Bettinardi Queen B #14 Putter Review

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The Bettinardi Queen B #14 is a new mid-mallet design that’s both visually appealing and visually effective for performance.  Soft sound and feel.  Excellent craftsmanship.


Matt and Zack presented wonderful accolades about Bettinardi and the Queen B Series in their reviews of the 2023 Queen B #6 [find it HERE] and #11 [HERE], but I have one word to add:  craftsmanship.  For me, the Queen B Series continues to be Bettinardi’s most popular putter line because of craftsmanship.  And that craftsmanship shows up twofold – with mesmerizing milling and putting performance.  The all new Queen B #14 is a perfect example.

Bettinardi Queen B #14 address


I led with milling above because it’s always been what draws my attention first.  From the precision of the honeycomb face to the flowing curves of the back flange, the Queen B #14 exudes craftsmanship.  The integral milled slant neck is like a cherry on top for geeks like me.

Bettinardi Queen B #14 sole

As a mid-mallet putter, the Queen B #14 falls between square and round.  Behind the narrow top line, the sides of the putter extend perpendicular to the face for about three quarters of the overall depth before softly curving toward center.  The inside curvature flows gently down creating a softness to the cavity and led my eyes to focus on the white centerline.

The new caramel copper color finish is distinctive and more appealing than the rosier hue of the past series.  The grey paint fill around the “B” on the face coordinates nicely with the grip and lines on the sole.  The gray is prominent also in the intricate stitching on the beautiful headcover.  My only disappointment was seeing velcro for the closure system.

Bettinardi Queen B #14 full face

Sound & Feel

With centered contact, the Queen B #14 has a soft ‘tock’ sound.  I found the sound stayed the same as the ball moved towards the toe, while the sound was a bit duller when contact drifted towards the heel.  Interestingly, the sound was brighter on longer putts.

Bettinardi Queen B #14 face

Soft was also the feeling relayed to my hands.  Queen B honeycomb milling has always provided a soft feel, and for the 2023 series Bettinardi utilized an 8% smaller tool to make the pattern even finer and boost softness.  The head was very stable, and much like with sound, feedback to my hands was minimal off the toe and muddled off the heel.


I’ve been gaming rounded mid-mallets, including a Queen B, for years and the #14 looked and felt very comfortable from the start.  The ¼ toe hang and Lamkin Sink Fit grip added to that comfort equation.  The unexpected was how simple aiming the putter seemed.  There are several visual cues that frame the ball and set alignment, but they seem to meld together without processing.  I think this boils down to craftsmanship once again.

As I anticipated from prior versions, the new Mini Honeycomb face provided a wonderfully consistent roll.  Forgiveness was also apparent with the Queen B #14 as heel and toe contact rolled out nearly the same as centered strikes.

Like all Queen B putters in the series, Bettinardi makes it simple to get a custom setup with loads of spec options.  There are 10 lengths, 5 lofts, and 7 lies to choose from.  Plus the choice of a standard or jumbo deep etched Lamkin Sink Fit [check out our Lamkin reviews HERE].

Bettinardi Queen B #14 cover and putter


The Bettinardi Queen B #14 putter is a worthy addition to the family.  The fresh design is not only visually stunning in terms of milling but also visually effective in the performance realm.  If the look isn’t quite for you, Bettinardi has excellent options.  For more toe hang in a mid-mallet, the #11 is a great option.  If you have more of a straight back and straight through putting stroke, the face-balanced Queen B #6 might be the perfect choice.  With soft feel and forgiveness, the Bettinardi Queen B #14 – or any from the series – is a putter worthy of a long term relationship.

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  1. Michael Payne

    And Bettinardi attended Milwaukee School Of Engineering! What a great Alum to have! Great review Matt.

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