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Matte Grey is a cool alternative to all the PUMA look-alikes in the golf apparel world.  Tremendous combination of high-end looks and style with top-tier performance.

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When Travis Johnson introduces a new clothing line, I pay attention.  From Travis Mathew to Leisure Society to Matte Grey, he delivers hit after hit; to me, he’s the Jay-Z of golf apparel.

With his new Matte Grey line (and the corresponding Heather Grey for ladies), Travis is focused on creating a lifestyle brand that meets “the ideals of today’s active individuals.”  To me, that translates to “look awesome while doing fun stuff,” which is exactly what I found Matte Grey to be about.

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The first thing I noticed about the pants and shirt from Matte Grey was the weight, or lack thereof.  When you pick up the pants there’s a lighter-than-air feeling that translates to a “Am I really wearing pants?” sensation when you put them on.  This was the first indication that Matte Grey really means what they say about being targeted towards active individuals.

The first time I wore Matte Grey ended up being a torture test: ten hours on my feet in triple-digit heat at the BMW Championship.  If any conditions were going to expose crappy materials or poor design, these would have, but I’m pleased to report that I stayed cool and comfortable all day.  The pants and shirt wicked away the gallons of sweat while remaining light and fresh-smelling, even though I wasn’t.

Finally, these pieces are all cut for motion.  There’s no binding or stretching as you make a golf swing, pick up a gimme, or flex for the beer cart girl.

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In a word: Anti-Fowler.

As you might expect, the dominant color in the Matte Grey collection is grey.  The shirts are more colorful, but the hats, pants, shorts, and belts all stick to variations and combinations of black, white, and grey.

While I don’t mind the bright colors of PUMA (and everyone else on that bandwagon), I like that there’s a company offering a hip alternative.  When everyone and his grandpa is dressed head to toe in day-glo orange, wearing Matte Grey might be the best way to stand out.

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Prices for Matte Grey apparel are pretty typical for high quality golf clothes.  The polos are $70, pants are $80, hats and belts are $30 and $60, respectively.

Given the quality, I think Matte Grey is a solid value.  I would rate their pants among the best, especially for higher temperatures, and the shirt is solid.  I love the Matte Grey logo, so the belt and hat are also big winners for me.  I particularly like that the belt is a nice solid piece of metal, not overpriced plastic junk like so many other apparel companies produce.

For the best deals, sign up for the Haus of Grey Cooperative HERE.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to class up your wardrobe without sacrificing comfort and performance, look no further than Matte Grey.  This is apparel that performs like gym clothes while looking like high-end casual wear; a perfect combination for the course.

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  1. I love love love the buckle and the pants. the great thing is that with ‘shades of grey’ (pardon the pun) you could wear the shirt featured in the morning and simply swap it out for something a bit brighter for the arvo round if you really want to – and still be matchy-matchy! Another great write-up Matt.

    • Matt Saternus


      You hit the nail on the head about this clothing be flexible, stylistically. Unlike so much of the dyed-to-match stuff out there, Matte Grey actually allows you to put your own outfits together like an adult. I’ll definitely be adding more to my wardrobe soon.

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