2023 Bettinardi Queen B #6 Putter Review

Bettinardi Queen B #6 cavity

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The 2023 Bettinardi Queen B #6 has high quality craftsmanship and a unique caramel copper finish.  A face balanced mid mallet design is a true piece of art that will make anyone the envy of their foursome.


Over the past 20+ years, Robert Bettinardi and his staff have captured a massive segment of golfers that enjoy quality putters that continually impress both at the amateur level and on the pro circuit.  Bettinardi putters have recorded 39 PGA Tour wins including four major championships.  Most recently, Matthew Fitzpatrick used his Bettinardi DASS Prototype to win the 2022 US Open and his first major championship at The Country Club in Boston, Massachusetts.  In this review, we’re going to examine the latest release from Bettinardi, the Queen B #6.


One of my favorite things about Bettinardi putters is their pursuit of finishes that make you say, “Wow.”  This latest release of the Queen B #6 has a caramel copper PVD finish that absolutely fits that sentiment.  The finish is light brown in color with some white accents sprinkled in.

Bettinardi Queen B #6 sole

The face is milled with their mini honeycomb pattern while the alignment line falls to the flange of the putter.  There are no top line sight dots or alignment aids.  The sole has Bettinardi’s queen bee etched with “Made in the USA” carved next to it.

The wide blade and high toe are easy to look at and square up at address.  It inspires confidence to hit solid putts.  While the look of a Bettinardi putter is unmistakably beautiful, there is plenty of tech to go along with them.

Feel & Sound

The Queen B #6 putter generates a low, muted “tock” at impact.  This is a product of the mini honeycomb pattern.  It almost feels as if there’s vibration dampening as every shot feels solid.

Feedback is still present as strikes towards the toe or heel elicited more oscillation through the grip but the sound stayed consistent.


Bettinardi’s latest line of putters in the Queen B series isn’t revolutionary.  These are a product of constantly improving their most popular putters.  Bettinardi did just that with the Queen B #6.

The Queen B #6 is a wide blade that has the forgiveness of a mallet.  Much like previous versions [review of the 2019 version HERE], the Queen B #6 has a single bend shaft which is ideal for the player that has a straight back, straight through stroke like myself.  This style also helps with balance and minimizing twisting through impact.

Bettinardi Queen B #6 face

The head feels heavier than similar putters in this category.  At 362 grams, it made grooving the right tempo easier.  The head is also face balanced which encouraged that feeling of straight back and straight through. 

I preferred the face balanced Queen B #6, but if you are looking for something with more toe flow, Bettinardi has you covered with three other styles.  The #11 [review HERE], #14 [review HERE], and #15 [review HERE] all have more toe hang for players with more arc in their stroke.

Bettinardi Queen B #6


The latest Bettinardi Queen B putters are true works of art.  The Queen B #6 putter is a face balanced mid mallet that blends mini honeycomb milling with a non-traditional caramel copper finish.  Bag one of these and become the envy of every foursome.

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  1. Just ordered a Custom Bettinardi Queen B # 6 and can’t wait for it to come. Feel off these putters is indescribable and you really have to hit one to appreciate. Do yourself a favour and give one a try

  2. Ordered a custom Bettinardi Queen B #6 and absolutely love it. Good weight and a good feel and very nice to look at with it’s caramel finish and high toe

  3. I purchased my queen bee three weeks ago and it is a very solid putter in regards to performance and looks, it sets up so well and the added weight allows for a smoother take away and a more consistent roll. The new edition of this iconic putter is a must buy,,,

  4. Would I be able to custom order one without the white line on the putter head ?

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