wasn’t much feedback to my hands as I wandered towards the toe, but the sound definitely changed.  What was a soft staccato ‘tick’ transitioned to a slightly louder, more woodblock-like sound.  Missing towards the heel produced a deservedly duller sound and muddled feel.


For golfers accustomed to a typical Anser putter, the Queen B #15, weighing in at 362 grams, may feel a bit heavier.  For me, the heavier head provided positive positional feedback and a more repeatable stroke.  The ¼ toe hang was also good for my slightly arcing putting stroke.  If you need more flow, check out the #11 which has a full ½ toe hang.  For a straight back, straight through stroke the #6 might be the better choice.  If you’re not sure what suits your stroke, consider a putter fitting at Club Champion – it can be very revealing [learn more about my experience HERE].

As I anticipated from prior versions, the new Mini Honeycomb face provided a wonderfully consistent roll.  The stability of the compact design offered reasonable forgiveness, but not on par with a true mid-mallet like the #14 I tested [review HERE].  If forgiveness is your primary goal, take a look at Bettinardi’s INOVAI series [reviews HERE].

Bettinardi Queen B #15 grip

Like all Queen B putters, Bettinardi makes it simple to get a custom setup with loads of spec options.  There are 10 lengths, 5 lofts, and 7 lies to choose from.  Plus the choice of a standard or jumbo deep etched Lamkin Sink Fit grip [check out our Lamkin reviews HERE].

Bettinardi Queen B #15


The compact head design of the Bettinardi Queen B #15 brings another great model to a family with a legacy of jewelry case looks and strong performance.  The #15 exemplifies some of the common traits that surfaced in our coverage of the 2023 Queen Bs: mesmerizing milling, wonderful soft feel, beautiful headcover (despite the velcro), and great spec options.  No matter what your putting style or  preferences, if you appreciate craftsmanship, take a close look at a Bettinardi Queen B.

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  1. Truly beautiful.

  2. Christopher S

    Matt, great review as always. Love the caramel copper finish on this year’s line. Any chance the #15 gets a permanent spot in your bag?

    • Thanks Christopher. The #15 is certainly worthy of a spot, but I’m on a good roll (pun intended) with my current putter.

      – Meeks

  3. The compact format of the the Queen B 15 looks shorter than my Scotty Cameron Newport blade. How much shorter is the B #15 vs. the Newport?

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