Titleist TSR2 Hybrid Review

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The Titleist TSR2 hybrid is easy to launch, forgiving, and offers excellent ball speeds.  Noteworthy performance improvements.  Clean, appealing look.


Here at Plugged In Golf, we preach the value of being fit for clubs.  Titleist is focused on the same message.  This gem is straight off their website:  “If you haven’t been fit, you aren’t playing your best golf.  It’s that simple.” 

My fitting session for the new Titleist TSR hybrids was eye opening.  I’d been gaming TS2 and TSi2 hybrids for several years, happy with their reliable performance.  My Titleist Fitting Specialist Bill Forbes, whose knowledge was broader and deeper than the Grand Canyon, quickly moved me from hitting good shots to hitting great shots.  I’ll get into the details in the Performance section below, but let it be known – I have a TSR2 hybrid in the bag.


As I’ve come to expect from Titleist headcovers, the TSR2 hybrid cover looks classy in the bag thanks to clean lines and pebbled leather finish.  Plus I really like the script Titleist tab on the side.  Pulling off the headcover reveals one of the biggest changes from the TSi2 hybrid [full review HERE] – the deep reliefs on the sole.

Flipping the club over, the gloss black crown, devoid of any markings, looks all business.  The TSR2 head is slightly larger than the prior model but retains the modern rounded wood shape preferred by many hybrid players.  The increase in size stems from a purposeful design change where Titleist engineers extended the face.  Overall, the Titleist TSR2 hybrid has wonderful, balanced proportions.

Check out the smaller, Tour-preferred Titleist TSR3 hybrid HERE

Sound & Feel

The sound of the Titleist TSR2 hybrid fits right in with the sound of the rest of the TSR woods family – understated, yet authoritative.  At a volume of around 4, contact produced a crisp, metallic “dink.”  The sound was consistent across the face unless I ventured towards the perimeter, where the crispness turned a bit clanky.

I loved the firm feel of the face and the stability of the head.  Feedback was subtle, leaving an initial impression that most every strike was pured.  The harmony of sound and feel was well executed.


The significant performance enhancement that Bill honed in on for me was trajectory.  By going up a degree in loft and finding the proper shaft, I was suddenly hitting wonderfully high shots.  Carry was much more in tune with holding greens, plus I picked up a couple of yards.

My results clearly reflected some tech enhancements that Titleist designers incorporated into the TSR2 hybrid.  I mentioned the wider face earlier, and it delivers two major benefits:  increased face flex that boosts ball speed and forgiveness.  This proved out when I saw 1.48 average smash factor on the launch monitor data.

Another design change that factors into forgiveness is a deeper CoG.  Titleist kept it low, but also moved it back with the TSR2 hybrid.  In on-course observations or launch monitor results, the TSR2 hybrid provided amazing consistency.

That CoG positioning also makes the TSR2 super easy to launch.  And remember the reliefs on the sole?  Less surface area equals less friction, which helps maintain clubhead speed.  I have no way to quantify this, but can easily state that the TSR2 hybrid has performed admirably off freshly mown fairways and heavy rough – and even off a tee.

Need more speed?  Check out the lightweight Titleist TSR1 hybrid HERE


Bill also discovered that a 21° TSR2 7 wood performed better for me than my 21° hybrid.  Fitters with the right tools (including the Titleist SureFit adjustable hosel) and experience can do wonders – don’t be afraid to experiment.  You can read more about the Titleist TSR2 fairway wood HERE.  As for my 24° TSR2 hybrid, I couldn’t be happier.  Long, high, and straight, the Titleist TSR2 hybrid has given me the confidence to execute whatever challenging shot may be in front of me.

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Titleist TSR2 Hybrid Price & Specs

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  1. Craig Goodwin

    Matt, loved the review and the reminder to be open to your fitters thoughts and data. I was just fit and found my 3 wood, 3 and 4 hybrids were not the best fit for my game. So I’m now the proud owner of 5 and 7 woods, with a 5 hybrid turned down a degree. Then my usual 5-pitching wedge irons. Yes, the gapping and numbers showed both a 5 hybrid and iron worked for me. Thanks again to all at PIG!

  2. Thanks for the info! Do you have any spin numbers, especially relative to your prior hybrid? Thanks!

    • Matt Meeker

      All were in the mid 3000s spin wise if memory serves me right. As I highlighted, the key for improving my performance was trajectory.

      Thanks for reading.

      – Meeks

  3. Mark Kuyawa

    Great review Matt ! I do need to hit these. Do you recommend a Titleist fitter, Club Champion or Golf Galaxy ? I’m a long time Ping guy looking to change things around a bit. My wife bought T400s last summer after Club Champion fitting and loves them.

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks Mark. I can’t speak for Golf Galaxy, but the other two options are solid. If you are certain about Titleist, finding one of their fitters near you is a great option. If you are open to discovering the best hybrid and shaft combo – regardless of brand – Club Champion can’t be beat.

      – Meeks

  4. Mark Kuyawa

    Thank you Matt ! I put a lot of stock in Pluggedingolf reviews. The best there is !

  5. Hey Matt, Did the 24* hybrid take place of your 5 iron then? What is your average distance on that 24* hybrid?

  6. Great review Matt. I went to Club Champion and was fitted for Titleist TSR2 5 Wood and Titleist TSR2 Hybrid 24 degree. Both are great clubs but the hybrid has been a real go to club. Thanks for the review….

  7. How would you compare the tsi2 vs the tsr2 hybrids?

    • Matt Meeker

      That’s a pretty wide open question RG. The best way to discern differences is to read both reviews. Titleist is always making improvements, but changes between consecutive models is incremental not monumental.

      – Meeks

  8. Blowing the dust off this review and re-reading it. I’m trying to find a 4i replacement. Thinking the TSR2 is in the top two for consideration. Matt, I especially appreciate your comment about 5H and 5i. May go that route, depending on the fitting results.


  9. Bill actually fit me into my TSR hybrid, as well as my irons and wedges. It’s easily the best hybrid I’ve ever hit.

  10. Just out of a fitting with my club pro for the tsr2. Have an 816 21deg rogue Stiff, so was looking for something to replace my 4 iron and sit underneath that. Left very happily with a 24deg hzrdus red ordered.

    Love the reviews thanks Matt. Now to look at replacing my mp-32 relics! Feel like I can’t look outside a Mizuno forged iron but told the fitter I’d try to consider anything he felt was best for me and put my feelings aside. 8 hcap player.

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