Srixon ZX5 Irons Review

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Purposeful design elements incorporated into the Srixon ZX5 irons create strong, consistent performance and outstanding forgiveness.  Amazing forged feel and striking looks.

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With all the golf-related social media feeds on my phone, it takes something special to truly grab my attention, but that’s exactly what happened when I first saw images of the new Srixon ZX irons.  Not only did all the irons look stunning, the associated descriptions of the ZX5 irons seemed to be written for me – a golfer with a moderate swing speed and a handicap that consistently hovers around 10.  Could the Srixon ZX5 really give me the look of a players iron and the performance features of a game improvement club?  I had to find out.


One of the first things I noticed about the ZX5 irons was how similar they looked to the ZX7s [full review HERE].  Whereas the previous generation Z585 had a distinctive black elastomer around the perimeter of the cavity that distinguished them from the Z785, the ZX irons have a more unified look.

The cavity of the ZX5 has a clean, high end look with intriguing angles and minimal branding.  The distinctive angles of the Tour V.T. Sole make the irons stand out in a sea of golf bags.  At address, the slim topline and modest offset are what really make the irons so attractive.  As Saternus put it in his ZX7 review, the top line is “thin-but-not-scary” and I repeat that here since the width is the same in the two models.

Sound & Feel

The Srixon ZX5 irons produce a crisp ‘snap’ with any decent contact.  The sound is medium in pitch and low on volume.  Wander towards the perimeter of the face and the sound deadens.  The feel follows a similar script in terms of feedback.

What really jumped out at me was how wonderfully soft the ZX5 irons felt.  Not buttery, but a notable difference from cast game improvement irons.  If you’re looking to groove a swing for dime precision contact based on feedback, check out the Srixon ZX7 irons.  If you want to enjoy an amazing feel – and I don’t say that lightly – on every reasonable strike, the ZX5 irons will be tough to beat.


That same generous area of crisp and responsive contact correlated exactly to the consistent performance observed across the face of the Srizon ZX5 irons.  Launch monitor testing at Club Champion showed strong ball speeds, solid spin numbers and desirable launch angles that were markedly consistent.  Catching a few balls thin, it was enjoyable to see high trajectories with landings that only fell a few yards short of target.

To achieve both a high level of performance and wonderful feel, Srixon relied on advanced levels of design, materials, and fabrication.  On the backside of the forged face, Srixon utilized machine learning to generate what they call MainFrame – a precisely milled pattern that optimizes flex for “more ball speed on every shot.” 

To absorb vibration and add to the soft feel of the ZX5 irons, Srixon employed a forged 1020 carbon steel body.  In the 3 thru 7 irons, a tungsten insert was placed in the toe to boost MOI, adding stability and maintaining performance on off-center strikes.  For the 8 thru AW, Srixon made the face grooves deeper and narrower to increase spin for more stopping power on the green.

I mentioned the Tour V.T. Sole in the Looks section, but it serves a purpose beyond aesthetics.  Designed to promote “smoother turf interaction and improved impact feel,” what I was pleasantly surprised with was how less penal my occasional heavy strikes were not only in depth of incursion, but also in distance and ball flight.


It wasn’t obvious when I first looked over the Srixon ZX5 irons, but the sunlight highlighted the unpolished edges around the cavity, adding visual interest in a textural way.  From every angle, the ZX5 irons are attractive and intriguing – true standouts in the game improvement category.  I was impressed with the overall playability of these irons – strong distances, nice trajectories and plenty of forgiveness.  The consistency of the ZX5 irons inspired confidence, plus were responsive when I wanted to work the ball.  Add in their amazing feel, and the Srixon ZX5 irons set the bar high for 2021.

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Srixon ZX5 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Bruce Neerhof

    Are they a big improvement over the 585s?

    • Unfortunately I didn’t have any experience with the previous version Bruce. If your gaming the 585s, let us know what you think of the ZX5s when you get a chance to hit them.

      Thanks for reading PIG.

      – Meeks

      • Jason Gawrys

        Hi Matt,
        I’m just reading this post for the first time and I’m getting interested in the ZX5 irons. In this post, you mentioned that you used a Recoil shaft when you tested them. I was thinking I wanted to get a set of heads and put in my KBS shafts. Do you know the hosel size? Can I put in .355 shafts? I will continue looking for the specs and very interested in hitting some of these irons. Hit em straight! Thanks

        • Matt Meeker

          I do not know the hosel size Jason. From what I’ve been told by club builders, they can install either size tip in either size hosel. Just a matter of sanding or filling. But that’s the extent of my knowledge, so best to consult with whomever does your builds or you buy shafts from.

          – Meeks

  2. Peter Simshauser

    Interesting iron; thanks for featuring. Question: Why is there a photo of a Recoil shaft included in this review? There’s no mention of it, and it’s not the shaft that’s spec’d with the club. Just curious.

    • I included a photo of the Recoil so readers would know what shaft I tested the irons with – a common question we receive. Recoil is the stock graphite shaft for the ZX5s.


      – Meeks

  3. Tracy Rodden

    As far as forgiveness, how would they compare to others you’ve hit, g410, Mizuno 921, Big Bertha etc.
    Thanks for the review.

  4. Matthew Carvalho

    Would you classify as a game improvement iron or something else? Would a mid-high handicapper struggle with the Zx5

    • Yes on the game improvement moniker. No on the struggle question – but that may be dependent on what keeps you at the mid-high handicap.

      – Meeks

    • I asked my fitter if he’d call them “game improvement” or “player distance” irons. He said they’re right in the middle. Called them “player improvement” irons! I don’t care what you call them, I love them. I hit them better than the T300’s, Apex, Mizuno 921 Forged and the P790. I was very surprised by that. I also hit them best with the stock Modus 105 Stiff steel shafts even though I tried them with the TT S300, S400 and PX 6.0.

  5. I play a combo set of Z585 (4-6) and Z785 (7-PW). You may remember the Z585 being a “Most Wanted” game improvement iron in another golf review blog. I remember the feedback on the looks was less than average but the performance is spectacular. I gained a full ten yards and had to replace my old 3-hybrid because my Z585 4i was farther. I custom ordered the Recoil 95 shaft that cost me moocho dollars and now I see it’s a stock item. Advice: go for it! I will hit the new ZX5 and let everyone know the difference. I believe Srixon went to a more uniform look due to the negative feedback (looks) of the Z585, but I find it difficult to believe the new Z having better performance. Perhaps equal.

  6. How much can these be bent? I like everything about these but I like 4 degree gaps up from a 22 degree 4 iron.

    • That’s not something I can respond to Brandon. You’ll need to check with a club builder.

      – Meeks

    • The body is forged 431 stainless which is pretty easily bent compared to other game improvement irons. Similar to the 585s. I was able to bend them +/- 3 degrees for loft and lie no problem. My guess is srixon would recommend no more than 2 just to be safe.

    • Most forged carbon blades can be bent up to 4 degrees; however, the bounce is also affected by changing the loft.

  7. Looks just like the Mizuno JPX 900 just chromed instead of a matte finish

  8. Just got these iron and have used them o.n the range, due to covid and course restrictions but wow what a set of clubs. Cannot wait to get them out on a course and see how I fair

  9. Selwyn L Allen

    Yes am an avid Srixon golf head. Have been wanting to see a player’s club for the longest from Srixon. Plays the Srixon ball & about to replace driver. Help me please!!!

  10. Looking at the back of the iron reminds of Honna 7 series irons.

  11. Outstanding looking irons, Srixon reviews on their irons are very favorable!

  12. Are these more compareble to the 921 forged oder to the 921 hot metal pro?

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the ZX5 splits the difference between the two, but, if forced to pick, I’d say they’re closer to the Forged.



  13. Daman Grewal

    Hi Matt,

    How do these compare to PXG 0311P & Taylormade P770 irons. Mostly looking for forgiveness and distance.


    • Matt Meeker

      Sorry Daman, but I don’t have any experience with the clubs you listed. If you get a chance to hit all three, let us know what you observe.

      – Meeks

  14. Ugh…I’m going to have a tough decision this spring. JPX921 forged? ZX5/ZX7 combo set? I play to an 11, my current gamers are 850 Forged, but I’ve played MP-57s in the past (with no issue).

  15. Todd Williams

    These look awesome. Srixon has com a long way. Going to have add them to gotta try list. #SecretGiveaway2021

  16. These look really nice, thanks for the review. I recently demoed a ( and loved) the Honma TR-X. The Honma rep told me to wait until these came out to try, that he thought that the new Srixon product may even be better that the Honma (same parent company). I have been playing with Callaway Rogue Pros for over 2 years, I was wondering how you thought these may compare to the Callaway that I am currently paying with. (13 Handicap).

  17. Matthew Toth

    What is the difference between the old and new 5’s? Is there less offset with the new 5’s? Any performance or feel differences ?

  18. Nice write up. Have you had a chance to hit any shots with the zx7’s? At what point would consider doing a combo set with the zx5/zx7’s?

    • I have not hit the ZX7s Anthony. For me the ZX5s are ideal as a complete set. But you’ll see plenty of golfers making a combo set going with ZX7 precision on the higher lofted irons and forgiveness of the ZX5s in the longer irons.

      Thanks for reading.

      – Meeks

  19. I recently went to Club Champion. I was tested on the T200, SIM 2, JPX, Callaway Apex Pro, P790, and the ZX5. I was shocked to have selected the ZX5. I have never played Srixon clubs, but the feel and forgiveness was amazing. They are not as long as the stronger lofted clubs, but my dispersion was loads better with the Srixons. I demoed with the 6 iron mainly, not my favorite club typically, and I was amazed with the results. Check them out if you get a chance!!!

    • This is how I felt. I went in wanting to try apex, ping i210, p790s, etc…. Tried them all and ended up ordering these. I was shocked and had never even considered Srixon before but was blown away. Awesome clubs and can’t wait for mine to arrive

  20. Matthew Carvalho

    How would you compare the Zx5 to the D7 Forged? Are they similar in the forgiveness?

    • Matt Meeker

      I didn’t get to spend any time with the D7 Forged irons Matthew, so I can’t offer any comparison. If you get to hit them both, let us know your findings.

      – Meeks

    • I actually just went for a fitting the other day and it came down to the zx5 and the d7 forged they both performed similarly for me the zx5 had better ball speed and slightly tighter dispersion and the overall look and feel to me was better but those d7 forged are a close second and being 300 or so cheaper is making me consider which to get

  21. Thanks for the great review. I saw a previous question about Taylor Made 770. I would ask the same about Taylor Made P790 – can you compare them? Thank you.

  22. Thanks for the great review Matt! I know you referred a few times in your review about the forgiveness of the ZX5’s – would you say they are no more/no less forgiving than a ” typical game improvement iron” or would you put the forgiveness level at the “lower end” of the forgiveness scale for a game improvement iron.

  23. My son has narrowed his next set to Mizuno 921 p790 and Srixon x5. He has tried them all p790 have the distance but the other 2 have much better distance consistency any suggestions he is a sophomore in high upgrading to his first steel set

  24. I was just fitted for the ZX5 irons with +1 shaft and UP3; will Srixion make those specs since they only recommend Max +/-2?

    • Matt Meeker

      That’s outside my knowledge base Mark. You’re fitter should have a Srixon rep to check with.

      – Meeks

  25. How would you match these up w/ the older version of the z585? Are there any discernable differences other than looks? Was curious as I play the z585 right now and really enjoy them. I’m probably going to go another season with the current clubs but just looking at clubs for the future and wondering if the sole was the only big thing really changed on the ZX5 other than color design?

  26. Would you recommend these for a 15 handicap? Love the feel but am not a big hitter or single digit player.

    • Matt Meeker

      Sounds like you tried them Rick, so how did they perform for you? That’s way more important than what anyone might or might not generically recommend. But yes, a 15 handicap could certainly game these. I’m far from a big hitter and they are now in my bag.

      – Meeks

  27. Sebastian

    Hi Matt,

    Great review as always. I know the best answer is that of testing, but would you say the ZX5s are more/less/substantially the same in the forgiveness category as the APEX 19s? Again, fully aware there are a lot of factors that determine what is forgiving or not, but just want to know generally what your thoughts are on the forgiveness levels of the two clubs.



  28. Charles Johnson

    This article is on point. Just got fit for the Srixon ZX5 irons. I have hit them in two rounds and two range sessions. Early feedback…I really like these clubs! The fitting included me trying the following brands – Mizuno MP 20 Hot Metal, Taylor Made 770 and 790, Apex 21, Titelist T200 and the Ping i500. All of those across several different shafts options. Ended up with the Steelfiber i95 shaft. Oh and I did increase the loft by 1* (i.e. 7 iron at 32*.) Great feel, improved distance, no issues with control/workability and they do look fabulous. Looking forward to many enjoyable rounds with these in the bag.

  29. Richard Trevae

    Im playing callaway steelhead xr, recoil shafts. Hdcp about 15. Thinking g about zx5 with recoil shafts…any opinions?

    • Matt Meeker

      I can’t offer any comparison between the Steelhead’s and the ZX5s. If your current Recoil shafts perform well for you, no reason to change.

      – Meeks

  30. Meeks,
    I played the Fox Club this weekend with a couple of ZX5 demo irons. A/B’ed my G425 and ZX5, played two balls on each iron approach (slow day there!) and you are spot on. these give a smile on each decent strike and very good forgiveness that I felt was comparable to my G’s. Pings are on the bench for now…

  31. Is the ZX5 more forgiving and giving more distance than 921 forged or MP-18MMC?

  32. Roseland67

    I am still gaming my original (over 5 years now), Srixon Z 585 w/Aerotech S85 shafts.
    Much like my 50 year old Les Paul guitar, you will have to pry these out of my cold dead fingers.

  33. So Meeks, what are you gaming now: Ping G425 or Srixon ZX-5?? I’ve demoed the Pings and they are nice, but really no performance benefits over my current Ping G’s. Can’t get my hands on the Srixon to demo, so may take a leap of faith!

  34. Just got done with a fitting at Club Champion. I told the fitting pro that I did not want to know anything about the clubs that he was having me hit. I tried every iron they threw at me and the Srixon ZX5 were by far the most consistent, forgiving and longest out of them all. I would have never picked these clubs up if I hadn’t been fitted. I’m so glad that I did and I can’t wait to get them out on the course.

  35. Charles Oh

    Matt, I’m trying t100s irons but feel like I’m missing some forgiveness. Looking at zx5s. Can you give me some of your stats? Handicap, swing speed, spin, ect?
    Thanks, C

    • Matt Meeker

      I’m currently a 10.4 Charles. Driver swing speed is around 85 mph. I’m not sure how to answer your spin question as you are testing irons which of course have different spins for each club and driver spin seems irrelevant. Regardless, make sure you hit both sets of irons in the same session and see which one performs best for you.

      – Meeks

  36. Not sure you can purchase them, times have changed being able to purchase equipment. However I do have a question, why did they go away from a Miyazaki shaft in the irons> I’ve played UST Recoil Smac-wrap shafts in Apex heads for years for years but they are an upgrade. I have a set of Z585’s with the Miyazaki shafts and like them, but looks like they are past history for Srixon.

  37. Terry Everson

    Are the zX5’s available in graphite shafts? And what options are available. Now play Mavriks with Catalyst 65 5.5 but struggle with the large offset. Looking for a thinner, less offset look. And are they available in lefties. Cheers

    • You’ll want to visit the Srixon website for those questions Terry – we provide a link at the end of all our reviews.

      – Meeks

  38. Sorry this comes as a very late comment, but can the ZX5’s be fitted? You mention it ihas a forged face so don’t know if this classifies as a forged iron that typically can be fitted. Thanks

  39. Just bought a used set of ZX5 irons with Fujukura Vista Pro graphite shafts. The previous owner had them fitted at Club Champion. They have “pured” shafts that fit me (am 68, 6 handicap). I had Srixon 565 ‘s that were stolen. The ZX5 are great clubs, very smooth, great feel, excellent turf interaction. Hopefully my adjustment period will not be long, but so far things have gone well. Bought 5-PW, $480.

  40. I bought the ZX5’s during Covid and love everything about them. I actually purchased a set of Mizunos first, but returned them as performance didn’t translate from simulator to course. Glad I did. I consider these to be a long iron in terms of distance, and very forgiving. I would absolutely buy another set.

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