Lamkin Sink Fit Putter Grip Review

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The Lamkin SINK Fit putter grip line includes a variety of shapes and sizes plus two different materials.  A grip for nearly every preference.


After the swing grips got the spotlight in 2018, Lamkin shifted their focus to putter grips for 2019.  Their new Sink Fit line includes something for just about everyone with a variety shapes, sizes, materials, and weights.


Across the Sink Fit line, Lamkin uses bold colors and sizable branding to make an impression.  With the exception of the neon green on the Skinny Pistol, the primary colors are traditional: blue, red, and black.  The large “Lamkin” branding on the front of the grip is outlined in white, and the side logos are solid white.

Closer inspection reveals that the polyurethane and rubber grips have different textures which also gives each a unique look.


The rubber and polyurethane Sink Fit grips provide very different sensations in your hands.  Each has a unique texture: with the rubber I feel more tread, with the polyurethane I feel more tack.  Additionally, the rubber grips feel more solid to me.  The polyurethane grips feel almost hollow.


Let’s start by discussing the different shapes available in the Sink Fit line.  Lamkin offers Skinny Pistol (rubber only), Pistol, and Straight profiles.  As the name implies, the Straight profile has no taper.  This shape has a wide, flat front and a gently curved backside.  The Pistol has a traditional profile which is very thick at the top and tapers quickly to a consistent, slimmer size.  As you might guess, the Skinny Pistol is a smaller version with a less dramatic taper.

While this is only a very rough guideline, I would suggest the Pistol shapes to players who accept a little more wrist movement in their stroke and the Straight grips for those that want to “lock up” their wrists.  I could also see the Straight grip being preferred by those with unconventional hand positions such as left hand low.

You may be asking why Lamkin offers the Pistol and Straight profiles in both rubber and polyurethane.  The answer is weight.  In rubber, the Pistol and Straight weight 120 and 114 grams, respectively.  In polyurethane, those same shapes weigh just 63 and 60 grams.  That weight difference will have a massive effect on swing weight and the way the putter head feels.  If you prefer more weight in your hands, a counterbalanced feel, opt for rubber.  If you like more weight in the club head, polyurethane is the way to go.

For me, the Skinny Pistol is ideal.  It’s slightly larger than the Pingman grip that I often use, and it fits my hands well.  I prefer the more solid feel of the rubber grip, and the weight of the Skinny Pistol puts a little something in my hands while retaining my feel for the putter head.


There’s no easier way to shake your putting out of a funk than with a quick grip change.  The Lamkin Sink Fit putter grips allow you to pick the exact size, shape, and weight to either keep your good mojo going or help you find your groove.

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  1. Hi, can you review the Evnroll Gravity Grip next?


    • Matt Saternus


      We have contacted EvnRoll numerous times about reviews but have not received any response. If you would go on social media and let them know you value our reviews, that would be very helpful.



  2. Mike Christensen

    You neglected to mention how long the grips are. This is not even noted on the Lamkin website.

  3. Tracey C Smith

    Just found this website Where have I been, looks like a great resource. Thanks Matt.

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