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TRUE Linkswear Eco Knit Golf Shoe Review

50 Words or Less

The TRUE Linkswear Eco Knit golf shoe proves that you can be environmentally conscious without sacrificing comfort or performance.  Possibly the lightest shoe in golf.


Sustainability was a major theme at the 2020 PGA Show, and that was highlighted by the TRUE Linkswear Eco Knit.  This shoe is made from recycled water bottles and comes packaged in a reusable bag rather than a cardboard box.  Does this new material sacrifice any of TRUEs legendary comfort?  I tested the Eco Knit to find out.


The TRUE Eco Knit is on-trend with its knit upper and minimalist look.  In each of the three colorways – Obsidian Black, Stone Grey, and Tropic Blue – the Eco Knit is free of stark contrast, instead using slight differences in shade to create visual interest.  As is their norm, TRUE has kept the branding very minimal on the Eco Knit – just a small logo on the heel and tongue.


If you’ve worn TRUE or read previous TRUE reviews, you know the brand is synonymous with comfort.  Break in periods are nonexistent, and a wider toe box means that they fit the way your foot is actually shaped.

Another signature TRUE feature that’s present in the Eco Knit is the zero drop heel.  Most golf shoes (and most shoes in general) put your heel substantially above your toe.  The Eco Knit puts your entire foot on a level surface.  If you’ve never worn a zero drop shoe before, this may feel unusual, but it’s become a must-have feature for me.  I feel much more balanced and athletic in a zero drop shoe, and “regular” shoes feel like high heels.

In comparing the Eco Knit to my standard TRUE Knit (review HERE), the upper of the Eco Knit does feel a little stiffer, a bit more structured.  While the sturdier material doesn’t have the same sock-like comfort, it does feel like it provides more lateral stability.  It’s also worth considering that I’m comparing a new Eco Knit to a pair of Knits that have roughly a million miles on them already, so it’s not quite apples to apples.


The TRUE Linkswer Eco Knit utilizes the same sole as last year’s TL-01 (review HERE).  As I noted in that review, this “spike” is slightly taller than on other TRUE soles and gives it wonderful traction.  In speaking with the TRUE team, they told me that the TL-01 has become their most-worn model on the PGA Tour, which speaks to the functionality of this sole.  What’s even better is that because each “spike” is larger than average, it also has better traction on everyday surfaces.

If you’re on the fence about whether to try the Eco Knit, here’s the kicker: it’s TRUE’s lightest shoe ever.  My standard TRUE Knit is 13.1 ounces in a size 13.  The TL-01 took it to another level, dropping the weight to just 10.7 ounces.  In a size 13, the TRUE Eco Knit weighs just 9.1 ounces.  That’s utterly crazy.  It’s roughly 1/3 lighter than the original Knit, which is a light shoe in its own right.  That lack of weight adds up: shaving four ounces off each shoe means lifting 2,500 fewer pounds over the course of one round.


I feel like every time I write a TRUE Linkswear review, I end up saying, “This is my favorite TRUE ever,” and that’s the case once again with the Eco Knit.  The lack of weight is amazing, the comfort is world class, and the look is timeless.  Getting all of that in a shoe that retails for $99 and helps save the planet is mind boggling.  I’m not sure how TRUE will one-up this one, but I’m excited to watch them try.

Visit TRUE Linkswear HERE

Matt Saternus
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  1. LOVE IT. I wear a pair of NotherNew (.com) shoes all day every day which are a lot like converse Allstars with a proper arch, also made from water bottles. I will be golfing in these True Linkswear. They make a quality product and are obviously forward looking and who doesn’t want that?

  2. Once again reading this website costs me money.
    I went for the blue in size 11.5. They feel great and will get their first trip to the golf course tomorrow.

  3. RE: TRUE Linkswear Eco Knit Golf Shoe

    I’m very interested in this shoe. Might you be able to tell me if they run true to size. I wear a 10 1/2 medium. Does the 10 1/2 in this shoe run true to size OR should I consider a 1/2 size larger?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Matt Saternus


      To me, TRUE sizes closer to Nike than FootJoy, so depending on which brand you think runs true to size, there’s your answer.



  4. Our of the TRUE lineup of shoes, which would you say is the most comfortable for walking?

    • Matt Saternus


      Comfort is personal, so it depends what you want. My personal favorite is the original Knit, but others may want more structure, lighter weight, etc and TRUE has options for all of those.


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