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The new Arccos 360 shot tracking system improves on the original Arccos with smaller, lighter sensors


Fresh off winning our inaugural Shot Tracker Shootout, Arccos did what great companies do: they improved.  Arccos 360 offers smaller, lighter sensors, better battery life, and improved shot detection.  Do these changes make it worth upgrading?  We tested it to find out.


Set Up & Ease of Use

Setting up Arccos 360 isn’t much different from the original Arccos Golf.  Screw the tags into each club at the grip end.  Next, open the Arccos app and select the clubs you’re going to have in the bag.  Starting with the driver, you’ll use the phone’s camera to “look at” each tag to pair it with your phone.  This process is quick and intuitive, and a small improvement over the original system.

Playing golf with Arccos 360 is even easier.  Select your course and tees, tap “Start Round,” and play.  Unlike other systems, you don’t need to tag your shots or touch your phone again.



Let me start with the positives that carry over from the original Arccos Golf system.  The most important is that you don’t have to tag your shots.  Additionally, Arccos has the best app, the best data presentation, and some quality social features.  If you want more details on any of these things, click HERE.

On to the improvements: the most noticeable upgrade with Arccos 360 is the size of the sensors.  They’re 50% smaller and lighter than the originals.  While I never found the original sensors to be obtrusive, smaller is certainly better.  Additionally, the new sensors guarantee a battery life of at least two years.

Arccos has also improved their shot detection algorithm, so you shouldn’t need to edit your rounds.  In the handful of rounds I’ve played with Arccos 360, I haven’t had a single swing missed.  I have had a few occasions where I needed to add a tap in, but that’s likely because I didn’t take a conventional stroke.

Finally, Arccos 360 allows you to play while your phone is in airplane mode.  This cuts down on battery drain and data charges.

You can get another take on Arccos 360 from pal Sean at Breaking Eighty HERE



The only negative that remains with Arccos 360 is the fact that the system doesn’t know where the hole is.  Arccos does tremendous things with their data to make assumptions about your short game, but the assumptions can be wrong.  Shot Scope is the only system that does know where the hole is, and it allows them to create some very useful data points.  Overall Arccos 360 is much better, but I do hope they address this at some point.



Arccos 360 retails for $250 (support PluggedInGolf, buy it HERE).  This is only $50 more than the original Arccos Golf system, a difference that’s well worth it.  Other shot trackers have reduced their prices considerably to compete with Arccos, but this is still the best system on the market by a wide margin and a tremendous value for the serious golfer.



Arccos 360 does exactly what I hoped it would: it improved on some of the weaknesses of Arccos Golf and retained all the things that made it the best shot tracker.  If you’re serious about improving your game, you need to understand it first.  Arccos 360 is the best, easiest way to do that.

Buy Arccos 360 HERE

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  1. Richard Remillard

    You really need a portable power supply. I have yet complete more than 14 holes before the phone shuts down.
    This after starting with a full charge and putting the phone in Airplane mode.
    When making corrections to GPS I found that a stylus works much better than fingers.
    It would also be helpful if favorite courses you play a lot could be saved locally. Having to download courses you play regularly is annoying.

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  4. Thanks for sharing this great info. Really helpful article.

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