Srixon 2022 Q-Star Golf Ball Review

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The Srixon 2022 Q-Star golf ball provides low spin for distance plus mid-high spin for wedge control.  Soft, premium feel.  Great value.


If the historic Masters win by Hideki Matsuyama wasn’t enough to elevate Srixon to a golf household name, the recent signing of Brooks Koepka certainly was.  And while PGA and LPGA tour staffers are great for brands, in the golf ball space, Srixon has never lost sight of the fact that most golfers aren’t tour caliber.  Their needs – and wallets – are different.   The sixth generation Srixon Q-Star is designed for golfers who appreciate a balance of performance and price.


Similar to previous versions, the 2022 Srixon Q-Star is a two-piece golf ball that doesn’t feel like your typical two-piece ball.  Most of us associate two-piece ionomer or surlyn golf balls with rock hard range balls, but the Q-Star has a much softer, premium feel.

Off the putter it would be easy to mistake the Q-Star as a multi-layer tour ball.  I had to really focus to pick up the minute differences in sound and feel while testing head-to-head against a ProV1.

With an iron or driver, the feel is more distinguishable and comparisons will depend with what you are used to playing.  For me the feel occupies a nice lane between firm and mushy.  I realize those last two terms aren’t very scientific, but we’ve all hit enough of those random balls found in the woods to have a pretty good relatable scale.  For me, the ProV1 has a more satisfying feel, but it’s a marginal difference – unlike the price delta.

Short Game

From the green surrounds to 50 yards out, the Srixon Q-Star exhibited a good amount of spin.  Compared to a tour ball, runout was in the neighborhood of 25% more.  Noteworthy was the consistency across a variety of shots at various distances.  I had great trust in my short game once I became attuned to the performance of the Q-Star.  Even though the polymer chemistry differs between the ionomer cover of the Q-Star and the urethane cover of the Z-Star balls, both employ Srixon’s Spin Skin with SeRM coating to maximize spin.  Most two-piece balls can only dream of that type of molecular network.

Long Game

On the launch monitor while hitting driver, I saw consistently good ball speeds and spin around 2000 rpm.  That low spin kept my ball flight in the mid-range and made my slight draw a little straighter.  The combination of ball speed and trajectory provided a solid 30 yards of roll out.

The low spin theme continued in my Srixon ZX-5 [full review HERE] mid-irons.  I averaged around 4800 rpm with the 7-iron.  Ball speed was good, but didn’t stand out.  It is worth noting that Srixon lowered the compression from 77 to 72 with the 2022 Q-Star “for superior flight on low-lofted clubs.”

While hitting indoors is great for capturing data, the Q-Star deserves to be tried au naturel.  Correction – outdoors in the natural environment.  Off the tee box and from the fairway on a blustery day, the Q-Star bored through the wind and helped keep my scores in check.  Srixon attributes strong performance in windy conditions to less drag from the 338 Speed Dimple Pattern incorporated on the 2022 Q-Star balls.


Besides the really cool lid on the box of 2022 Q-Star golf balls, I really like that my testing results aligned with the performance parameters listed on the back.  As Srixon states on the box, the Q-Star delivers “balanced performance for golfers who demand exceptional distance, feel and greenside control from a 2-piece ball.”  Considering the $27.99 a dozen price, I totally agree with the Srixon website:  “Get tour technology at a great value.”

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  1. Jim W Rosteck

    And how was the spin/rollout on full iron shots into the greens❓⛳️

  2. Great review.
    Any qualitative views on this vs the Bridgestone e12 contact? This ball is a few bucks less and seems to offer similar features.

  3. What is your swing speed and did you compare the Q-star to the Z-star? Would one be better for a slower swing speed? Say 85-90 mph.

    • My driver swing speed is around 85 mph Steve. I did not compare directly with the Z-Star. They are two different types of balls, and it really depends on what you want out of a golf ball. Your swing speed is solid and suitable for either ball. Try them both and let us know your thoughts.

      – Meeks

  4. George Vournas

    Any comparison with the Q Star Tour ?

  5. Hector R Fernandez

    Nice review. I use the Q Star Tour and don’t see myself dumping Srixon anytime soon.

  6. I would like to find a two piece ball that has a urethane cover .

  7. Matt,
    I love the feel and value of Titleist Velocity balls but once summer comes & greens firm up, they don’t hold a green. How do the Srixon Q series stack up overall & especially for hold? I am looking for a ball that stacks up comparably to Velocity. Thoughts?
    Thank You!

  8. Darrel robertson

    New q star tour vs q star: I experienced much more spin with q star tour. I am a 5 handicap and it was too much spin for me as too much spin equated to a loss of distance. The feel is too soft. Prefer the regular q star.

  9. Don Moore

    For a senior golfer with a 12 handicap. how does the Q star compare to the Z star? Thanks

    • Matt Meeker

      The golf ball doesn’t know your age or handicap Don, nor would that affect any recommendations. The key is evaluating the balls based on your needs/desires such as spin, flight, durability, and cost. Personally, I always prefer a tour level ball like the Z – they cost more for a reason.

      – Meeks

  10. Wes Schield

    Last year I started my personal quest for the best ball for my game. Which seems odd considering I’m 70 years old, been playing since I was 22 and only recently decided it was time to pick my perfect golf ball. “Some people seem a little slower than others.” But to be honest, with over 1200 creek balls in my garage the thought of paying for golf balls has always seemed foreign to me. Yet I found myself buying one dozen of the newest versions of each of these balls.

    Last year I gave the “New” Kirkland a try as well as a variety of Maxfli’s, the Wilson Zip and the Titleist Velocity. So far this year I’ve tried the Titleist Trufeel, Calloway Super Soft and the Wilson Elite 50’s. Until I read your review I thought I was finished but now it appears I have one more dozen to buy. lol

    Thanks for the review, it was both well written and helpful.

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