Titleist TS3 Fairway Wood Review

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The Titleist TS3 fairway wood is a great choice for players who want more adjustability and have no issue elevating their fairway woods.  Classic look and feel.


Regular readers know that I write from the perspective of a guy who struggles with fairway woods.  I can hit a good shot here and there, but, under pressure, it’s not a club I’m confident in.  However, I know there are plenty of Henrik Stensons out there who love nothing more than pulling a 3W.  From the tee or turf, they have no problem playing all the shots.  For those guys and gals, the Titleist TS3 fairway wood is going to be a huge hit.


The TS3 fairway wood is the most traditional looking FW on the market.  Though it’s not small, it has the classic shape and pure black crown that you’d expect from Titleist.  Its face is slightly taller than average, which makes it a great choice from the tee.

In comparing the TS2 (left) to the TS3, there are small differences in shape and size.  The TS3 is round where the TS2 has a slightly triangular shape.  Additionally, the TS2 is a touch longer from front to back.  These differences are noticeable when the clubs are next to each other, but on their own one could easily be mistaken for the other.

Sound & Feel

Like the TS2 fairway wood, the TS3 has a very traditional sound.  It’s quiet without any metallic tinks or clicks.  Solid contact produces a lively “thwack,” and mishits create a duller sound.

Feedback through the hands is excellent.  From the very first swing, I had no problem telling exactly where on the face each shot was struck.


The TS3 is designed to be the fairway wood for the better players.  Titleist bills it as being “mid launch, low spin” compared to the “high launch, mid spin” of the TS2.  This was noticeable for me when hitting it off the turf.  The TS3 was not overly hard to elevate, but the TS2 was certainly easier.

Like the TS2, the tall face of the TS3 makes it a great choice off the tee.  With four available lofts – from 13.5 to 18 degrees – you can get exactly the launch and spin you need to hit that “less than driver but longer than your hybrid” distance.  Thanks to the larger Active Recoil Channel, you can hit the ball a little thin and still get a great result.

The TS3 fairway wood has a two dimensions of adjustability with the SureFit hosel and SureFit CG.  The SureFit hosel has been around for a few generations and continues to offer 16 settings for loft and lie.  What’s new is the SureFit CG which allows golfers to move the center of gravity for a draw or fade bias.

Adjusting the CG on the TS3 makes a difference, but it’s not huge.  It’s the kind of difference that a quality ball striker will appreciate – the difference between a straight ball and a small cut or draw.  If you’re hoping that the SureFit CG will cover up for a large slice or hook, you may be disappointed.


For those, like me, that need all the help they can get with a fairway wood, opt for the TS2.  However, the skilled fairway wood player is going to love the Titleist TS3.  The adjustability lets you create precisely the club that you need, and the classic look and feel will put a smile on your face every time you take it out.

Titleist TS3 Fairway Wood Price and Specs

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  1. Hi Matt,
    Nice review.
    After reading your review on the TS2, I was waiting for your review of this particular club.
    I tried both versions 2 weeks ago. I decided for the TS3 with Smoke shaft.
    This is the first fairway wood that I put in my bag since a long time.

    Did you tried this club with other stock shafts that the Even flow?
    I noticed that you have low spin which give you very good distance.
    I am more in the 3300 rpm.

    Thank you to take your time to feeding us informations on equipment.

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you.

      I only used this club with the EvenFlow. We did the FWs after the driver fitting, and had decided by that point that the other stock offerings weren’t going to work for me.



  2. Looks like you tested the 16.5*? That’s some seriously low spin for a 16.5*. Very interesting.

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  6. James A Whittaker

    On TS3 fairway wood, I see that the head has adjustable settings. When changing the loft and lie of the club head, please provide me with the meaning of each numbers and letters . I have no idea what
    I am doing or with the shot I’m hitting out on the course. Thank you

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