2013 Holiday Golf Gift Guide

It’s that time of year and people everywhere are starting to buy their holiday gifts to make that special golfer in their family feel like a hundred dollars.  We’ve all been in that position where we receive a gift from someone that is so excited because they are connecting with you because they got you something golf-related, but at the end of the day, it’s just something else that will end up in a basement closet somewhere.  It’s not that it wasn’t thoughtful, but it’s hard to buy the average golfer, as well as the raging golf nerd, a practical golf gift they don’t already have.

Matt and I have both been down this road before, so we want to try to help!  Given all of the products we are exposed to, we thought we would build a list of suggestions from the best items we have reviewed over the past couple of months.  Hopefully this will help you get a gift for that golfer in your life, or you can send this link to someone you think may need a little help in golf gift giving.

Matte Grey Golf Apparel (2)

Matte Grey

If the golfer in your life is (or wants to be) a fashion trend-setter, get them Matte Grey.  Created by Travis Johnson, the brains behind the successful Travis Mathew label, Matte Grey focuses on apparel that allows golfers to “live active.”

You can find Matte Grey at shop.hausofgrey.com and you can read our review of Matte Grey here.

IJP Apparel (2)

IJP Design

Ian Poulter’s company, IJP Design, ends up on my list every year.  My favorite part of IJP Design is the diverse offering ranging from all sorts of accessories through a variety of clothing.  As always, IJP Design offers a unique range of colors in all of their clothing and tasteful tartan trousers.  In the event you are looking for something smaller for a stocking stuffer, they have some great choices like belt buckles, hats, and iPad and iPhone covers.

Visit the IJP Design store at www.ijpusa.com if you’re in the US or www.ijpdesign.com for the rest of the world.

Dunning Golf Apparel (9)

Dunning Golf

If your golfer prefers timeless apparel that looks great on and off the course, go with Dunning.  Dunning manages to blend performance materials and technology brought over from cycling with a classic look that will never go out of style.

Visit www.DunningGolf.com for more information.

Srixon Z Star (1)

Srixon Z Star and Z Star XV

PluggedInGolf has had the pleasure of testing a number of different golf balls this year, and the Srixon Z-Star balls really jumped out at us.  They are great performing golf balls and will meet the needs of any serious golfer.  If your golfer opens the gift and say they play a different ball, tell them these comes highly recommended by PluggedInGolf.

Visit Srixon’s website for more information and read our review.

Wilson Nexus Stand Bag (4)

Wilson Nexus Stand Bag

Just like golf balls, every gift guide needs a golf bag, and this is the best one of 2013.  Whether your golfer is a walker or a rider, the Nexus is a great choice.  It also comes in a variety of colors to fit every style.

Find it at www.WilsonGolf.com and read our review here.

G Fore Golf Gloves (19)


Every golfer needs a glove, but that doesn’t mean they all need to look the same!  Help to set your favorite golfer apart on the course by outfitting him with a premium colored glove by G/Fore.

Find more information at www.GFore.com and read our review here.

Best Grips (3)

Best Grips

Best Grips is known for the high quality leather grips and Puttershoes as well as their extensive customization options.  I have had the pleasure of working with Best Grips to have a handful of custom Puttershoes and grips designed, and the quality has been amazing in addition to being very well priced.  As a golfer, I would love to receive a truly 1/1, great quality, custom putter cover for a gift.

For more information, visit www.bestgrips.com.

Patrick Gibbons Handmade (6)

Patrick Gibbons Handmade

Sticking with the theme of one-of-a-kind gear, we bring you Patrick Gibbons Handmade.  Whether your golfer would like a custom belt buckle (like the PluggedInGolf.com buckle HERE), an exotic belt, or some truly amazing golf shoes, Patrick has you covered.

Visit his website at www.PatrickGibbonsHandmade.com/

Bettinardi Matt Kuchar #1 (16)


If you’re looking to get your favorite golfer a new putter, you cannot go wrong with Bettinardi.  Bettinardi putters are some of the most beautiful and precisely made in the world.  Additionally, Bettinardi is one of the few putter makers who mills and assembles every putter right here in the USA.  There’s an array of different head shapes to choose from, so there’s something for every golfer.

Visit www.Bettinardi.com for more information.

Xenon Putters (18)


If you’re looking to go a more custom and unique route,  you could explore the world of Xenon Golf.  You have the ability to work with Xenon to have a truly custom, one-of-a-kind putter made for the golfer that truly deserves a special gift.  This will take a little lead time, but will be well worth the wait, and you also get the chance to be creative with the gift!

Find Xenon on Facebook , Twitter, or email them at xenongolf@comcast.net.

Club Champ Action Shot

Club Champion

This is the gift that will truly fit every golfer.  Regardless of their ability or the clubs they already have in the bag, every golfer can benefit from better fitting golf clubs.  Club Champion offers a wide variety of fitting options (see their menu HERE), and if you’re not sure what your golfer needs, you can get a Club Champion Gift Certificate and let them decide.

Get more information about Club Champion at www.ClubChampionGolf.com/

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