TRUE Linkswear Outsider Golf Shoe Review

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The TRUE Linkswear Outsider is the golf shoe that you’re going to wear everywhere.  Amazing comfort and ample traction for the course.


Can a golf shoe also be your go-to everyday shoe?  That was TRUE Linkswear’s goal in developing the Outsider: to make a shoe that works on the course but is so comfortable and looks so good that you wear it everywhere.


If you didn’t see the sole, you wouldn’t have any reason to believe that the TRUE Outsider is a golf shoe.  It’s made from premium leather and has a slick, modern, minimalist look.  These shoes look great with golf clothes, but they’re equally well matched with jeans or khakis.

The TRUE Outsider is available in black, white, and navy/grey.


When looking at the TRUE Original next to the TRUE Outsider, the Outsider appears much narrower, more streamlined.  When you put them on your feet, you realize that somehow the difference is almost nonexistent.  TRUE is known for their wide toe box and, despite the classy look, the Outsider has that.

Though both shoes have a wide toe box, there is a noticeable difference in how they feel on your foot.  The Outsider is more structured and has more cushioning than the Original.  It’s still flexible and low profile, so it may be a good transition into TRUE for players used to traditional golf shoes.


TRUE refers to the sole of the Outsider as having a “Cross Life Tread.”  Essentially it’s a compromise between spikes, which provide terrible traction in the real world, and a normal rubber sole, which provides no grip on the course.  I’ve found it to be a very happy medium.  They’re not what I would pick for sloppy, mushy golf, but they provide plenty of traction for golf in decent conditions.

Part of the reason that TRUE can get more traction from a less aggressive sole design is that their soles are more flexible and create more contact with the ground.  For me, that’s a huge performance plus.  Others may like a more rigid sole.  As I mentioned, the Outsider is not as flexible as the Original, so this could be a middle ground for those who want to try a natural motion shoe.

Finally, like the Original, the Outsider has excellent waterproofing.  The full grain leather is guaranteed to keep your feet dry for two years, which is especially important because you’re going to want to where them every day.


I’ve never considered wearing a golf shoe for anything other than golf before, but the TRUE Linkswear Outsider has me doing just that on a regular basis.  This is not only a shoe that I wear on the course, it’s my go-to everyday lace up.  Once you experience the comfort and versatility it has, I think it could be the same for you.

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