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Vessel VLX 2.0 Golf Bag Review

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The Vessel VLX 2.0 golf bag jumps to the head of the class for stand bags.  Stylish looks combine with thoughtfully-executed storage features.  Light enough for the walker with enough room for a full set.

Check out the new Vessel Sunday III golf bag HERE


For several years, Matt Meeker had been trumpeting the virtues of Vessel golf bags like the Lite [review HERE] and Player III [review HERE].  When I got the chance to review the VLS, I became a convert, too.

New for the end of 2022, Vessel has released a the VLX 2.0.  This stand bag appears to be a combination of the VLX and VLS models, so I was eager to see if it could become my new gamer.


Standing the new Vessel VLX 2.0 next to my VLS [review HERE], they’re similar but every detail on the VLX 2.0 is elevated.  The zipper pulls are leather with branded metal studs at the end.  Instead of a fabric loop for your towel, there’s a thick, metal bottle opener/towel hanger.  There are touches of carbon fiber-like material throughout the bag.  Additionally, the bag’s primary material also has a thicker, more premium feel.

Another small but meaningful detail is the way that Vessel cleaned up the bottom of the bag.  The VLX 2.0 covers up more of the inner workings of the leg mechanism, which makes it more aesthetically pleasing and safer from damage.

Zooming out to compare the VLX 2.0 to the rest of the golf bag market, Vessel has clearly created something more stylish.  The branding is restrained – you’re not going to be a walking billboard.  Similarly, the features aren’t highlighted with contrast colors or words.  This is a bag with a clean, timeless look that you can carry for many seasons.

The Vessel VLX 2.0 stand bag is available in navy (seen here), black, white, and Ignite, a very sharp black/white/red combination.  Since this is a Vessel bag, you also have the ability to customize it with your name and/or logo on the ball pocket.


On my initial size up, I immediately noticed that the Vessel VLX 2.0 does not have a full-length garment pocket.  What it has instead is a half-length pocket on either side of the bag.  After a little thought, I realized this is actually better and something I hope we see more in the future.  First, very few golfers carry full rain suits, so the full-length pocket doesn’t need to be a standard feature.  For anything other than outerwear, the full-length pocket is a nuisance because smaller things get mixed together in the bottom.  Also, modern outwear is getting lighter and slimmer, so these half-length pockets are more than adequate.  Kudos to Vessel for breaking the norm with this smarter layout.

Another thing that’s been re-imagined is the valuables pocket.  Rather than putting it on the exterior of the bag, Vessel has tucked it into one of the large pockets and added a locking mechanism.  This may be overkill for some, but if you store or ship your bag with valuables in it, or if you’re just not the trusting type, this is a nice bit of added security.

vessel vlx 2.0 golf bag

Vessel has also added two bottle sleeves and a pen holder without making the bag bulkier or disturbing the streamlined shape.  On either side of the ball pocket, there are magnetic flaps that open into bottle holders.  These won’t accommodate the massive bottles that some golfers use, but the ability to carry two standard water bottles should keep most players hydrated.  Similarly, the pen holder is tucked between pockets, indicated only with a small fabric loop.  It holds your pen or marker tightly in place so you won’t have to worry about losing it while you walk.

vessel vlx 2.0 golf bag top


On the course, the Vessel VLX 2.0 performs just like my VLS, which is the best compliment I can give.  At just under five pounds, it’s light enough for the walker but sturdy enough to lug a full set.  The top mirrors my VLS (a change from the original VLX).  It has an 8″ opening with four full-length dividers that can accommodate fourteen clubs without issue.

vessel vlx 2.0 golf bag magnetic pocket

One of my favorite features from the VLS has been upgraded in the new VLX 2.0.  The magnetic pocket where I keep my rangefinder now has a divider and anti-microbial lining.  This allows you to keep more things within easy reach without created a jumbled mess.

Vessel also employs an excellent stand system.  Their patented Rotator Stand System keeps the entire base of the bag on the ground when the legs are deployed which makes it more stable.  The carbon fiber legs pop out easily when you place the bag down.  The quality of the stand is something most golfers only notice when it’s lacking, so with the VLX 2.0, you’ll never need to think about it.

vessel vlx 2.0 golf bag


The Vessel VLX 2.0 makes a strong case to be the only golf bag that you need.  It’s light enough to carry easily but has enough storage for the rider.  No matter how you move through the course, you’ll appreciate the smartly redesigned features.  Whether you opt to customize it or not, you won’t be disappointed carrying your clubs in one of these bags.

Visit Vessel HERE

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  1. Very good review. I am thinking about getting this bag so my question is- can you swap out the double strap for a single strap? It looks like it has the same connection system/points as the Player 3 and Vessel sells single straps on their website. I’d like the option of either depending on how I am using the bag on any given day. Thanks…

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s not really made to swap out the double strap, but you can certainly get one on there without too much trouble. Personally, I find these double straps pretty comfortable for a single shoulder carry, so that’s an option, too.



  2. Donald Conner

    I have had this bag for sometime and you can actually convert the double strap to a single strap, and there are YouTube videos, explaining how to do this. My only complaint is when I am not using it and storing it in the basement, with the clubs in it, it will not stand upright it tilts to one side, otherwise it is a phenomenal cough bag .

  3. How does it compare to a Hoofer?

  4. Does the bag come with a rain/weather cover for the clubs?

  5. Bob, I can confirm the VLX 2.0 works with their larger, wider single strap. I have both and you can easily swap between the two. The VLX 2.0 is a great upgrade from the original VLX. I could only fit 13 clubs comfortably in the original but have no problem fitting 14 in the 2.0 (I have midsized grips with 2 extra wraps and an oversized putter grip). Best carry bag I have used.

  6. Hi can this bag be easily utilized with push carts and our carts?

  7. Do you think you can fit a pair of golf shoes in one of the side pockets? Would the players 3 bag be more appropriate for that use?

    • Matt Saternus


      Please don’t take this as dismissive, but it depends on the size and style of your shoes. I could not fit a pair of my 14s in there, but if you had some size 9 TRUE Knits, you probably could make it work.



  8. The bag doesn’t look like is has a pad on the side for your back/hip. How does that impact the comfort of carrying it?

  9. I’m left handed and have owned left handed carry bags almost exclusively (Sun Mountain usually has 1 or 2 models avail). With the half length pocket symmetrical on each side, can the dual straps be flipped on the VLX 2.0 so that it can be carried with lefties in mind?

  10. Novak Djurdjevic

    Hey mate, just wanting to confirm. You definitely think it fits well on a push buggie?

  11. How does it hold up in the rain? Is it waterproof? Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s not billed as waterproof, but it holds up well in light rain.


    • Vessel is legit. It says it’s not waterproof, but was caught in a heavy downpour during one of my rounds. The included rain hood held its end of the bargain. I would recommended that you wipe the entire bag down and air or blow dry the interior afterwards; hope this helps in your assessment. Also would like to advise in buying the cart strap sleeve to protect the bag when riding. Unfortunately, mine has just now started to show damage by the cart strap scraping away the exterior from not using one (bought the Navy Player III in 2022). Overall, very pleased with the purchase!

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