Vessel Player III Golf Bag Review

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Exuding quality and an upscale look, the Vessel Player III stand bag is a wonderful blend of form and function.  Great attention to details including personalization that elevate the experience.

Check out the ultra luxurious Player III Carbon Black HERE

Check out the new Vessel Golf Player IV golf bag HERE


When Vessel announced its new 2021 golf bags, I was immediately drawn to the Player III.  First off, the size fits nicely between the Lux Cart 2.0 [full review HERE] and Lite Stand [full review HERE] golf bags that I had previously reviewed.  And secondly, the Player III appeared to be the ideal bag for me – someone who mainly rides, but also enjoys a comfortable walk for practice.  Could the Vessel Player III be my next gamer?  It didn’t take long to answer that question.


Instantly, I noted the rich solid matte grey color of the Player III that gives it an upscale look.  Trimmed in black, the bag looks elegant yet durable.  The insulated magnetic water bottle sleeves hug the ball pocket when not in use to maintain a sleek look.  Even the design of the black, compression molded back pad looks stylish.  And of course, nothing gives a golf bag elevated eye appeal like personalization, and the folks at Vessel designed and executed the dancing PIG icon panel to perfection.

The Vessel Player III stand bag is also available in black, white/navy, white, and iridium.


A common feature among the Vessel bags I’ve reviewed, and one that’s become a favorite, is the velour lined magnetic pocket positioned above the ball pocket – perfect for quick access to my range finder.

Hidden inside the long side pocket I discovered a valuables pocket and lock which may serve useful if I ever start winning money in my weekly games.   All the exterior pockets on the Player III are well positioned and feature waterproof zippers with leather pulls.

Two other features deserve a shout out:  the towel ring and the umbrella strap.  If those don’t sound very exciting, take a closer look at the photo above.  The towel ring is also a bottle opener – not that I’ve encountered a need for one lately, but it’s nice to know it’s there.  And the elastic loop and hook is design genius for securing my umbrella.


The first performance check was the leg mechanism which activated with a firm push while tilting the bag.  The carbon composite legs extended to provide a sturdy stance.  I really like how the base stays flat on the ground as the bag rotates into the tilted position.

Walkers seeking a lighter bag should check out the new Vessel VLX 2.0 HERE

I opted for the 14-way top, but the Vessel Player III is also available in a 6-way configuration.  Pulling clubs was an easy task, but putting them back in occasionally took a little wiggling.  The full length dividers along with the plush padding around each opening seemed to lessen the clinking of clubheads while walking – a reasonable tradeoff for some snugness.

Adjusting the carry straps was simple and intuitive.  On my shoulders, the Player III felt well balanced and the padding comfortable.  Free to pivot at the round central strap hub, the process of putting on or taking off the bag was effortless.


Although the Vessel Player III only weighs a reasonable 6.3 lbs., I was thrilled to find the generous lift handle near the base as I loaded the bag into my trunk at the end of a long day of golf.  Vessel designers clearly gave attention to ergonomics with every aspect of the Player III.  With stellar looks and impressive functionality, the Vessel Player III is an outstanding stand bag.  One final observation – the synthetic leather feels luxurious.  And yes, I’ve found my new gamer.

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  1. Jim W Rosteck

    Well Matt looks like you got their last bag😀
    Website shows every model as “Sold Out”

  2. Had my eye on these for 6-8 months. But are they even in business anymore? Yes, every bag has been sold out for months. I keep signing up to get an email when it’s back in stock but it never comes. Guess I’ll have to look for something else. Disappointing.

    • Matt Meeker

      Hang in there Charlie – supply issues are happening across the golf sphere. Frustrating no less.

      – Meeks

    • Still out of stock but it now let’s you put your order in with restock next month. Give it a try Charlie.

  3. Larry Smith

    Received my white vessel player lll about three weeks ago. Had a two week wait for the out of stock but well worth it. Great Great Great bag with all the functionality/ looks and swag. Love the personal touch with my logo.

  4. Grant Henderson

    I just received the same Vessel bag in black. I love it for all the same reasons Matt listed in his review but, it is the only stand bag I have seen that looks like the larger ones. The weight is much less than my previous cart bag and all my gear has a place in this one as well. They sell out as fast as they make them so utilize there “notify by email” option.

  5. I have the same bag you do. I was lucky enough to get it at release last year to replace my Players II. Love the bag in too many ways to describe, but I have a major issue with the dividers. Wish they were individual. I’ve had a few clubs snag the bottom end of the liners on the way out which has ripped two factory installed grips, and torn out an unknown amount of material that somehow gets snagged between the shat and grip. Frustrating is too kind of a description, honestly. Still love the bag on the whole, and most likely would never switch, but I have a serious dislike for the dividers.

  6. One little word of caution I’d share: The distance between the shoulder straps is somewhat narrow. I don’t think an average-sized person would even notice this. But for bigger/broad-shouldered people like me, it’s a big problem. I’m looking for a new bag to replace my Player III after only a few months for this reason alone — otherwise, it’s a really terrific bag.

  7. Enjoyed the review. Out of curiosity did the bag also fit on a push cart in case of a rainy day

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