TRUE Linkswear All Day Knit 3 Golf Shoe Review

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The TRUE Linkswear All Day Knit 3 is the latest version of the company’s most successful shoe.  More structure and stability than previous versions.  Still the most comfortable shoe in golf…or anywhere else.


In the twenty seven months since I received the TRUE Linkswear Knit II [review HERE], I don’t think a day has gone by that I haven’t worn them.  Summer, winter, rain, shine, golf, gym, and everything in between, I wear my Knits.  And I’m not alone – the Knit is TRUE’s most popular shoe.  So when they told me that a Knit 3 was on the way, I was intrigued to see if they could improve on what I consider a near-perfect shoe.


At a glance, the TRUE Linkswear All Day Knit 3 is a dead ringer for the Knit II.  A closer look, however, reveals some subtle differences.  The Knit 3 still has a one-piece sock fit knit upper, but the pattern has changed slightly.  Also, the knit is a solid color unlike the heathered finish of the Knit II.  A larger difference is on the heel where there is a microsuede overlay which adds to both the form and function of the shoe.  Overall, the Knit 3 is a simple, classy shoe that looks good in almost any context.  

The TRUE Linkswear Knit 3 is available in Onyx (shown here) Deep Sea, Legend, and Nimbus.  There will also be limited offerings in Pine, Aloe, and, for the ladies only, Cherry Blossom.


Out of the box comfort has always been a hallmark of TRUE Linkswear and the Knit most of all.  That’s still true of the All Day Knit 3, but the feeling has changed.  Where the other Knits felt like stepping into a cloud, the Knit 3 is firmer and has more structure.  To be clear, the Knit 3 is still more comfortable and softer than virtually any shoe you can find, but longtime Knit fans should be prepared for something slightly different.

The fit of the Knit 3 is roomy without being sloppy.  There are no pressure points or pinches.  If any part of the Knit 3 does feel snug, give it a day.  According to TRUE, the Knit 3’s upper and insole are designed to mold to your foot during the first 24 hours of wear.  For me, the Knit 3 were perfect out of the box.

Finally, the Knit 3 uses TRUE’s new All Day Sole.  This is a slightly thicker, more cushioned sole than the Knit 2 for increased comfort.  While I did find the insole noticeably thicker, it’s not so thick that it disconnects you from the ground.  I applaud TRUE for doing something new without losing one of their shoes’ key attributes.


The additional structure and stability in the TRUE Linkswear All Day Knit 3 is a welcome change when you get to the course.  I noticed this most in the heel and the laces.  On the Knit 2, the laces were almost a decoration.  On the Knit 3, they have a bigger impact on the fit, which I appreciate.  Additionally, the heel of the Knit 3 is more structured and locked in thanks to the aforementioned microsuede overlay and the memory foam heel cup.

One key trait of previous Knits has been carried forward – light weight.  In a size nine, the All Day Knit 3 tips the scales at a mere 10 ounces.  This isn’t even one full ounce heavier than the Knit 2, so the Knit 3 remains among the lightest shoes in golf.  For the dedicated walker, light weight is key to keeping your energy up for 18 holes.

Another of TRUE’s signature features is a minimal heel drop.  The All Day Knit 3 has a “transitional drop” of 4 mm, which is actually less than the Knit 2.  As someone who prefers zero drop, I think this is a great change.  That said, if you’re coming to TRUE from traditional golf shoes like FootJoy, be prepared for an adjustment period as your heels get used to being on the ground.

Finally, TRUE Linkswear has implemented a new tread – the AD Crosslife Tread – in the Knit 3.  This features deeper lugs and a new pattern “for optimized stability and ground force reaction.”  In testing the Knit 3 on both grass and turf, it does feel like an improvement on previous treads.  No spikeless shoe is going to replicate the grip of replaceable spikes, but this is a step closer than most.


The TRUE Linkswear All Day Knit 3 is a wonderful evolution of a fan favorite.  Additional structure and cushioning have been added to make it perform better on the course, but the essential elements are still here.  If you try a pair, the light weight and unbeatable comfort will turn them into your go everywhere shoes in no time.

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  1. Hi Matt,
    Great review. When you say the comfort is firmer do you think it feels like the RipStop more than the knit 2. I love them both but there was a noticeable difference between those two shoes in terms of comfort. Thanks again.

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately I can’t speak to the RipStop; Dylan reviewed that shoe, not me.



  2. Patrick Kilcoyne

    Congratulations on your 500th newsletter Matt! Thank you for providing so much information about golf products and the game itself.

  3. Matt, thanks for this review, and congrats on your 500th newsletter! I’m a longtime TRUE Linkswear fan, and currently have one pair of original Knits, five pairs of Knit 2s, and one pair of Ripstops. I’m a little hesitant on the Knit 3s, however. The TRUE website describes the Knit 2 and Ripstop as “Wide (E-EE)”, but the Knit 3 as “Medium Wide (D-E)”. The All Day Knit 2s and Ripstops are my all-time favorites, but some of TRUE’s more recent offerings have been uncomfortably tight in the toebox for me. I really wanted to fall in love with the ECO Knit and the LUX Knit, but donated both to Goodwill for that reason. You write that “the Knit 3 is firmer and has more structure”, but should loosen up after 24 hours. I will probably bite the bullet and give them a try eventually, but are you noticing this trend of newer TRUEs getting narrower? Do you think it might be worth going up half a size? Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      Good question. If you are someone who needs to full toe box of the original TRUEs, these might be a little narrow. Going up half a size might be the answer.



    • Hello Matt, thanks for sharing. How do you find the breathability? I think it’s one of the advertised hallmarks of the shoe but you mentioned wearing V2 in the rain. My feet sweat easily so looking for to air them out in a sneaker-like vessel.

  4. Jason Norris

    How would you rate these against the Knit 2s? Which would you chose if you had the 2 and 3 in front of you ?

    • Matt Saternus


      Because the Knit is more an everyday shoe for me than a golf shoe, I prefer the shorter heel of the 2 to the additional structure of the 3. That said, I’ve been wearing the Knit 3 every day since I wrote the review. They’re great shoes.



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