Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 Hybrid Review

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50 Words or Less

A great, compact look at address.  Strong, lower ball flight.  Extremely consistent.  Meaningful adjustability.


This is the club that golfers have been anticipating ever since Wilson Staff made Michael Vrska their Global Director of Golf R&D.  As the man behind some of Adams’ most popular hybrids, the expectations for the FG Tour M3 hybrid from Wilson Staff are understandably sky high.  Does this club meet those expectations?  In a word, yes.

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Unsurprisingly, the FG Tour M3 is a fantastic looking hybrid.  At address, the club is compact without being too small.  To my eye, it’s perfectly proportioned.  The matte grey finish makes it appear even smaller than it is, and the darker face stripe near the face seems to help with alignment.

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Sound & Feel

The sound of the FG Tour M3 hybrid matches the traditional looks.  It’s a very quiet thud with hardly any metallic “crack” or “clank”.  The feel does give the golfer good feedback about the quality of the strike, which players of all levels can use to dial in their swing.

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Wilson Staff’s Multi-Fit System

Each of the clubs in Wilson Staff’s new FG Tour M3 line, the driver, fairway wood, and hybrid, feature the Multi-Fit System.  The Multi-Fit System offers players the ability to adjust loft, face angle, and the head weight.

Wilson recommends fitting for weight first, looking for the highest ball speed and the player’s preferred feel.  The different weights are 3, 7, and 11 grams.  While switching weights doesn’t change the feel of the club completely, it is a noticeable difference (approx. 2 swing weights per change).  Players with a strong preference for a certain swing weight or feel should appreciate this bit of adjustability.

After the head weight has been selected, Wilson recommends dialing in the loft for the ideal launch/spin combination, as well as the preferred ball flight.  The driver has the most adjustability, offering lofts from 8.5° to 11.5°.  The fairway woods span 3° also, and the hybrids have a 2° range..

One area where I give Wilson huge credit: they’re the only OEM I’ve seen that clearly acknowledges that changing loft changes face angle (and vice versa) and makes the changes known to the consumer.  In the adjustment manual, there is a table for each club showing the face angle at each loft.

Finally, another big thumbs up to Wilson for including the weight and wrench kit with each club rather than making it available with the driver only or forcing consumers to buy it separately.

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Much like the FG Tour M3 Fairway Wood that we reviewed earlier this year (find it HERE), the main thing that I noticed about this hybrid was the consistency.  Spin rates and ball speed are extremely robust across the face which means very consistent ball flight.

The FG Tour M3 hybrid does favor a strong, lower ball flight which should appeal to high spin, high speed players, and those who need help keeping the ball down.  Low ball hitters like myself can still play this club successfully by either buying more loft or adjusting the head to a more lofted position.

While the FG Tour M3 does show all the signs of being a better players hybrid, it’s not a club that I would keep from average players.  I found it to be fairly forgiving on mishits, and the head appeared to be neutrally weighted, favoring neither a fade nor a draw.  This is a club that a mid-handicap player could enjoy playing immediately and also grow into over time.

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The Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 is a great hybrid that offers many of the benefits of a players hybrid without the usual drawbacks.  At address, you get a great look, and at impact, you get a very solid, satisfying sound and feel.  This club offers better players plenty of control over the golf ball, but still provides very consistent distance even on less-than-perfect strikes.

Price & Specs

The Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 hybrid retails for $200.

This club is available in lofts of 17°, 19°, 21°, and 23°.  Each loft is adjustable up and down one degree.

The stock shaft is the Aldila RIP Phenom.

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