Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 Hybrid Review

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50 Words or Less

The Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 hybrid is designed to be a perfect iron replacement that’s easy to hit and gets greater distance.

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Though many will argue that Wilson Staff never went away, I would still argue that they are having quite a resurgence in recent years driven by making some of the best equipment they have ever made.  The FG Tour F5 hybrid is no exception.  With good looks, simple adjustability, and a hot face, the FG Tour F5 hybrid is great candidate for a long iron replacement.

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For all intents and purposes, the Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 hybrid is a simple looking hybrid on the smaller end of the spectrum with a basic glossy black crown.  As far as hybrids go, that’s exactly what I tend to look for.  The compact size frames the ball nicely.  When you flip the club over, you will find the black, yellow, and silver branding consistent with FG Tour F5 lineup.  For an added bonus, the headcover is of the “old school” variety that has been popping up with brands recently, except when you see the Wilson Staff shield on the top, you can’t help but remember the tradition of the brand and how classic they really are in the game of golf.

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Sound & Feel

At impact, the Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 hybrid sounds like your standard mid-size hybrid.  I’m not going to sit here and tell you it sounds exactly like a fairway wood, but it definitely has similar characteristics to a small a fairway wood.  It does not sound similar to a solid iron shot by any means.  Overall, it’s a sound that I was fine with.

The feel for me was a bit uncomfortable.  The head itself felt solid at impact and good on the hands, but paired with the stock Fubuki Z shaft, I found the clubhead to feel very heavy and difficult to control.  I think players with slower and smoother swings will find the feel to be better, and players with harder/more violent swings like me will want to swap out the shaft to get optimal feel results.

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On shots where I struck the Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 hybrid well, I found that shots were getting fairly high in the air, almost gently floating toward the target. To the F5’s credit, poorly hit shots still got in the air well and with decent distance.  I typically use hybrids more for distance, rather than high, soft landings that others may look for.  I think the player replacing long irons to get more air under the ball and create softer landings on the greens is going to be the best candidates for the Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 hybrid. 

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The Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 hybrid is a solid option, but it is going to be as important as ever to make sure you’re properly fit for the club.  As we mentioned in our Golf Myths Unplugged article about hybrids vs. long irons, the results aren’t always the same for everyone so it’s crucial to be properly fit to get the results you’re looking for.  Players that find the Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 to be a good fit are going to have a good looking hybrid that floats the ball nicely and holds that 210 yard green better.

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  1. How does this compare to the previous Tour M3 hybrid? Distance, forgiveness, flight? Thanks!

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