Vessel Lite Stand Golf Bag Review

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Distinctive with its sleek look and premium materials, the Vessel Lite Stand bag also incorporates a host of purposeful features.  Personalization options make the bag a standout.


Since our first review of a Vessel golf bag – the Lux Cart 2.0 (LINK) – the players utilizing Vessel’s tour bags on the PGA and LPGA tours has grown to over a hundred.  Vessel’s partnerships with G/Fore, Cobra-Puma and PXG speak volumes about the bags’ premium quality and their ability to be customized.  I always look forward to seeing the limited edition collaborative designs Cobra unveils for the big tournaments.  And best of all, those releases include stand bags like the Lite model that is the subject of this review.


The first thing about the Lite Stand bag that garnered my attention was the solid color.  The lack of giant logos and flashy graphics gives this bag an upscale look.  Closer visual and tactile inspection revealed the sleek, tight weave of the nylon twill shell.  The black trim accentuates the modern aesthetic.

If you want a little flair for your bag, Vessel offers personalization or logo embroidery at very attractive pricing – $20 and $65, respectively.  The process is super easy and quality first rate.


Adding to the modern visual appeal, but more importantly integral to keeping the weight at just 4.25 lbs., are the lightweight carbon fiber legs.  Seldom worthy of a feature designation, the carbon composite accessory ring is super cool in my book.  Another often overlooked feature worthy of a shout out is the zipper pulls that make one finger operation quick and easy.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the large, velour lined magnetic pocket right above the ball pocket – a feature I loved on the Lux Cart 2.0 bag.  For me, it’s the perfect location to keep my range finder for secure transport and swift access.

My final shout out goes to the insulated water bottle sleeve and its orientation.  The angled installation on the Lite Stand keeps the bottle upright whether the bag is being carried, in stand position or strapped to a cart.  A seemingly simple concept, yet one many manufacturers miss.


Designed to be a lightweight carry bag, the Vessel Lite Stand checks all the boxes for a pleasant walk.  The slide mechanisms on the round central connection hub keep the padded straps comfortably in position while walking whether utilizing the right shoulder or both shoulders.  I also appreciate the large standout handle near the top on the spine for those quick repositionings that are required a few times during a round.

The 4 way top can accommodate all 14 clubs, but I found it functioned best with a max of three in each section.  The lack of dividers beyond the top most certainly influenced this determination.  If you prefer to carry a full set of clubs, the second generation of the Lite Stand includes 2 full length dividers – make sure to check the “top size” description if ordering online.


A feature I was glad to see was the flat bottom design of the Vessel Lite Stand which keeps the bag stable in an upright position – nice for storage or tossing on a cart.  It’s always amazing to find the not so obvious, or advertised, features of golf bags and Vessel once again kept the discovery process gratifying.  Still true to its mission, Vessel is also charitable, providing a school backpack to a child in need with every purchase.  Golf claps all around.

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  1. Another nice review. I’ve been using the Ping Hoofer bag for quite some time and this particular one that I have is 3/4 years old. Although it’s not the lightest bag it feels lighter when on the shoulders. I can only assume this is attributed to the thick and wide shoulder straps, ample padding in the side and the way the straps are positioned on the bag. How is the Vessel Lite bag in comparison?

    • Matt Meeker

      I agree with your premise Jay – strap design and positioning makes a huge difference. I haven’t carried a Hoofer in some time, but I think you’ll find the Vessel Lite design very comfortable.

      – Meeks

  2. Peter S Rooney

    I bought the Vessel Bag 2.0, I am thrilled but the only issue is the weight. I will be trying out the Vessel Lite to see if that works better

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