TRUE Linkswear TL-01 Shoe Review

50 Words or Less

The TRUE Linkswear TL-01 golf shoe is unbelievably light.  I can’t stress “light” enough.  Stylish, go-anywhere looks.  Solid on-course performance.


One of the biggest “Wow” products at the 2019 PGA Show was the TRUE Linkswear TL-01.  The reason for the big reaction was simple: its weight, or lack thereof.

A light shoe is great, but footwear needs to do much more to be useful on the course.  I took the TL-01 to the course to see if it was more than a one trick pony.


The TL-01 is the epitome of the “golf shoe that you can wear anywhere” trend.  It’s a minimalist sneaker made from full grain Napa leather.  There is virtually zero branding – just the embossed TRUE logo on the tongue and the tiny “TL-01” graphic on the heel.  It’s the definition of clean and classic.

How sharp are the TL-01s?  My wife, who has never once commented on my footwear, complimented them multiple times.  The only problem is that I don’t want to get them dirty on the course.  Obviously there is a simple solution: buy a second pair.

TRUE’s TL-01 is available in three colorways: black with white sole (seen here), white with khaki sole, and grey with a matching sole.


The most notable thing about the TRUE Linkswear TL-01 is the weight.  TRUE states that they weigh just 8.7 oz.  For comparison, my TRUE Majors (review HERE) weigh 18.4 ounces in a size 13, and the TL-01 weigh just 10.7 ounces.  This absence of weight makes walking noticeably more pleasant, on or off the course.

You might think that the light weight comes at the expense of comfort, but the TL-01 feels wonderful on your feet.  Every element of the shoe is soft and supple – it practically begs to be worn sock-free.  Not only is it soft, there’s EVA cushioning in the midsole that will keep your dogs from barking, even after 36.

TRUE also modified the fit in the TL-01.  Historically, TRUE has made shoes that are wide, especially in the toe.  The TL-01 isn’t narrow, but it does have a more conventional shape and standard width.  TRUE states that the leather will mold to your foot over time, and I can confirm that after just a few wears, they feel like they’ve adapted to my foot.


When I first unboxed the TL-01, the sole caught my eye.  The “spikes” are noticeably taller than those on the Major or the TRUE Knit (review HERE).  This gives the TL-01 excellent traction.  Also, the slightly narrower fit made my foot feel more locked in to the shoe and the turf.

Something you will feel but not see is the zero drop heel.  This has been a signature of TRUE shoes – the heel is not built up like it is on traditional golf shoes.  For me, this leads to a more balanced feel and a better swing.  If you’re not used to this, it may feel unusual at first, but I think it’s worth the transition period to have your foot in a more natural position.

Finally, while the TL-01 is not fully waterproof, it’s more than capable of handling dew or a light drizzle.  These aren’t going to be my mudding shoes, but they can handle any normal golf conditions with ease.


If you’re tired of changing shoes when you arrive at and leave the course, simplify with the TRUE Linkswear TL-01.  These shoes look amazing in all situations, are light and comfortable, and they won’t let you down on the course.

Do You Want Your Own TRUE TL-01s?

We’ve partnered with TRUE Linkswear to give one lucky reader a pair of TL-01s.  Simply post a comment below with your name, location, and the size/color of TL-01 that you would like to win (see all the colors HERE).  We will contact the winner via email on September 9, so make sure to keep your eyes on your inbox.

Visit TRUE Linkswear HERE

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  1. Marc Lefebvre

    One day, I will own a pair of True. Maybe thiscis my chance.
    Grey size 10 would be my choice.

  2. Christopher Shively

    Christopher Shively
    High Point, NC
    Black 11.5
    Please and thank you.

  3. Dino Vozikis

    I have a pair of altar running shoes I wear on the course too. Would love to compare the two. Size 9, white with khaki sole

  4. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson
    Towson, MD
    White 10.5

  5. Hi, my name is Padraig Maclochlainn and I’d love a pair of those TL-01 shoes, my address is 4 Tirmacool park, Slavary road, Buncrana, co Donegal, Ireland, I’m an 9 here and would like the black ones, thank you.

  6. Scott Kefalas

    Scott Kefalas
    Thomasville, GA
    9.5 Gray

    • I love Trues. Glad to see they recovered from the issues they had a couple of years back. The originals are my favorite golf shoes ever.

      Kip Johnson
      Akron, OH
      White 13

  7. Nice review as always! I really like the look and the sound of these shoes.

    John Sweat
    Warner Robins, GA
    Size 9.5, bllack

  8. Devon Owen
    Falls Church, VA
    So 10, black with white sole

  9. Geoff Metts

    Geoff Metts
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Black size 10

  10. Nice review. Many intriguing aspects of these that I’d like to compare to other brands I have tried over the years, including 2 pairs I’ve been rotating this year. Thanks for opportunity!
    Josh G
    Slight nod to black, but I really like grey also.
    size 11.5 US

  11. Ben Monaghan

    Ben Monaghan
    Rosemount, MN
    Size 11 in Black

  12. Jim W Rosteck

    Jim Rosteck in Rio Vista California. Size 11.5 in white.


  13. corey traverse

    Corey Traverse
    St Petes, FL
    Size 10.5 black)👀🏌️‍♂️⛳️

  14. jeff kautsky

    Good review. I’ve had my eye on these for awhile. I’d like to see them in person. Are they only available direct from True Linkswear?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know if there are other distributors besides the TRUE website. I can’t recall seeing them in a pro shop anywhere.



  15. Todd Williams

    These look awesome, comfortable and ready for duty . Still have my Sensei’s. I think the white ones are for me. Size 12

  16. Perry Albert

    I would choose the grey colored TL-01 in a size 13.

    I live in Lethbridge, Alberta and golf out of the Keho Park Golf Course.

  17. Paul Bielecki

    Hello I would love to win a pair of the TL-01’s.
    White size 11 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  18. I’ve got two pairs of TruKnits, most comfortable shoes I’ve had in a long time. Can’t imagine what these are like. White looks amazing.

  19. Been looking for a pair shoes to replace my similar looking FootJoys. Look like I’ve found them!

  20. Josh, San Diego, 11.5, black. Thanks, awesome giveaway and good looking shoe!

  21. Great looking shoe it reminds me of a Van shoes but with richer quality.
    San Jose
    Size 9.5

  22. I’ve been looking for a golf shoes to replace my discontinued FootJoys. Looks like I’ve found them!

  23. Jack O’Neal, Santa Maria ca
    9w Gray

  24. Ethan Fine
    Denver, CO
    10.5 Black

  25. Steinthor Sigurdsson

    9.5 US
    Orlando, FL

  26. Max Szilagyi

    Long-time reader, first-time comment-er from Raleigh, NC!

    Black 10’s look sharp.
    Thanks & Best, Max Szilagyi

  27. Beautiful Shoe
    12 Black

  28. Michael Haley

    Mike haley
    Size 9
    White color
    Pittsburgh PA

  29. Nelson Flores

    Laguna Niguel, CA

  30. These actually look sharper than my ECCOs. I would love a black pair in size 10.
    Boulder, CO

  31. Allan Crozer

    Allan Crozier,
    Size 11,
    Black look great!

    Great review the shoes look great and I would love to own a pair of these 🔥

  32. Tyler Mills

    Tyler Mills
    Boston, MA
    Black 11.5

  33. Tyler Mills

    Tyler Mills
    Boston, MA
    White 11.5 (ignore prior comment, please)

  34. I love Trues. Glad to see they recovered from the issues they had a couple of years back. The originals are my favorite golf shoes ever.

    Kip Johnson
    Akron, OH
    White 13

  35. Joe Leo
    Crestwood, IL.
    Size 11 in White.

  36. Sam Challgren

    Sam Challgren
    Minneapolis, MN
    White – 11.5

  37. Juca
    São Paulo, BR
    Black 11.5 US

  38. Brian Simpson

    Been wanting these for a while…
    Brian Simpson
    Commack, NY
    Grey | sz 11.5

  39. Brandon
    Campbell CA

  40. Allan
    New Jersey
    Size 9

    Thank you for the opportunity 😎👍

  41. Chris CR Payne

    Chris P.
    Biloxi, MS
    Size 8 in Black

    • Wallace batchelor

      I wouid love to try these golf shoes I always buy foot joys so if they can beat them they must be fantastic never found any so far

  42. Matt Keller
    White Oak, Pa
    Size 9.5
    Would be awesome!!! Please and thank you

  43. Steve Pitts

    Steve Pitts
    North Brunswick, NJ
    Size 11

  44. Lisa Glauner

    I would love to win
    Working on my healthy and wealthy mantra has to start from the inside out! I feel my inside is healed and I am ready to take it to the next level I have got a gym membership and last on my list is nee shoes (women size 8.5) good luck everyone!

  45. Daniel Oswick

    Daniel from Norwich, Norfolk, UK. Size UK 9.5 in black would be lovely

  46. Ben Lenet
    Grey 10.5 would look slick! Thanks for the opportunity!

  47. Jason Crandall

    Jason C
    North Brunswick, NJ

  48. Todd Haymore

    I have the original and the knit. It’s a great shoe and customer service at TRUE is the best.
    Todd Haymore
    Winston Salem NC
    11 White

  49. Bob M
    Kinsale VA
    Size 11W
    TRUE That!

  50. Michael Bentley

    Mike Bentley
    Chicago, IL
    Size 12

  51. Walter Zahler

    I have a pair that are comfortable and great in that you can wear them to and from the course..
    Walter Zahler
    Hickory, NC
    Black, size 13

  52. Gabe Price
    13 – White

  53. I would love to have a pair of the TL-01’s in black, size 9.

  54. I’d love it if these came in women’s sizes too! They are very stylish and I’m sure that I’m not the only lady golfer to crave lightweight shoes that you can also wear to lunch with worrying about damaging them or the floor.

    I wear a ladies size 7
    Love the white / tan

  55. Gordon Kaardal

    A great review and would love to try them, if I am so lucky a size 11 in Grey would be amazing. Good luck everyone

  56. Mike Corcoran

    True Links are some of the most comfortable shoes on the market. I have owned two pair and loved them.

    Black– Size 9

  57. True LINKS my wardrobe needs a ladies size 7 grey shoe. Thanks .

  58. Keith Finley

    Keith in London Ontario
    White 9.5 medium would look sweet!

  59. Frank Benson

    Enjoy the stylish looks, this show is going to be a classic!
    I would love a pair of the White in a size 9.

  60. Bill Bolton

    They look great! I enjoyed my last pair from this company. White in size 11.0, please. Need to show them off in Chattanooga, Tennessee!

  61. gianvittorio cuter

    beautiful shoes… 10,5 white perfect for me

  62. Nate Woznick

    Lots of people trying to get in the action!
    Nate Woznick
    West Michigan
    Black 12’s

  63. Charles W Keller

    Charles Keller
    N 42° 3′ 7.698” W 87° 45′ 5.805” CNT, USA

  64. Mark J Sell

    I’ve worn out my Ecco Hybris, perhaps this is my new brand of shoe. I would like to enter for a pair of grey 9.5s

  65. Brad LaVallee

    Brad LaVallee
    Cornwall on Hudson, NY
    I’d love, LOVE a pair of the grey!! Size 9 please!

  66. I would love to try a pair of TRUE TL-01 shoes. I have bad feet and I am constantly looking for a good pair of shoes.

    Rome, GA
    Size – 9.5
    Color – Grey

  67. I had some of the old, old models and enjoyed them, but have purchased any of the newer ones. These look pretty trick!

    9 black

  68. Rhonda Lytle

    Midland, Michigan
    Size 7



  70. Those are THE ugliest shoes on the planet.

    No thanks. I’ll wait for the next gen of Nike shoes.

  71. Ron Burnette

    I am on True’s email list and ogle over their golf shoe posts every time. I would very much like to wear a pair of TL-01’s. they look awesome. size 9 d. The ones shown in black with white soles would do nicely on and off the course. Thank you for the chance. I look foward to your reviews every week.

  72. Tim Chaffee

    Tim Chaffee
    Brookville, IN
    White – Size 11

  73. Bellamy Jerry

    White size 10.
    Port Saint Lucie
    Good looking shoe with spikes that look very positive for good traction
    A bit pricey for average golfer on a budget but not so for some lucky golfer



  75. Black. Size 9. Syracuse, NY. THANKS!

  76. Marvin Cantos

    Marvin Cantos
    Lake Forest, Ca
    Size 10.5

  77. Have one pair of street to course shoes and like the convenience. The Trues in each color look nice. I’d go with the white, 10.5. thanks.

  78. Bob Stevens

    Bob Stevens
    size 10


  79. Grey 10.5 Thanks for the review.

    Dacula GA

  80. Stephen Zuppello

    Great looking shoe and excellent review. Black, size 13.

  81. William Steck

    William Steck, Santa Rosa, CA. Would like to try a pair in grey, size 9.

  82. kevin richmond

    I have never tried the “True Linkster” shoes but I would like to. Size 11.5. Black.

  83. Philip Young

    I wonder if these shoes could get across ‘the pond’
    Head my way if they can – size 8(UK of course!)

  84. John Schroeder

    John Schroeder
    Muskego, Wisconsin
    Would love to have a pair. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great gift.
    Black – 10.5

  85. Sean Daugherty

    9.5 black
    Petaluma, CA

  86. Mike DelGais

    Mike DelGais
    Philadelphia, PA
    8, grey
    Thank you

  87. Wallace batchelor

    I usually buy foot joys but would love to win a pair. Of these if they can beat them then they must be very good

  88. Roy H
    Size 9.5 grey
    Chandler az

  89. Mike Magurany

    Mike Magurany
    Grey, 9, thank you

  90. Luke Fromkin

    My new go to clothing is Linkswear
    Great for on and off the course
    Black and khaki
    Size 10 1/2
    Thanks and love your reviews

  91. Chris Gordon

    Chris Gordon
    White 10.5

    These look incredible. Would love to wear them around!

  92. Stan Denenberg

    A great looking collection for course or street executed with classic styling and tasteful branding.

    Size 10 1/2 in gray would be a keeper for me.

  93. Look good and my feet are ready for a pair!
    Please and thank u.

    Doug J.
    Hayden, Idaho
    White, size 11

  94. Cary Taylor

    Cary Taylor
    Palm Harbor, Florida
    Grey, size 10.5

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  95. I’ve been looking and looking for a real good gulf shoe for a couple of years now.
    Still using my old hiking shoes to gulf in, so these would be great to improve my game.

  96. Men’s Size 10.5

  97. Lorway Maclellan

    Would love to have a pair of True Linkswear shoes. My buddies swear by them, but they’re hard to find here in Nova Scotia.

  98. Lorway Maclellan

    Would love to have a pair of True Linkswear shoes. My buddies swear by them, but they’re hard to find here in Nova Scotia. Grey size 10 s would be my choice.

  99. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Eric Law
    Charlotte, NC
    Size 10.5, Black

  100. Have tried on 25 pairs of golf shoes in past three months and can’t find

    • Jumped to colors and it posted my half finished comment. Nothing seems to fit right. Maybe these are the One. Size 11 black

  101. Ian Gerrish

    Ian Gerrish
    Washington State
    Size 11, Black

  102. Paul Pickering

    Size 14

  103. Wally Sabati

    Wally Sabati
    Las Vegas, NV
    White size 8

  104. David Bloom

    Black…Size 13 medium. Anxious to try some!!

  105. I practice sometimes barefooted, like Ben Hogan did. I. Oils practice in lightweight shoe would help me avoid getting my feet stained green😂. Also leather breaths so much better than the vinyl type of shoes. Especially when I walk in the hot days.

    Larry Hill
    Pittsburg KANSAS
    10.5 Black
    I would be styling for sure

  106. Chuck Tramontana

    Great opportunity to get a great pair golf shoes.
    Black Size 13

  107. Greg
    Size 10 White (Sweeet!)

  108. Kyle Knutson

    It’s been more than a few years since I’ve worn True Linkswear and look forward to trying the TL-01. Thanks for another great opportunity PIG!
    Hard to choose a color… but grey on grey caught my eye. size 10
    Kyle Knutson
    Princeton mn.

  109. Jerry Merkley

    Shoe looks great and could be worn on course and off. Would love to be first at my club with them . Black size 8.5.

  110. Will Rowland

    These shoes may help my left foot problem! I have a torn tendon / drop foot and light shoes are a must to help me from dragging the toe.
    9.5 / med. width

  111. Shaun Kelley

    After 15 years of having sore feet after modt rounds, I am still looking for a comfortable pair of golf shoes..
    Looks like the TL-01 May fit the bill. Grey size 10 medium width.

  112. Jesse Dula
    Detroit, MI
    Grey 11

  113. Chuck Sargent

    I quit golf in the late 80’s and am now getting back into it. I’m retired now and have the time. Get to play with both my son-in-laws and have a great time. Lots for me to learn. I have no golf shoes at this time and am in need of a pair. Yours sound like a great pair to own. Grey size 12 would be great.

  114. Hi there,

    I have owned many pairs of golf shoes. None are perfect, and all seem to give and slip some when the grass is wet.
    I would love to run a pair of these through a good workout . . .


  115. Ralph Currier

    10, Black
    South Bend, Indiana

  116. David Sillanpaa

    Would love a pair on my surgically repaired feet. Size 13, Black

  117. My old True shoes are wearing out, thanks for this opportunity. Dave B., 60510, size 11.5 in grey. Good luck to all.

  118. Rick Saunders

    Rick Saunders
    Savanna, GA
    Awesome looking shoes! Would love to give them a spin.
    10.5 Black
    Mm any thanks for the opportunity!



  120. Richard Olmsted

    They sound great. I’m sold.
    The black color would be my choice in a 91/2 size.
    Thank you.

  121. Marshfield, Wisconsin
    Black, 12.5
    Can’t wait to try these.

  122. Dennis Tryon

    I have always wanted to try this brand.
    Size 13

  123. Robert Margala

    Bob Margala
    Los Angeles, CA
    Black 11.5

  124. Extremely anxious to own a pair they sound fantastic My size 10.5 Grey

  125. West Boylston, MA 01583
    10 Black

  126. William Taylor

    I’ve got the polo… Blue…I’ve got the pants…Gray. I need the shoes, ( oh , Gray 11 medium) 🏌🏽‍♂️

  127. Greg Edwards

    Size 8

  128. Tom Weirich

    Tom Weirich
    Cleveland, OH
    Black Size 11
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  129. Paul Schille

    Great review, the shoes look fantastic!
    Paul Schille
    Portland, OR
    Black size 14
    Thank you!

  130. Edward Weller

    Ed Weller
    Deland, Fl

    9.5 Black would be great!

  131. A couple if errors in my previous post! Not Ben Hogan, but Sam Sneed practiced in bare feet. Second sentence should read. Practicing in lightweight shoe would would eliminate my grass stained feet.HaHa. Darn auto correct word is sometimes really weird.

  132. Ben Davis
    Mesa, AZ
    Grey or Black size 12

    Thank you for all the great reviews!

  133. Tom Wallace

    Tom Wallace
    11.5 black

  134. Bev Saramaga

    I bought my first pair two years ago and love them. It is time for another pair. Love these shoes
    Bev Saramaga
    Grey size 8

  135. Kevin Mayo
    Bremerton, WA
    Black size 12

  136. nicholas kim

    nik here

    nice review, i think the fact that your wife commented on them speaks volumes, as well as the weight and stability
    size 9.5 in white
    aliso viejo ca

  137. Really like the more “classic” look of the TL-01. Black in a 9 1/2 would fit well on me.

    Williamsburg, MI

  138. James Petraglia

    The original Linkswear shoes were big and boxy looking, not very pretty. Yes I would wear these new True TL-01
    golf shoes with premium leather and only 8.7 oz. in weight; would make a good teaching shoe on the lesson tee.
    Send me the black in 7.5 size., High Point, NC.

  139. Love TRUE golf shoes – definitely the most comfortable that I’ve worn.
    Size 12, Black

  140. Scott K. Giles

    Scott K. Giles

    Goodyear, Arizona

    Size 10 / white

  141. Noel Guillaume


    Emu Plains NSW Australia

    Black 10.5 – thanks so much.

  142. Jonathan Blum

    Sweet shoe

  143. Jerome Hanson

    Great looking shoe

  144. Jerome hanson

    Size 9 grey

  145. Jim Dolliver

    I’d love to try these spikeless shoes
    Black with the white looks really cool!!!!
    Jim Dolliver
    Sedona AZ
    9.5 Medium

  146. Rick Williams

    Love the shoes

  147. Steve
    These look really comfortable. All colors look good, but I’ll take.
    Grey, size 10
    Thank you!
    Belton, S. C.

  148. Joseph
    Kansas City
    Size 9

  149. These shoes sound awesome! I would welcome a black pair in size 13.

  150. I own 5 pairs of Trues and they are by far the most comfortable golf shoes ! 10.5 black would be a nice addition.

  151. george francis

    Love to try these shoes. Size 10M.

  152. Would like to try these out.
    Brian Kleveland
    Columbus, NE
    12.5 / White

  153. Kevin Conlin

    Still wearing True Outsiders for most rounds.
    Kevin Conlin Burlington, CT
    11.5 in white looks nice

  154. Love to win a pair. 8&1/2

  155. Steven Launer

    I wear 3 different shoes on a rotating basis (to let each pair “rest” between rounds) and will most likely retire one pair soon (Addias). Love the “spikeless” models, but kind of out of my price range right now soany color size 11 would work perfectly.

  156. Thomas Miller

    Gray size 11. Tried lots of shoes none great, but these could be the one.

  157. Drew Fink
    Dunedin FL
    Black 9.5

  158. I would love to win, who wouldn’t? I would rock a pair of 12 white on the greens! These shoes look amazing, I could only imagine the feel. Please and thank you.
    Don ,
    Hutchinson KS

  159. Ricci Hidalgo

    Ricci Hidalgo
    Sacramento, CA
    Size 10 in black

  160. Michael Pagano

    White, 10.5 would be Fantastic!!!! ⛳🏌

  161. At that weight, looks like this might be the ultimate walking shoe.
    Gray, size 10

  162. Christopher Kealey

    Those black TL-01s are 🔥! I need a classic black shoe like this one. Thanks for the contest.

    Chris Kealey
    Size 8
    Medway, MA

  163. Ron Woo. Arnold, MD. I’d love to try a pair of TL 01. size 10. black

  164. These sound like amazingly comfortable shoes! Would love to have a pair.
    Size 7.5 in black
    Cathy Beck
    Prince Albert, Ontario, Canada

  165. Randy Waddell

    I would love to own a pair of these shoes!!! Randy Waddell, Kingston,TN Black/ 9.5

  166. Great looking shoe and I can use a pair of size 10 in Grey. Why is no one going for the coolest color?

  167. Size 8 in black would be nice.
    They look awesome

  168. Michael Woods

    Michael Woods
    East Greenbush, NY
    Size 10 in Black

  169. Brian Valdez

    Brian V.
    Long Beach, CA
    Size 9

  170. Stan Dusinski

    I currently have a pair of True Linkswear shoes, they are very comfortable. It would be nice to update my shoes, size 11.5

  171. Ben Healy
    Nashville, TN
    Size 13

  172. Tim O’Sullivan
    Lombard Illinois

  173. Allen K Harkleroad

    Thank’s for the opportunity!!
    Fall Branch, TN

  174. Brad
    Sask, Canada
    Size 11 grey.

  175. Matt, those are very cool looking shoes! I’d go with a black pair, size 9.5. Thanks!
    Erik Ferner
    Frisco, TX

  176. They look awesome, I’d love a pair of these in black, uk 10!

    Cheers for consideration!
    Richie Marr, Glasgow Scotland.

  177. Black
    Size 11

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