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Arccos Caddie Link Review

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Arccos Caddie Link is the latest addition to the Arccos family of technology, paving the way in shot tracking data and (finally) not requiring users’ phones to be in their pocket.


In 2014, Arccos launched the first iteration of its shot tracking system (review HERE).  Arccos then evolved to Arccos 360 in 2017 (review HERE).  Earlier this year, Arccos released their most advanced data-synthesizing sensors in the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors (review HERE).   Arccos has now released a new piece of technology to go along with the sensors and highly-acclaimed app – the Caddie Link.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t frustrated with how long this took to get to market.  Users, including myself, have been demanding a better solution than keeping your cell phone in your front pocket since Arccos was launched.  Finally, the solution is here and we are happy to finally put the phone back into the golf cart.

Check out the latest Arccos sensors, Gen 3+ HERE

Learn about the Arccos Caddie Link Gen2 HERE

Set Up & Ease of Use

Already having the sensors and using the app regularly, the set-up was effortless.  Charge the small unit with a universal USB plug and then pair it with the app before heading out to the course.  It was that easy.

Once its ready to go, you press the quarter-sized button on the front and make sure it connects to the GPS signal.  You will still need to use the app to connect to the course you are playing and start the round.  After that point, you don’t have to hold or look at your phone again until you walk off 18.


The one big takeaway here is that we get to put the phone away and not keep it in the front pocket the whole round.  The Link has a belt clip and is about 1.5x the size of an average belt in height.  It’s virtually unnoticeable on the course, even the first time.

Compared with the phone, this unit is outside of the pocket and immediately detected more shots than I was used to seeing.  This means less editing after the round.  Plus, stats end up more accurate.


The only negative is that it’s not a perfect system.  You still have to make corrections when you get home.  Personally, I enjoy this part but I know many dread it.

We also have to address the belt clip.  We know this is a far better solution but wearing a lime green belt clip won’t win you any style awards at the member/member tournament this year.


The Arccos Caddie Link comes in at $100.  This is actually the only part of Arccos that isn’t required for use.  The club sensors are $179 and the mandatory yearly subscription is $100.  However, having all three (and yes, I am a paying subscriber), I can confidently say that the value of the analytics and access to the technology and insight into your own game is 100% worth the cost.  Arccos is always updating their app with new features and ways to view your game.  The important part is that you actually track your rounds.  This is why I highly recommend the Arccos Caddie Link if you’re going to use this system.  It takes the phone out of your pocket and gives you a better rate of GPS tracking each shot.  This means more accuracy and more insight into your game.


It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started in the game or a plus 2 handicap.  The Arccos Caddie Link gives every golfer a chance to read their stats like a professional.  Strokes gained, driving and approach accuracy, and putting stats can help every golfer get a better handle on their golf game.  The new Caddie Link makes all of these stats easier to track.  Less distraction from a phone in your front pocket while you play and improved tracking of each shot make the Arccos Caddie Link the best piece of technology I’ve seen in 2020.

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  1. Google Maps doesn’t do the best job here in South Korea. Will Arrcos still work here?

    • Matt Saternus

      That’s a great question that I unfortunately can’t answer.

      Can another reader offer any experience?

      • Michael D Reed

        According to Arccos’ website, Arccos offers a modest number of South Korean courses. You can request additional course mapping.

  2. I love the concept and it clearly is the trend. We love info and actionable stats. Someone has to find a way to provide this info without requiring an annual fee. I avoid recurring fee’s in almost everything non-essential. It’s a deal breaker for me, but YMMV.

    • Zack Buechner

      For what Arccos provides (strokes gained, stats, and constant updates), $100 for the year feels appropriate.

    • Shotscope now provides strokes gained, similar initial outlay, no recurring fee, no need to buy new sensors when batteries go flat!!

  3. Michael Pasvantis

    I’m glad you actually got one. I ordered the Link almost 2 months ago and still waiting.

  4. Michael D Reed

    Thanks for the review. I too have been a bit frustrated with the length of time I have waited for my Link to arrive. (I ordered it just after the July cut-off date and have not received it.) However, I will give them a pass due to COVID delays.

  5. Andy LaCombe

    I too am in the boat of a mid-July order and waiting and waiting. I am sick of all the shots the phone misses, and I have an iPhone with 3 mics. I sure hope the Link picks up more shots. Can you tell me if that button on the Link is used to set the actual pin location? I was hoping you could stand by the pin and press the button when you hole the putt to signify the hole location.

    Arccos is an awesome concept and a mediocre implementation. That would be harsh if the system were at all new. It is an old system (technology-wise) and there are many nagging issues with it. The missed shots are a big issue, but the sensors are an issue as well. I find mine backing out all the time and I now have a preshot habit of checking that the sensor is tight in the end of the grip. I also tend to find my hands creeping outward to where I am putting the heel pad of my hand on that sensor as if it was the end of the grip.

    Lastly what happens if you have a grip that you can not screw the sensor into the end – and that grip is not a superstroke where they have a device to make that happen. I just worry that Arccos has very little foresight into where things are going and very slow to react to customer needs. I would think that they would employ a team of golfers that gives them ideas on how to improve their system and what things they could do to be ahead of the game.

    Having said all that – I love the system and that is why the issues are so frustrating.

    • Zack Buechner


      The button is only used for turning the unit on and off and pairing the device, not for marking pins. In my use of the link, it definitely picks up remarkably more shots than the phone did. You dont need to keep checking the app, you can just put it away for the round.

      My putter sensor screw was too long so I (not recommended) cut off the tip of the screw and it works great now.

    • Contrary to what Zack says: The button is used to mark the pin. You can stand at the pin and hold the button for 1-2 seconds and it will register the pinposition.

  6. Steve Trace

    How do you get the caddy info without the phone

    • Zack Buechner

      Steve, the caddy info is based upon your own stats collected by your rounds through the app. In short, you need the phone application to get all the caddy info.

  7. Keith Oswalt

    I received my Arccos Caddie Link several months ago. While I love the idea of it, in practice the damn thing doesn’t work. I have had several rounds where it does not work at all. It appeared to work better if my phone was in the cart as opposed to in my bag. Yesterday it stopped registering shots after 3 holes for no apparent reason. I have requested a refund from Arccos. Just my experience…your mileage may vary.

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