TRUE Linkswear Knit II Golf Shoe Review

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The TRUE Linkswear Knit II is the sequel to company’s most popular shoe ever.  Lighter and more flexible than the original.  Insanely comfortable.

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The TRUE Knit [review HERE] was my favorite shoe of the last three years, at least.  Not my favorite golf shoe, my favorite shoe, period.  I wore it everywhere, nearly everyday, and did everything in it.  From the gym to the course to dinner out, there wasn’t a shoe I loved more.

When TRUE announced that the Knit was going out of production, I almost bought their entire inventory.  Then I paused and said to myself, “Matt, you know they’re going to come out with something even better.”  And I was right; the TRUE Knit II is even better than the original.

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While clearly related to the original Knit, the TRUE Knit II has a style that’s entirely its own.  Where the original Knit had a wingtip pattern across the toe, the Knit II has a uniform knit across the front and rear of the shoe.  A tighter weave comes in at the midfoot to add some visual interest.

Thanks in part to the extremely minimal branding, the Knit II looks great in almost any situation.  They’re a natural fit with golf apparel, and they look equally good with jeans.  If you’ve got the style for it, you could even make these work with a suit.

The TRUE Knit II is available in three colorways: Deep Sea (seen here), Maui Black, and GOAT Grey.

Though it’s not related to the looks of the shoe, I do want to mention that TRUE continues to shun wasteful cardboard boxes in favor of useful, reusable bags.  The Knit II comes in a grey and black drawstring backpack that you can see in the pictures.


The Knit II has many virtues, but comfort is at the very top of the list.  There is no break-in period.  The upper feels more like a breathable sock than a shoe.  It’s as light as a feather (9.1 ounces at size 9) – even lighter than the original.

Another noticeable improvement is the addition of a Wanderlux Midsole.  This is the same springy material found in the LUX Pro [review HERE], and it’s used to the same wonderful effect: taking the impact out of each step.  Wearing the TRUE Linkswear Knit II is as close as you can get to walking on a cloud.


On the course, the TRUE Knit II is a great shoe in most conditions.  The breathability makes them perfect for summer, and the flexibility means they’re comfortable in all weather.  They are only water repellent, not waterproof, so get some TRUE Majors [review HERE] if you’re a mudder.

For the walker, the Knit II provides two major advantages.  The light weight makes walking easier, and the superb cushioning takes the impact off your joints.  Of course, you can enjoy these benefits even if you’re a rider, but they’re more important for the walker.

TRUE refers to the sole as a “cross-life tread” which means it’s built to do anything.  And that’s good, because you’re going to want to wear them everywhere.  On the course, I find that this sole provides adequate traction in dry or damp conditions.  Off the course, you can walk or run on any surface without concerns about slipping.

Finally, the Knit II has a “transitional drop.”  This is not the zero drop heel (meaning the sole is completely flat) that TRUE built their brand on, but it’s substantially “shorter” in the heel than most golf shoes.

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TRUE Linkswear took the Knit, a shoe that I thought was perfect, and found ways to make it substantially better.  To them, all I can say is thank you.  To you, I say, click that link below and get a pair.  Once you put them on, you’re not going to want to wear anything else.

Visit TRUE Linkswear HERE

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  1. I too have a pair of the Knit 1s, and largely concur with your fanboyishness.

    I like the Eco-Knits better on the course, but think the 1s are more durable and have better off-course style.

    Huge fan of their stuff. Thanks for the early look Matt!

  2. Gregory DeLange

    Matt, have you tried the OG Feel’s as well and how do they compare to the Knit 2’s? Debating between the two and not sure which to get.

  3. #SecretGiveaway2021
    Why would anyone buy a golf shoe that is not waterproof???

  4. Todd Williams

    I love True Linkswear. #SecretGiveaway2021

  5. Hey Matt,
    If you had to choose between these and the OG Feel to walk during a round in dry conditions which do you choose? Thanks

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