2023 Bettinardi Queen B #11 Putter Review

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The 2023 Bettinardi Queen B #11 putter is a traditional mallet with tremendous visual appeal.  Beautiful finish and milling.  The softest feeling honeycomb face that Bettinardi has ever made.


2023 marks the 25th anniversary of Bettinardi Golf.  While there will certainly be many special releases and events, they’re staying right on schedule with a new Queen B line.  Queen B has always been Bettinardi’s most polished line, and that holds true with this latest iteration.  In this review, I’ll take a look at one of the standards in this series, the #11.


There’s so much to like about the look of the 2023 Bettinardi Queen B #11, but I have to start with the finish.  The Caramel Copper PVD is very similar to what Bettinardi used in the 2021 Queen B line [review HERE], and there was no reason to change.  This finish sets the Queen B apart from the masses of silver and black finishes you typically see on the green.

The second thing that jumps out to me is the font that Bettinardi chose for the engraving.  It has a classic look that’s a much better fit for this regal putter than the futuristic lettering used on the last iteration.  They also used a perfect amount of it across the cavity and sole.  Extra style points for leaving the giant Queen B unpainted so we can appreciate the precision of the milling.

Moving on to the shape, the #11 is a traditional mallet in both shape and size.  To my eye, the 2023 version is slightly more symmetrical than the 2021 version, but it still is a bit larger on the toe side.  The edges also appear a bit softer, melting into each other with smoother transitions.

Finally, the Queen B comes with a beautiful white headcover.  A honeycomb pattern underlies the giant, thick Queen B on the top.  My only complaint is the Velcro closure.  The Queen B #11 is a larger putter, and there’s no way to keep the Velcro from abrading it when the cover goes on and off.

2023 bettinardi queen b #11 face

Sound & Feel

One of the biggest changes to the new Bettinardi Queen B #11 is the Mini Honeycomb face.  Bettinardi tells us that this milling pattern uses an 8% smaller machine tool to “provide the softest Honeycomb face to date.”  This new face milling, in combination with the 303 stainless steel, creates an impact feel that is wonderful.  With a tour-caliber ball, it produces a dull “tock” and a soft, solid feel.

In addition to being the softest honeycomb face, the Mini Honeycomb takes some of the sting (pun intended) out of the feedback.  Many previous Bettinardi putters were very demanding, only offering their best feel on perfect strikes.  The Queen B #11 feels very good all around the center of the face.  You can still get precise feedback through your hands, and the tone changes slightly on longer mishits, but there’s no harshness to it.

bettinardi queen b #11 cavity


The 2023 Bettinardi Queen B #11 is a traditional mallet with a “Crescent-milled neck” that serves as a perfect bridge between blades and modern mallets.  As a longtime Anser player, transitioning to the Queen B #11 was effortless.  The footprint is larger than a blade, but the shape is traditional and the cavity frames the ball just like an Anser.

bettinardi queen b #11 bee

Bettinardi’s choice of neck gives the Queen B #11 a “1/2” toe hang very similar to most Anser-style putters.  This was comfortable for my arcing stroke – I never felt that I had to fight the putter.  The Queen B #11 has the most toe hang in this family with the #14 [review HERE] and #15 [review HERE] having half as much and the #6 [review HERE] being nearly face-balanced.

A heavier head – 362 grams – and larger body gives the Queen B #11 a small forgiveness advantage over most blades.  This isn’t on the level of modern multi-material mallets like the Bettinardi INOVAI [review HERE], but it will help nudge your mishits closer to the cup.  The combination of boosted forgiveness and a different look make this is a worthy choice for Anser players seeking a spark on the green.

Finally, Bettinardi gives players a wide range of specifications to choose from to make their putter their own.  Putters are offered in lengths ranging from 33″ to 38″, well beyond the traditional 35″ max.  Lie angles range from 67 to 73 degrees and lofts from 1 to 5.  Players can also choose between standard or jumbo Lamkin Sink Fit grips [review HERE], a grip I absolutely love the shape of.

bettinardi queen b #11 sole


The 2023 Bettinardi Queen B #11 is a jewel of a putter with wide appeal.  Players coming from traditional blade-style putters can enjoy the added forgiveness.  If you’re currently gaming a modern mallet and want to get into something a little more classic, this is a great choice.  Either way, take advantage of the ability to dial the putter to your perfect specs.

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  1. Send me the putter

  2. Thanks Matt for the review. I own a 2022 Queen B11 which also has the mini-Honeycomb small face. I practice putting very frequently with the putter because I do not consider myself a great putter. I have a minimal arc in my stroking pattern. This Bettinardi putter is very good for me at 33.5″. I am putting much better. All the points you reviewed are right on.

  3. The gold color is a non starter for me but they do feel nice. Have owned Bettinardi putters previously.

  4. Does it read the putt also? For that kind of dough, it should!

  5. I have the 2022 couldn’t love it more. The jumbo bettinardi grip is phenomenal.

  6. At that price the Velcro head cover is a deal breaker. Why go cheap there? Kind of insulting.

  7. Good info

  8. The mini honeycomb face is my favourite of all Bettinardi putters and competitors putters as well.
    I play a face balance mallet (odyssey white hot Rossie). Unfortunately Betti is behind in the neck options for Mallets in the queen B line…no face balance option….Scottty has 2 neck options with 1 being the face balanced golo6, ping ds72 is face balanced, odyssey has 2 neck option on the new rossie , double bend face balance and slant neck.
    The finish on the queen b line is a deal breaker as well…most are black or silver for a reason.
    I wonder how many more B11 bettinardi would sell with black or silver finish and a single or double bend shaft that makes it face balanced. Too bad because the face is the best!

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