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TRUE Linkswear FS-01 Golf Shoe Review

TRUE linkswear FS-01

50 Words or Less

The TRUE Linkswear FS-01 is a modern golf take on a classic sneaker silhouette.  Made of premium materials, designed to go from the course to the streets and everywhere in between.  Ideal for a huge variety of players.

TRUE linkswear FS-01 overhead


TRUE has quickly become the darling footwear brand of today’s golf cognoscenti.  With its minimal heel drops, focus on quality and sustainability, and versatility, our writers have “enjoyed the walk” in every offering the company has put out.  The FS-01 is no exception, and in some ways, represents a step forward.


The FS-01 looks at once new and familiar.  The company website alludes to it being their take on a classic, and I interpret that as a nod to Vans.  Though by no means a replica, it clearly has that low profile skate shoe aesthetic.

TRUE linkswear FS-01 toe

The branding and design elements are minimal.  The Fog and White colorways are monochromatic from upper to sole, while the other colorways (Black, Rich Mahogany, Sea Foam, and Soft Rose) have a contrasting sole.  While the Fog colorway comes in a suede material, the others are a recycled leather with a pebbled matte finish.


The TRUE Linkswear FS-01 isn’t one of those golf shoes you’re going to be dying to take off as soon as you step off the 18th green.  They’re meant to be worn everywhere, and they are comfortable enough to pull it off.  The company states that this iteration of its WANDERLUX™ insole is the most cushioned to date.  Stepping into another favorite pair of TRUEs, the All Day Ripstop (review HERE) the difference is immediately apparent.  While both are very comfortable, the FS-01 is noticeably cushier.

The FS-01 features a 6 mm heel drop.  TRUE made its name with its OG offerings featuring a “zero drop” heel, a radical departure from the existing major players in the golf footwear market at the time.  Recently, it seems to be offering more of these “transitional” drops, which will probably bring more people over from traditional golf shoes without making them feel like the change is too drastic.


The TRUE FS-01 is, in many ways, an ideal golf shoe.  It’s extremely comfortable, especially for those who walk a majority of their rounds.  It has a clean, modern look that will pair well with virtually any kind of golf wardrobe.  Finally, it provides solid traction and ground contact.  While one of TRUE’s selling points is the fact that most of its shoes are able to be worn off the course, I think this one makes the transition most naturally of any of their offerings to date.

One of the features I appreciate the most is the padded heel.  For me, the heel is the most potentially troubling area of the golf shoe.  It can wear out quickly, and it can cause extreme discomfort.  I really appreciate the fact that that’s not going to be an issue with this shoe.

TRUE states that the shoe is weather resistant.  That means it’s not going to be your go-to in a downpour or in extra swampy conditions, but it will handle wet ground with ease.

What the FS-01 doesn’t have?  A sole full of spikes and other techy features to keep you “locked in” to the ground.  I understand that some people want that in a golf shoe.  Personally, I’m becoming less interested in it as I realize that I don’t have the speed to really cause problems with traction.  Realistically, if it’s good enough for tour pros like Joel Dahmen, it’s good enough for me.

TRUE FS-01 bag


The TRUE FS-01 is a modern take on a classic American shoe, golf-style.  From the materials to the design, it’s incredibly well done.  For both TRUE devotees and newbies, I think it’s a must-grab for 2023.  I also think it’s a nice touch that the shoes come packaged in a high quality reusable shoe bag.

Visit TRUE Linkswear HERE

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