Titleist 718 CB & MB Irons Review

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The Titleist 718 CB and MB irons have classic clean looks and are designed for players requiring precision shotmaking.


Titleist – one of the most classic and iconic brands in the history of golf.  While Titleist continues to evolve with the modern golf world in their equipment, they still hold to traditional designs with the 718 CB and MB irons.  Clean lines, traditional shapes, and forged feel in the 718 MB and CB make for reliable precision irons for the better player.


As you can see in the two pictures above, the Titleist 718 MB and CB irons don’t look all that different.  Both models have thinner toplines and soles with fairly straight leading edges.  The back of the muscleback is a simple polished chrome with consistent branding from previous years.  Overall, the 718 MB has a very classic and traditional look.  The 718 CB looks similar to the previous 716 version but with a more toned down, refined look.

Sound & Feel

I could almost just copy and paste from the Titleist 716 MB and CB reviews for sound and feel.  The 718 MB has a smooth and responsive feel when struck in the middle of the face with a nice soft click.  With the 718 CB, the feel is a little more forgiving with a larger sweet spot and the sound is a bit more muted of a click than the MB.  Both clubs provide great feedback in the hands but demand precise ball striking.


Neither the Titleist 718 MB or the 718 CB irons are designed to be big distance irons that go 30 yards longer.  If you are playing either iron it’s because you have a strong demand for shot shaping and precise feel.


The 718 MB is designed to give a strong iron player the ability to hit any and all shots.  Precise feedback and strategically placed CG make the MB able to manipulate the ball and play with consistency.  I found the MB to be great as long as I could make a consistent swing.  That said, I needed a little more forgiveness in the longer irons.  The playability is still there but it is a tougher shot.


The 718 CB has a lot of performance similarities to the MB in terms of workability and shot variety.  Where I feel the greatest differences come into play is with the feel and feedback.  While still very precise, the CB is a little less responsive than the MB.  In my case, I found the long irons much easier to play and keep under control.  I still had the ability to shape my shots but had an easier time launching the ball.  I would still prefer the MB for shorter irons, but the CB were a much better option for me in 3 through 6.


Save the bells and whistles for the rest of the Titleist lineup.  The 718 MB and CB irons are some of the cleanest and most traditional blade irons on the market.  If you’re looking for a classic blade like the MB, or maybe similar playing characteristics with some forgiveness like the CB, then the Titleist 718 MB and CB irons should certainly be in the conversation.  Great feel, traditional looks, and workability are key hallmarks of each generation of Titleist MB and CB irons, and the 718 versions are no exception.

Buy Titleist 718 CB & 718 MB Irons HERE

Titleist 718 CB Irons Price & Specs

Titleist 718 MB Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Hi Mr. Bush,
    Nice review for a very nice blade (718 MB)
    You also tested the 716 Mb last year ( closer version of 680).
    I think Titleist, based on picture, moved the center of gravity down for the newer model.
    Is the ball has a bit higher flight with more spins from the 718 MB compared to 716MB?

  2. Crazy how much weaker the lofts are in a real players iron like these compared to my Cobra Fly-Z’s. On average my lofts are almost 4 degrees stronger throughout the set.

    • There’s a post somewhere around this here site where we talk about that a bit. These modern distance irons are all much stronger lofted across the board. Obviously the emphasis with a player’s iron being on feel and shot control rather than hitting it a country mile. It’s been interesting watching brands trying to find the blend of both with clubs like the AP3 and T-MB from Titleist, the Apex Pro from Callaway, Forged Tec from Cobra, etc.

  3. can anyone tell me if the 718 CB Irons are fit for a 14 handicapper?

    • Matt Saternus


      With the caveat that you should play what you want because it’s your game, I would suggest that the 718 CB is not a good choice for the 14 handicapper.



  4. Hi,
    I play 716 ap2 irons. Want to upgrade to 718 ap2 or mb. Just picked up a set of 714 mb(standard loft, had them checked) irons to test. I am more consistent with the mb and am getting a slightly lower ball flight averaging 5 yards more carry with them over ap2. I’m an average golfer, 7 handicap, 102mph with driver, 7 iron goes 155 yards. Are blades a good option for me or is my ap2 shaft letting me down with the higher flight and lost distance? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      Are the shafts the same in your AP2s and the MBs you just picked up? If not, that’s a major confounding variable.
      I’ve written about playing blades here: https://pluggedingolf.com/should-you-play-blades/



      • Thanks for reply. Shafts are amt s300 in ap2 and dg pro in mb. I read that article. Very good. Confirmed to me to stay away from blades however when I took this set out on the course they performed better than ap2 so I’m very confused!

        • Matt Saternus


          The difference between those shafts is worth considering. I’d suggest a fitting for the best iron shaft, or, if you prefer DIY testing, put a DG Pro into a couple of your AP2s and see what happens.



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  7. Good morning , Matt.
    I was wondering if you think the MB’s would be a good fit? I am a retired baseball player and I play maybe 6 to 7 times a year for the last 7 years shooting anywhere from 78 to 85 . My 7 iron goes 185-190 yards on a full swing . I obviously have more time on my hands and want to take up the game of golf. The clubs I have now have extra stiff project shafts .

    • Matt Saternus


      If you are ok with the lack of forgiveness, the MB is a fine choice. I always advocate getting a fitting to dial in the right specs and shaft.


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