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Bettinardi Queen B #6 Putter Review

By: Zack Buechner

50 Words or Less

The Bettinardi Queen B #6 is Bettinardi’s take on a traditional mid-mallet.  Nearly face-balanced, a wide footprint, and iconic honeycomb milling creates a stunning addition to the Bettinardi vault.

Check out the 2023 Bettinardi Queen B #6 HERE


Milled putters are a dime a dozen both on the PGA Tour and at local golf clubs.  This wasn’t always the norm.  In the early 90’s, only a handful of tour players were using milled putters.  That’s when Robert Bettinardi began crafting specially milled putters using a jewelery-grade machine cutter.  80 worldwide professional wins and 3 majors later, Bettinardi’s patented Honeycomb milling technology is still represented today on Tour and in the 2019 Queen B series.


The most distinctive feature of the Queen B #6 is the high-toe design that shows a thicker toe than heel.  It does make the putter feel slightly more upright at address but it creates a sense of symmetry from toe to heel.

The Tiffany-blue accent coloring is unique and stands out against traditional color-schemes.  The script “B” logo is engraved on the Honeycomb-milled face, also in Tiffany blue.

The milling is shallow and retains the majority of the putter face surface.  This goes against a common trend in putters today of deep, wide milling.

Behind the ball, the flange is wider than most putters in this category.  With this larger surface area, the grey PVD finish’s glare reduction is even more important.  A single white alignment line contrasts well against the grey.

Sound and Feel

The shallow milling pattern increases the face-to-ball contact on putts, which elicits a deep, solid feel.   Every putt felt as if it were right in the sweet spot.  This is the kind of sound you want and expect from a high-end putter.

The jumbo grip is corded and has a pistol-style end.  The grip sits naturally in your hand and just feels right.  I let a friend hit a few putts, and his first thoughts were how comfortable the grip was.  Do yourself a favor and don’t overlook the stock grip offerings.


When you have a putter that feels good, it translates into performance.  The sharp corners boost confidence in alignment so you can be aggressive with every putt.  Lag putting was easier to judge and distances were more consistent.  The first time with this putter in the bag, I didn’t necessarily start making every putt, but I left myself with short second putts.  The heavier head makes the putter feel steady through the strike.

The QB6 uses minimal offset to promote a square face throughout the stroke, preventing the face from shutting down at impact.  This was especially apparent on putts inside 5 feet.  The slight toe hang (approximately 4 o’ clock) promotes a square-to-square stroke.  Minimal toe hang equals minimal face rotation, which – for me – means putts find their intended line more often.

Although not all the putters within the Queen B series are offered in both right and left-handed options, the #6 is.  Another custom option that golfers will like is the ability to cut the putter to half-inch sizes.  Add that in with loft and lie adjustments, and you can tune your putter to very specific preferences.


Of all the many putters I’ve owned over the years, I’ve never had a Bettinardi.  In the past, I have been somewhat skeptical of high-priced putters being truly better than their less expensive counterparts.  After spending quite a bit of time with this one, I can safely say, “you get what you pay for.”

Precise milling and craftsmanship with high quality components don’t come cheap.  It’s not just for show either.  Every design detail in the 2019 Queen B series purposeful and serves to improve your putting.

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  1. Dear Mr. Bettinardi, I have always admired your putters. A friend and I tried the Queen B # 6 but we do not like the color. Are you considering making the Queen B # 6 Blackout available again? A Queen B # 6 Blackout with a white or gray alignment line would be amazing. I can assure many golfers will seriously consider dropping our Scotty’s for a Blackout.

  2. Eric Hutchens

    I just picked this putter up and so far really like the quality. Good Review!

  3. S. Anderson

    Have played golf for the past 58 years and finally did something smart and scheduled a fitting at Bettinardi What a great process and boy did I learn a lot. I have wasted tons of years in not having the correct putter for me in my hands. We all spend a bunch of time on the green so the smartest thing to do is get the correct putter with correct length, loft, lie, grip etc in hand so get a Bettinardi fitting if at all possible. Putters are top quality and a little on higher price side but I have wasted 100 times that cost over the years in all the putters I have purchased with little success on the greens. It is a professional and very scientific fitting so by all means do it if you can.

  4. Am looking at the queen B 6 and as much as I really like the look I cannot get over the Tiffany blue colours on it . I don’t want to buy and then spend money changing grip and inset paint.

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