Vessel Sunday III Golf Bag Review

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The Vessel Sunday III golf bag has everything you need and nothing you don’t.  Light weight with thoughtful features.  Great for the walking golfer.


Sometimes I just can’t improve on a company’s description of their own product.  Vessel describes the Sunday III as “modern minimalism,” which sums it up perfectly.  This stand bag is built for the walking golfer who values light weight and a handful of well executed features.  If that sounds like you, please keep reading.


Like every Vessel golf bag I’ve ever seen, the Sunday III has a very clean aesthetic.  There is no billboard-sized branding or trendy colorways.  This bag is monochromatic with just a few different textures to add some visual interest.  The only branding is the white Vessel logo on the straps and two small, metallic Vs near the ball pocket.

The one thing that elevates the Sunday III above almost any other stand bag is the material.  It’s made of a synthetic leather that, to me, looks so much better than nylon.  It looks timeless and premium where most bags look disposable.

The Vessel Sunday III stand bag is offered in black, white, and grey.  If you want to give the bag a personal touch, a name and/or logo can be added to the ball pocket.


The features of the Vessel Sunday III largely mirror those found on the Vessel VLS and VLX 2.0 [review HERE].  It’s a textbook case of, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”  They’ve found a winning formula, and I’m glad they’ve stuck with it.

For me, the highlights are on the back of the bag.  The magnetic rangefinder pocket is easy to access and lined with velour to treat your laser gently.  Below that is a ball pocket which is large enough for a couple dozen balls, if you’re the type who worries about running out of ammo.

On the right side of the bag, there’s a small, velour-lined valuables pocket above a large garment pocket.  Vessel smartly included a mesh pocket within this compartment to help keep things organized.  A fifth, medium-sized zippered pocket is found on the left side of the bag.

The rest of the features list includes an umbrella loop, a towel loop, and an accessory ring.  An insulated, expandable bottle sleeve is hidden on the left side of the bag, perfectly accessible while you’re walking with the bag over your shoulders.


Having gamed the Vessel VLS [review HERE] for over a year, I was curious to examine what set the Sunday III apart.  One key difference is the weight.  At 4.5 pounds, it’s roughly half a pound lighter than the VLS.

For players that want to trim every possible ounce, Vessel also offers the Sunday IIII DXR.  This bag is made from a lighter material which shaves 0.4 pounds from the body of the bag, 0.1 pounds from the strap, and 0.15 pounds from the rain hood.

The Vessel Sunday III also encourages smaller sets with its top.  This bag has a three-way top with both dividers being full length.  The top is also a little slimmer than the one on the VLS.  You can fit 14 clubs into the Sunday III if you want to, but that’s not really what it’s built for.

Two things that carried forward from the VLS to the Sunday III are the Equilibrium 2.0 Double Strap and the Rotator Stand System.  Again, there’s no reason to change something that works so well.  One of the primary advantages of the Rotator Stand System is that it keeps the entire base on the ground when the legs are extended.  This makes the bag more resistant to being knocked over, which any club junkie can appreciate.

Finally, the strap system on the Vessel Sunday III is one of the best.  The swivel system allows the straps to move naturally while you walk rather than chafing or becoming unbalanced.  This system also allows golfers to easily switch to a single strap carry for a true Sunday bag look and feel.


I wasn’t looking for a new golf bag when the Vessel Sunday III arrived, but that’s exactly what I got.  As much as I loved my VLS, the Sunday III is lighter and better looking.  When I need a stand bag to keep my clubs out of the mud, this is the one that I’ll be carrying.

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  1. Interesting item, but why would I use this when I can put my full bag on a pushcart that has a seat?
    Guess to each their own.

  2. There are excellent carry bags such as the Sun Mountain which are in the 2.5 pound range. Why carry a bag that weighs almost twice as much.

  3. Which bag do you are you rocking for an everyday bag, the sunday III or the vlx 2.0? I like a minimalist bag but do carry 14 clubs.

  4. Thanks for the review! I have a Vessel Player Stand Bag from 4 years ago, still holding up great (though, the legs have taken a beating). Love the quality of it, and still looks great (even in the white color!)

    Here is my big question – where did you get those Nintendo Ice Hockey head covers?? I need those!

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