TRUE Linkswear Lux Hybrid Golf Shoe Review

true linkswear lux hybrid

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The TRUE Linkswear Lux Hybrid is one of the most stable TRUE golf shoes yet.  A great mid-point between natural motion/zero drop and traditional, highly structured shoes.

true linkswear reuseable box


As longtime fans of TRUE Linkswear, it’s fun to watch the brand continue to evolve their designs.  Looking back, you can see certain fan-favorite elements carry forward while TRUE innovates with materials and combinations of features.  The new Lux Hybrid golf shoe borrows elements from previous Lux shoes like the Lux Pro [review HERE] and Lux Sport while raising the bar for heel stability and performance.


The TRUE Linkswear Lux Hybrid golf shoes are hard to categorize, blending elements of a traditional golf shoe with modern features.  Borrowing from the Lux Knit, the Lux Hybrid has a modern, waterproof knit upper.  The leather saddle throws a traditional element into the mix.  A camo pattern on the leather will keep anyone from thinking you borrowed your grandpa’s shoes.  True to form, TRUE keeps the branding very minimal – just a small logo on the tongue and heel.

TRUE offers the Lux Hybrid in five colorways.  Seen here is the High Vis Grey.  There’s also High Vis White and High Vis Black which have camo patterns on the saddle, too.  Cognac is a cream base with a brown, perforated leather saddle.  Finally, Admiral is a navy base with dark brown leather.


As we expect from TRUE Linkswear, the Lux Hybrid is comfortable out of the box.  TRUE rates these shoes as “Wide” – the middle of their range.  There’s a lot of room in the toe box, and the shoe gives your foot plenty of space overall.

true linkswear lux hybrid heel

Underfoot, the Lux Hybrid is a little firmer and more structured than the average TRUE.  It doesn’t have the barefoot feel of something like the OG Feel [review HERE], but it doesn’t completely isolate you from the ground either.  This is a solid midpoint between traditional and natural motion shoes.

true linkswear lux hybrid sole


The TRUE Linkswear Lux Hybrid is billed as their best ever “TOUR performance shoe.”  This description provides a lot of insight into what they were aiming for – and achieved – with this shoe.  It’s a blend of traditional golf shoe elements with some of the hallmarks of TRUE Linkswear.

For me, that starts with the structure of the shoe.  Thanks to a variety of elements, the Lux Hybrid provides more stability than most other TRUEs.  Among those ingredients are the leather saddle and the heel lock system.  The Lux Hybrid won’t put your feet in concrete, but it does give you a more stable base during the swing.

The Lux Hybrid also features a “Transitional Drop” of 6 mm.  This is more than the new Knit 3 [review HERE], but far less than your average golf shoe.  If you want to start moving away from wearing high heels on the course, this can be your gateway shoe.

One element of the shoe that’s fully “Tour” is the waterproofing.  The Lux Hybrid has a waterproof knit upper that’s ringed with a TPU mudguard.  This is an all-weather TRUE, one you can bring on your golf trip regardless of the forecast.

Finally, the TRUE Linskwear Lux Hybrid utilizes the same Tour-tested tread pattern we’ve seen for the last couple generations.  It offers good traction in the majority of conditions.  For truly sloppy turf, you may want the additional bite of replaceable spikes, but this sole provides good stability for most rounds.

true linkswear lux hybrid golf shoes


The TRUE Linkswear Lux Hybrid is a perfect bridge shoe for golfers who want to get away from overbuilt footwear.  With a more structured feel and full waterproofing, it provides the things many golfers can’t live without.  The comfort is classic TRUE, and the transitional heel drop can be the basis for a more balanced swing.

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  1. I’ve been surfing online more than 3 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours.
    In my view, if all web owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet will be much more useful than ever before.

  2. Thx for the detailed review. These have been on my ponder list for two weeks. I keep on waiting for that evasive promo code or a True golfer to win.

  3. I tried this exact shoe last week and frankly was disappointed in comfort level. Nowhere near is comfy as the true knit 2 or lux sport which is also waterproof. My opinion only but if I want more structure a better feeling bad weather shoe is my Payntr X001, will as much or more grip, easy cleaning.

  4. I didn’t understand why no price was entered in your article, so I looked up their Canadian site .
    The majority of their shoes at $275 – $350 all in. At this price point I’ll pass!.

  5. It’s nice to see True go for a middle ground of flexibility. Rather the opposite of what FootJoy has done with the Hyperflex, which is now NO flex.

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