Vessel Player III Carbon Black Golf Bag Review

Vessel Player III Carbon Black Golf Bag side

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The Vessel Player III Carbon Black golf bag, part of Vessel’s limited edition Carbon Fiber Collection, offers luxurious looks and impeccable functionality.

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Plugged In Golf and Vessel have something in common – we’re both celebrating 10 year anniversaries.  You’ll see more about PIG celebrations in coming months, but right now you can enjoy Vessel’s release of their limited edition Carbon Fiber Collection.  The exquisite collection features elevated details including Omniflex – a lightweight composite textile made by Carbitex.  Carbitex may not be a household name, but their innovative, flexible carbon fiber composites are featured in performance-focused brands like adidas and North Face.  Along with the Player III bag featured in this review, the Carbon Fiber Collection also includes the Lux Cart and PrimeX Tour golf bags, plus an incredible headcover.


While Vessel golf bags are noted for their upscale looks, the Vessel Player III Carbon Black takes it to the next level.  The aforementioned Carbitex panels provide a high tech visual component.  The weave is reminiscent of the exposed carbon fiber found on many driver crowns.  Additionally, the quilted elements are straight up luxurious looking.  The black stitching and small Vessel logo pattern reflect precision.

Branding is bold for Vessel but appropriate for this Collection.  The large, glossy letters on the garment pocket are distinctive.  For me, the big logo on the side accessories pocket is brilliant.  And of course nothing guarantees a second look from a discerning eye like a limited edition metal plate.


The Player III Carbon Black retains all the features of the standard Player III [full review HERE], but Vessel elevated a few details.  My favorite is the Omniflex pull loop on the velour-lined magnetic pocket (above).  Vessel also utilized Ominflex for the bottom carry handle (below).  Both touch points offer wonderful interaction with the flexible material’s unique texture. 

Here are a couple other favorite features: insulated magnetic water bottle sleeves, internal lockable valuables pocket (lock included), and towel ring bottle opener.  Those might not sound too exciting, but like every feature on a Vessel bag, they’re well positioned and wonderfully functional.


A big reason for the Player III being Vessel’s most popular bag is its functionality.  Two elements really stand out.  First is the self-adjusting Equilibrium 2.0 Double Strap system.  Free to pivot at the round central strap hub, the process of putting on or taking off the bag seemed effortless.  Adjusting the carry straps for a comfortable, balanced setup was simple and intuitive.

Vessel Player III Carbon Black Golf Bag side

The second stand out is Vessel’s Rotator Stand System, which maintains ground contact for stability.  The leg mechanism activates with a firm push while tilting the bag.  The carbon composite legs extend wide, providing a sturdy stance.  I really like how the legs snap back to the retracted position against the bag.

Vessel Player III Carbon Black Golf Bag top

The 6-way top of the Player III Carbon Black offers plenty of room for a full set of clubs.  The plush dividers and padded surround not only protect graphite shafts, they offer peace of mind that your clubs are being treated well.  In addition to its club protection, the leather lift handle adds a luxury element to the bag.

Vessel Player III Carbon Black Golf Bag base


The rapid growth of Vessel has been impressive.  The company that began its journey by making custom staff bags for a handful of touring pros is now widely recognized outside the ropes for their array of premium golf bags.  The limited edition, 10th anniversary, Carbon Fiber Collection is a fabulous way to celebrate Vessel’s achievements.  The Vessel Player III Carbon Black golf bag exudes luxury and truly embodies the Vessel tagline: “Elevate your carry.”  Cheers to Vessel’s next decade.

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  1. Elizabeth Butler

    I bought this for my husbands 50th birthday. It’s gorgeous. I’m not into golf myself but this bag is like a classy handbag. It can go anywhere with anything and says “boss” without saying a word. He plays professional golf and absolutely loves it. Hope it lasts at least 10 years with love and hard work!

  2. tiger wool

    Looks little old and warm because it looks like quilt

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