TRUE Linkswear OG Feel Golf Shoe Review

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The TRUE Linkswear OG Feel golf shoes take exceptional comfort of the Knit and pair it with a more secure, stabilized feel.  Zero break in period.  Comfort straight out of the box.

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TRUE Linkswear describes their latest golf shoe, the OG Feel, as “Our all new breathable, flexible and minimalist take on our crowd favorite TRUE Original.  Feel the breeze between your toes and the earth beneath your feet as you comfortably walk the links.”

Shut up, TRUE, you had me at minimalist.


TRUE has some great looking shoes coming in 2020, but the OG Feel is the best of the bunch, in my opinion.  The OG Feel’s base is a heather knit upper.  But since every other shoe company is doing a knit now, TRUE went up another level by adding leather around the heel and midfoot.  Throw in a little splash of color on the heel loop and you have a shoe that looks slick in any setting.

The TRUE Linkswear OG Feel comes in three colorways: black, white/navy, brown/grey/black.  The black, shown here, is definitely my favorite but the white/navy is probably going to end up in my rotation, too.

Also, as has become their custom, TRUE has ditched the traditional cardboard box in favor of a reusable shoe bag.  The topographical pattern that covers the bag looks cool and puts further emphasis on the concept of feel.


If you’re familiar with TRUE, this will be obvious, but it needs to be said for those that are new to the brand: these shoes are ready to walk 18, 36, or 54 straight out of the box.  I haven’t encountered a TRUE Linkswear shoe that isn’t completely comfortable from the first wearing, and the OG Feel keeps the streak in tact.

TRUE has mastered the sock-fit knit upper.  Like the Knit [review HERE], it moves easily and breathes to keep your keep cool.  The sole is similarly flexible which allows you feel the course.  Also, TRUE has added more cushioning around the back of the heel compared to the Knit.  Finally, it’s always worth mentioning TRUE’s wide toe box.  I’ve been wearing TRUE long enough that I don’t remember what a narrow toe box feels like, but for those who are new to TRUE, this feature will be a revelation.


I love the TRUE Knit.  It’s been the shoe I’ve worn the most in the last two years, and it’s probably my favorite TRUE ever.  The one thing I would have asked for is a little bit of lateral support, and TRUE put exactly that into the OG Feel.  Thanks to the leather saddle and the lacing from the TRUE Original, the OG Feel securely connects your foot to the shoe.

Despite this added structure, the OG Feel is amazingly light.  At under 9 ounces, you might as well be walking barefoot, which is exactly the point.

Like most TRUE Linkswear shoes, the OG Feel has a zero drop heel.  This means that your heel is not raised up like it is in most traditional shoes.  For me, this is an absolute requirement in my shoes – I feel completely unbalanced in high heels.  You may need a little adjustment period if you’re new to this design, but I think the benefits are worth it.

The TRUE OG Feel sports a new tread pattern on the sole, and it might be their best one yet.  I played in some very wet conditions and never slipped.  Just as importantly, the sole transitions well to pavement, so you won’t take a dive carrying your clubs to your car.

Finally, it’s important to note that the OG Feel is water repellent but not waterproof.  My first round with these shoes was a 6 AM loop after a night of rain.  For the first three holes, my feet were dry.  After that, the water started to get in.  For light dew, the OG Feel should be fine, but if the grass is soaked, opt for the TRUE Originals [review HERE].


Every time that I think TRUE Linkswear has made an unbeatable shoe, they come back with something better.  If you see me on the course this summer, the odds are good that I’ll be wearing these.  There’s no question that they’ll be the shoes I trust for 36 holes a day at Bandon Dunes.  If you want a comfortable, lightweight shoe with great traction, the OG Feel is for you.

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  1. Angel Luis Matos

    If you play golf & walk put this shoe in your rotation. It will become your favorite.

  2. Tensei Pro Blue

    What are the odds, I got these exact shoes in the same color delivered on the same day this article was posted.

    I wear a extra wide (4E) and the toe box on these are perfectly wide but the mid and especially the heel are WAY too narrow. Much more narrow than any of the other True’s I’ve worn in the past and I’ve had plenty. It seems to me that anyone with a narrow enough heel and mid would find the rest of the shoe way too wide. Oh well, the search continues :-(

  3. Matt, how is sizing for you with these compared to some other brands and popular styles? I’ve never worn True before. If you can give me a reference point of a specific shoe, I can at least try that one on in a local store or something. Thanks!

  4. This is my 4th pair of Trues, I love the OGs and walk in them 2-3x a week.

    My only issue with these so far is that there is zero material support for your toes/back foot – its something I honestly never really thought of before ordering them. But if you are a player that pushes off or turns hard through your swing and onto the toes of your back foot it will be a weird sensation to get used to.

    Not sure about them yet, definitely going to need to get some more rounds in on them.

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