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TRUE Linkswear Knit Golf Shoe Review

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The TRUE Linkswear Knit is the most comfortable golf shoe I’ve ever worn.  Breathability makes it the perfect shoe for warm weather.


Last year, TRUE Linkswear made a stellar return to form with the Original and Outsider golf shoes.  Both have been in heavy rotation for me since the moment I got them.

For 2018, TRUE is releasing the perfect shoe for summer, the Knit, the shoe I didn’t know I needed.


The TRUE Linkswear Knit is, obviously, a knit shoe.  TRUE allows the unique texture and the wingtip-style pattern to be the visual story, keeping the entire upper and laces monochromatic.

TRUE’s Knit is available in white, grey, and navy for both men and women.


There are many shoes I’ve tried that have been comfortable right out of the box.  The TRUE Linkswear Knit, however, is so comfortable that I slipped it on to check the sizing and ended up leaving it on all day.

All the TRUE hallmarks are here: the wide toe box, the zero-drop heel, and the thin sole.  What the Knit adds is the sock-like TRUEknit upper and insanely light weight.  The Knit is only 9.5 ounces which is even lighter than the Original or Outsider (11.7 and 13.1 ounces, respectively).  In addition to keeping the weight down, the knit upper breathes, making it perfect for hot weather.

What surprised me most is the springy cushioning under my feet.  For such a thin sole, the cushioning has loads of bounce to keep your feet happy on long walks.


My first round with the Knit proved to be a great test of its versatility.  The day started with heavy dew on the ground, and true to the company’s claims, the Knit repelled the moisture beautifully.  As the day wore on and the heat crept up, the Knit’s breathability showed what it could do in keeping my feet cool.

The TRUE Linkswear Knit shares a tread pattern with the Outsider.  It’s a sole that’s designed for versatility on and off the course.  As with other TRUE’s, I found that because of the flexibility of the sole and connection with the turf, I never slipped.  If I were playing in truly sloppy conditions I might opt for “real” spikes, but the Knit provides plenty of traction in any normal conditions.

More than anything else, the comfort and light weight of the Knit are its best performance features.  I walked 10 miles at Sand Valley and felt no worse for the wear.  These will absolutely be making the trip to Bandon Dunes this summer where comfortable feet will be critical to playing 36 a day.


Just like the TRUE Outsider took over as my golf shoe and my day-to-day shoe, the TRUE Linkswear Knit has become my go-to summer shoe for all occasions.  The comfort is beyond anything I’ve ever worn, and their on-course performance is solid, too.  The only question left is whether to wear them with or without socks.

Visit TRUE Linkswear HERE

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  1. Can you tell me about the fitting I love your reviews thanks

  2. george pasino

    Wish there was a link to purchase!

  3. Do the laces do anything or are they just decorative?

  4. When I look at a shoe like this, and compare it to other lighter, knit shoes I’ve owned, I worry about stability on the outside of the shoe. Basically, does it feel loose when you roll up on the outside of your foot on the follow through? Or do you feel like the sides of your feet are really locked into this shoe? Many thanks for the work you do here!

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s not a “structured” shoe like a leather FootJoy, but I’ve never felt that it was loose or unsupportive. I golf in mine all the time.



  5. David Dozier

    How are these shoe I have heal spurs and I play golf 3 times a week walking I used ecco Biom Natural Motion 2 right now and I have some pain but its manageable.

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m unclear what you’re asking. I don’t have heel spurs, so I can’t speak to how these shoes perform for someone with heel spurs.


  6. I have these abs have wondered if anyone has tried to wear them without socks?

    • Matt Saternus


      I wear them without socks all the time. They feel great because they breathe so well and the material is so soft.



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