TRUE Linkswear LUX Pro Golf Shoe Review

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The TRUE Linkswear LUX Pro golf shoes are another winner from TRUE.  High end, go anywhere looks.  Extreme comfort.  Good traction.  Waterproof.

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The new LUX line from TRUE Linkswear was one of our most anticipated releases coming out of the 2020 PGA Show.  It took longer than we expected to get our hands on them, but it didn’t take long to realize that these shoes were worth the wait.


The TRUE LUX Pro is ultra clean.  In black, the upper is entirely monochromatic; in white, there’s a small band of brown leather at the back.  The branding, which only appears on the side of the heel and tongue, is embossed and barely noticeable.

TRUE Linkswear continues to put out shoes that can be worn in any setting.  With their full grain leather upper, the LUX Pro looks great on the course, dressed down with jeans, or dressed up for a night out.  The only problem is that almost any pair of TRUEs can be your do-anything shoes, so it’s harder to justify owning multiple pairs (I do anyway).


I’ve worn enough TRUE Linkswear shoes to know to expect extreme comfort, but they’ve added a new wrinkle.  Their original shoes looked super wide in the toe, a little clownish, if we’re being unkind.  TRUE’s more recent offerings, however, look sleek but somehow still have enormous width in the toe.  I’m pretty sure it defies the laws of physics, but when a shoe looks this good and has this much out of the box comfort, who’s going to complain?

One of the new features of the LUX series is the WANDERLUX “super foam” insert.  What makes it super is that it’s very light and thin.  The WANDERLUX takes all the impact out of each step.  At the end of the day, I felt like there was no wear on my feet or knees at all.

The LUX Pro has a “transitional drop” of 6mm.  This refers to the heel drop – how high the heel is above the ball of the foot.  Many TRUEs have zero drop which allows for a fully natural motion, but it can be a big difference for people coming from traditional shoes.  The LUX Pro is a middle ground that lets you move more naturally without being too jarring for the first timer.


One of the best features about the TRUE LUX Pro is its waterproofing.  I love my Knits and OG Feels, but the LUX Pro has become my go to when there’s a threat of rain.  From light dew to torture tests under a hose, the LUX Pro never let in a drop.

Another notable feature of the LUX Pro is the lateral support.  Thanks to the premium leather upper and the tailored heel cup, there’s more structure holding your foot in place during the swing.  Please do not think that the LUX Pro is one of these overbuilt moon boots – it’s not – but it provides more support relative to other TRUEs and natural motion shoes.

TRUE quotes the weight of the LUX Pro at 11.5 ounces (in size 14, mine are 15.7 ounces).  This isn’t as airy as the OG Feel at 8.7 ounces [review HERE] or the Eco Knit at 7.4 [review HERE], but in all likelihood it’s lighter than the golf shoe you’re wearing now.  For the walking golfer, a lighter shoe makes a big difference over the course of a round.

The tread pattern on the LUX Pro is similar to that of the TRUE Knit [review HERE].  It’s not their most aggressive sole design, but I’ve found it to have plenty of grip in normal golf conditions.  It’s also worth noting that it’s the best off-course sole, in my opinion, and, based on my experience with the Knit, it’s a sole that will last a long time.


Whether you’re a fan of natural motion shoes looking for a little more support or someone looking to dip your toe into the pond of minimalist shoes, the TRUE Linkswear LUX Pro is a great choice.  It’s also a shoe I wouldn’t mind owning just to walk around town, it looks that good.  No matter why you buy them, it’s a pair that’s definitely not going to gather dust in your closet.

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  1. I don’t really understand the desire to do things other than golf in a golf shoe. It takes like 2 minutes to change shoes in the parking lot. Spikeless shoes have come a long way, but spiked shoes still give way better grip and are very comfortable these days. Every pair of spikeless I’ve tried I have had issues with slippage one wet grass, but I do probably swing harder than I should.

  2. Matt, I have a small foot like you and also wear a 14. How is the fit? Thanks for the review

    • Matt Saternus

      TRUEs are always very wide and comfortable in the toe. For sizing, the LUX Pro is similar to a FootJoy, which is to say it’s a bigger 14 compared to Nike, etc.


  3. Jim W Rosteck

    Matt I jUst received a pair of white LUX Pro and the heel slips a little. My Majors and Knits fit fine. Do you think the slippage might go away after break-in? I did email customer support late Friday 10/2.

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s interesting, I found the heel of the LUX Pro to be very secure, more so than other TRUEs. In what way is it slipping – laterally or forward and back?


  4. Jim W Rosteck

    Matt the heel area seems a little wider. I have narrow feet. It slides up and down.


  5. What’s surprising about the Lux Pros is that they offer great grip in the wet and after a short break-in period, they grow even more comfortable with the Wanderlux.

    I could not help myself. First came the Lux Knit, then the Lux Pro White, and finally the the Lux Pro Nubuck Smooth Black purchased one at a time on pre-order to gain the discount they were offering at the time.

    I’d been wearing Ecco’s and Skechers and if you only want golf shoes they are fine but the Trues can go anywhere and they do on my feet. Make a quick trip to the store and I ask “Where are my Lux Knits?”

    Golf? I like the small transitional drop and lack of huge amounts of tennis shoe cushion because the True allow me to better read the slope of the green with my feet. As to fit, I wore True for the first 3 yrs of their existence and then strayed. But the Ecco were always a little loose and I decided to go True. The heel count is slightly rigid out of the box, slightly, but loosens up over a few wearings – it is well padded and I like the loop at the the back of the heel to help get them on – it’s a nice touch that other shoes need. True does a great job of the liner wrapping your foot for support without being tight like similar shoes. I’ve found they grow more comfy after a few wearings. I’ve worn then on the course and range for hours at a time and my feet feel great. Their grip is better than my other spineless shoes – I was pleasantly surprised.

    For the first time in several years, I am very happy with my golf-go anywhere Trues.

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