Patrick Gibbons Handmade Custom Belt Buckle Review

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One of the most enjoyable things about being a golf equipment writer is watching new companies have success and grow.  It’s particularly enjoyable when it’s a company run by great people.

I’ve been lucky enough to know Patrick Gibbons from when he first started making exotic putter grips.  To see where he is today, the industry leader in exotic handmade belts, head covers, and shoes, shows me that passion and hard work really are the key ingredients to success.

But on to the point of the story: the custom belt buckle.

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The Process

Here are all the steps involved in ordering a custom buckle from Patrick Gibbons Handmade:

1) Send Patrick the design you want on your buckle (and payment).

2) Wait three weeks.

That’s it.  Really.  A lot of people might think that ordering something custom would be complicated, but Patrick makes it really easy.

Of course, Patrick will be happy to discuss options and design if you want that, his customer service is always outstanding.

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Since I have a full-blown addiction to belts and buckles, I feel I’m qualified to say that the buckles that Patrick produces are the equal of any other you’ll find.  I can back this up with the fact that I’m a repeat customer of Patrick’s: he’s made buckles for and for my instructional work.

The buckles that Patrick makes now are CNC milled from billets of aluminum.  They’re very streamlined and lightweight, which makes them very comfortable to wear.  (Note: the “MS Golf” buckle is the old stainless steel version which is substantially heavier and no longer on the PGH website.)

In addition to milling your design or logo, Patrick also offers the option of having your buckle finished in a white polymer (like our PluggedInGolf buckle).  This is, to my knowledge, a unique offering that really makes the logo pop.

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If you’re ready to step up your golf style with a custom belt buckle, Patrick Gibbons Handmade should be on your short list of companies to consider.  Whether you want to show off your favorite team, your personal logo, or your school pride, Patrick has you covered.  And, there’s no one else in the game who can also get you the perfect strap for that new buckle.


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