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TRUE OG Premium Golf Shoe Review

By: Dylan Thaemert

50 Words or Less

The TRUE OG Premium is a thoughtfully-designed golf shoe ideal for the walking golfer with a sense of style.


In a recent issue of Links magazine, Gil Hanse wrote about the relationship between walking and golf: “The topography is encountered and engaged by your feet as opposed to being driven over. The feel of the soil and turf under foot also tells you a story about the types of shots to be encountered and the possibilities that exist when the ball is moving across the ground.”

The TRUE OG Premium enhances the relationship between the golfer’s feet and the ground unlike any golf shoe I have worn before.


The TRUE OG Premium balances the styles of sneaker and traditional golf shoes to create a casual and unique look that is wearable on and off the course.  One of the most immediately noticeable aspects of the shoe is its wide toe box.  While this gives a look that may strike you as slightly unusual at first, it’s functional.  The wider toe box provides an added level of comfort that makes it feel like the shoe is naturally fitted to your foot.

The next thing you notice about the shoe are the high quality materials and details.  From the leather and suede to the laces to the sole, everything looks and feels like it is made to last.


I have worn golf shoes that I have found comfortable before, but the TRUE OG Premium provides an experience of comfort that is a little different.  This shoe provides a footbed and upper that is designed to accommodate your foot’s natural movements instead of putting a big pillow underneath it.  I think a lot of this is due to the zero drop heel, a unique feature that leaves your foot in its natural position, level to the ground from heel to toe.

This shoe is truly a pleasure to walk in.  It provides a naturally comfortable experience, and I could feel the leather mold to my foot after walking just one round in them.  When the round was over, I could tell I had just walked 18 holes but that feeling wasn’t any more pronounced than it is with a shoe that has a more cushy footbed.


The true test of a golf shoe is how does it perform on the course?  For me, the OG Premium exceeded expectations.  I loved feeling in touch with the firmness of the turf as I walked from shot to shot.  Standing over the ball, I felt a sense of ease and confidence that helped me produce one of my best ball-striking rounds ever.

While the soft, spikeless soles don’t dig into the turf aggressively, I didn’t experience any slippage in early spring conditions here in the Midwest.  Unlike any other golf shoe that I am aware of, these can perform just as well off the course.  I got compliments and questions on them from my golf buddies, and I’d be willing to bet that you would at a social event as well.


Based on what I’d heard from others, I had high expectations for the TRUE OG Premium.  I can safely say that the shoe exceeded those expectations in terms of both comfort and performance.  For golfers who are committed to walking and want to feel the connection between the ground and their feet, the TRUE OG Premium should be at the top of the list.

Dylan Thaemert
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  1. Angel Matos

    Being a small shoe company has it’s advantages. The quality & vision of design is in each shoe until their accounting dept grows. Buy this shoe before they reach 100 million in sales. It might never be the same after that milestone.

  2. How would you compare this to the Major? I’ve had my eye on the Major for a while. Curious how it’s held up for you – if you’re still wearing it.

    • Matt Saternus


      The Major feels a little more like a traditional golf shoe – slightly narrow toe, slightly taller heel. I love both shoes, but the Major is my current go to.



  3. Manfred Huebner

    How about sizing, how do they run small or big. My experience with other barefoot shoes, running, they tend to run from 1/2 to 1 size small.

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