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The TRUE Linkswear All Day Ripstop is a spikeless shoe with modern, sneaker-style looks.  It transitions naturally from golf to casual settings.  Sustainably made and comfortable enough for all day wear.  A walker’s dream.

Check out the new TRUE Linkswear FS-01 HERE


TRUE Linkswear has carved out a niche in the crowded golf footwear space.  It has done so organically, with its own minimalist and natural ethos.  The TRUE All Day Ripstop is the latest addition to its lineup.  While familiar in certain respects, it also offers something new to TRUE devotees and newbies alike.


Looks are certainly a differentiator for TRUE across its lineup.  Minimal, modern, and clean is what we’ve come to expect.  The All Day Ripstop is no different.  The silhouette looks quite similar to the sneaker-style Knit (Matt’s review of the Knit II HERE) but the recycled polyester ripstop material on the upper is unlike anything I’ve seen from TRUE or anyone else.  Before seeing them in person, I wasn’t sure what I thought about the material, honestly.

Once they arrived and I took them out of their shoe bag, I realized my hesitance was misplaced.  The ripstop material is definitely unique but it looks like it belongs there.  Overall, the shoe has a clean, minimalist look, with subtle branding on the side and heel.  I’m expecting to get a lot of questions and compliments on them this year.

I chose the Steele St Grey colorway, but it wasn’t an easy decision.  It comes in five additional colors, (Black, Charcoal, Cloud White, Deep Sea, and Olive) all of which look really good.


The All Day Ripstop is incredibly comfortable right out of the bag.  The foot bed is soft but not overly cushy.  TRUE markets its shoes to walkers and, slipping this on, it’s easy to feel why.  It feels so obvious to say this because it’s right in the name, but it really does feel like the kind of shoe you could wear all day.  It will keep you comfortable in all weather, too, thanks to its wool liner.

It features TRUE’s “transitional” heel drop (6 mm).  While TRUE’s original offerings featured a zero drop heel giving the wearer that barefoot feeling, TRUE has moved into more traditional heel drop options.  For those used to almost any other shoe brand, the transitional heel drop is going to feel more “normal”.  For those seeking zero drop, check out the OG Premium or OG Feel (reviews HERE and HERE).

I wasn’t sure exactly where to address this, but I’ll put it here because it makes me more comfortable spending my money with TRUE.  It’s the fact that the shoe was created using 100% recycled and renewable materials.  It has also eliminated the shoe box in favor of a reusable bag (above).  TRUE has always taken steps to create its products responsibly, but the fact that this is its most sustainable offering yet is something to celebrate.


TRUE’s tagline is “Enjoy the Walk.”  Let’s just say that if you don’t enjoy the walk while wearing the All Day Ripstop, that’s on you.  They are incredibly comfortable.  Part of that comfort is due to the fact that the upper is soft and relatively unstructured.  If you’re someone who needs to feel “locked in” to your shoes and, by extension, to the ground, this might not work well for you.

They are weather resistant.  Are these the shoes you’re going to reach for if you have a can’t-miss tee time and the forecast calls for a monsoon?  Probably not.  But for lighter rain or heavy morning dew, your feet will stay comfortably dry.  If you do end up trekking through the muck during early spring rounds, (shout out upper Midwest) there’s good news: the All Day Ripstop is machine washable!

Another major performance element to consider is traction.  Slippage is not a concern unless your footwork looks like Scottie Scheffler’s.  I don’t imagine those players are reading many reviews for spikeless shoes anyway.  Scottie, if you’re reading this, I fully endorse these for off course use, too.  Don’t worry, I won’t tell Nike.


The TRUE All Day Ripstop raises the bar for spikeless golf shoes marketed to be worn on and off the course.  It’s the first pair I’ve worn that I will feel happy to wear both on and off the course.  If you’re curious about TRUEs or are considering adding another pair to your lineup for 2022, you can’t go wrong with these.

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  1. Mark Halibozek

    Hi Dylan,

    Been looking at buying a pair, but am curious as to how you found the sizing of True Linkswear. Wpuld you say it’s consistent with your normal shoe size? How would it compare to a footjoy shoe size for example? Thanks!

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hey Mark,

      Great question. I found these to fit very TRUE to size (pun very much intended, no apologies). I wear a 10 in almost everything (occasionally there’s a Nike or something where I’ll need a 10.5) and found these to fit perfectly. I also wear a size 10 in the FootJoy Premier. Hope that helps.


  2. Great review Dylan. You mention the shoes feeling soft and unstructured and I was wondering if they still have enough stability for most players? I don’t spin my feet out while swinging, but I found some of the lightweight “summer” type shoes like the original Tomos just don’t have enough stability although they are incredibly comfortable.

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hey Kevin,

      Thanks for the question. That’s not a concern for me at all. I think there’s considerably more structure and stability to these than something with a purely knit upper. I plan for these to be my go-to shoe through most of the spring and summer. Hope that helps.


  3. Hey Dylan,

    Great review. Are the insoles removable?

  4. Great review. I’ve been debating which spikeless shoe to get this season that’s stylish but also extremely comfortable. If you had to choose one spikeless shoe to walk 36 in, would this be it, or another TRUE shoe, or another brand altogether?

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hi Steve,

      Good question. With the caveat that I have not tried every spikeless shoe on the market, I would definitely choose this shoe for a day of walking 36. If it’s going to be blazing hot, maybe I’d opt for the TRUE Knit instead. Hope that helps.


  5. Been debating between these and the True Knit II. Living in the southeast US which one do you think would be better?

    • Dylan Thaemert


      Tough call. Given the heat and humidity, I can definitely see a case for the Knit, especially if you’re a walker. If I can’t tell you to get both, I’d probably lean toward the Knit II.


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