Srixon ZX7 Irons Review

50 Words or Less

The Srixon ZX7 irons are some of the best players irons on the market.  Surprising amount of forgiveness.  Wonderful turf interaction. Great blend of distance and control.

Check out the Srixon ZX7 Mk II irons HERE


The initial reactions to the official unveiling of the Srixon ZX7 irons were universally positive.  These are beautiful irons.  After the initial glow wore off, however, I was left to wonder if there was going to be anything to be excited about from a performance perspective.  It didn’t take too many swings to find out that this iron is more than just a pretty face.


The tsunami of fire emojis came largely as a result of the in the bag look, so let’s start there.  Srixon absolutely nailed this by making the branding small and all black, with the exception of the red “7.”  Minimal branding allowed Srixon to give the cavity a unique, angular look that’s at once familiar and exciting.

From address, the ZX7 delivers just what the better player is looking for.  There is minimal offset and a thin-but-not-scary top line.  What stood out most to me is the compact heel-to-toe blade length.  There’s less face outside of the grooves than normal which enhances the compressed look.

Sound & Feel

“Smooth” is a word I often use when writing shaft reviews, but rarely does it apply to a club.  The Srixon ZX7 irons are an exception.  Impact – even slightly off-center impact – doesn’t feel like a hit so much as the face accepting the ball and sending it on its way.  This soft feel is enhanced by a very quiet impact sound that doesn’t change much even on mishits.

Feedback from these irons comes almost exclusively through the hands.  The impact sensation firms up when you move off the center, and it’s easy to judge your impact location based on feel.


I said this at the top, and I’ll say it again: the Srixon ZX7 irons are some of the best players irons on the market right now.  Let’s dig into why that’s the case, starting with what’s most surprising.

There are some OEMs that put their technology right in your face.  Srixon is more of a “walk softly and carry a big stick” company.  The ZX7 irons have multi-material construction and tungsten in the 3-7 irons for more stability, but you’d never know it…until you mishit one and see if carry within a few yards of your best strike.  The level of forgiveness and consistency in these irons is special.  Thanks to robust ball speeds, launch angles, and spin rates, these irons produce a very tight dispersion.

The other thing that surprised me is the distance.  It’s hard for me to judge definitively right now (I’m just getting healthy again and gaining more speed), but it seems like the ZX7 irons are somewhere between a half club and a full club longer than my gamers.  Given the modern-traditional lofts on these clubs, that’s impressive.  I was especially moved by the 4I, which I dubbed a “flame thrower” in my notes.

The Tour V.T. Sole of the ZX7 irons deserves special mention, too.  The notches in the heel and toe reduce turf interaction, making the club glide even more smoothly through the ground.  They’re also beneficial in giving more distance to those unfortunate fat shots.  In the middle, the V-sole design works just as advertised, giving you more bounce without making the sole unwieldy.

Finally, the Srixon ZX7 irons are dialed in for appropriate, consistent launch and spin.  On clean strikes, the ball launches on a mid-trajectory with mid-spin.  There’s enough spin to stop and work the ball but not so much that it balloons in the wind.  Similarly, these clubs will forgive a slightly thin strike but are fully capable of flighting the ball down.


The Srixon ZX7 irons check every box that a players iron should.  They have great looks and feel.  They put the player in control of every shot while providing a high level of forgiveness and consistency.  And as a bonus, they give up nothing in terms of ball speed.  These should be at the top of any good player’s demo list in 2021.

Visit Srixon HERE

Srixon ZX7 Irons Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Great review Matt. I have a question regarding comparison with PXG gen 3 t irons. Which of these two would be superior in ball speed and forgiveness? Thank you,

  2. Jim W Rosteck

    Good review as always. What are your “gamers” and what handicap range would you recommend for the ZX7’s?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m playing the PING Blueprints –

      I think a mid teens player could play these pretty well.


      • Matt.
        Do you honestly believe a Mid handicapper could play the Blueprints? Id love to believe as a 9HC I could play them , but almost everything ive read and heard basically said to stay away from them unless you hit the center of the face every time.


        • Matt Saternus


          Short answer: yes.
          Longer answer: yes with caveats. It comes down to what you want from your mishits and your best shots. One thing I’m incredibly intolerant of is the “jumper” or “flier” that modern cavity backs, even in the players category, produce. I’m referring to those occasional shots that you hit super pure that fly 10 or more yards past your number. I will absolutely trade some forgiveness to never have that shot happen. On the mishit side, yes, the Blueprints will produce shots that are shorter on mishits compared to cavity backs, but I’m ok with that. No iron is going to give you full distance on mishits, and often I’d rather be short than, say, pin high and 20 yards right. My final note/question would be, “What kind of mid handicap are you?” I played my best golf when I was a middling ball striker with an excellent short game. I’m a far better ball striker now but I score worse. So while I don’t tend to believe the guy who says, “I’m a 25 handicap but only because of my putting,” I do recognize that there are different ways to get from, say, 13 to 8, and if your handicap is where it is because of your ball striking, not in spite of it, play the Blueprints.

          Final obligatory note: get fit.



  3. Thanks, as always for a thought-provoking review, Matt. Any chance you have compared the SRIXON Z7 to the Z5 ? They appear to be similar on the website, with the Z5 to be more of a game improvement,, but not super g – i iron? Regardless, this was among your more flattering summaries, up there with select New Level, PXG and PING reviews. Interesting.

  4. Matt, how would you compare these to Apex Pros?

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t tested them head to head. Based on memory, I think the ZX7 is a bit more forgiving.


  5. Tim Bruxvoort

    Love the review. Any comparison forgiveness wise to the t100?

  6. Daman Grewal

    I wonder how do they compare to PXG GEN3 0311P. I really like the PXG over my i500 but they are just too extensive for my wallet.
    Any comments greatly appreciated.

    • Matt Saternus


      The P is a stronger lofted iron set, and it’s going to be a larger club, so it’s not really an apples to apples comparison. I expect the P would be longer and more forgiving.



  7. Daman Grewal

    Thanks Matt! Very Helpful. Last question how would compare PXG GEN3 0311P to Ping i500?

  8. Awesome review and I’m not surprised if the results! I game the 765s now, would you say they are worth the upgrade to the ZX7s?

    • Matt Saternus


      I think they’re worth a trip to your fitter to test them against your gamers. There’s no way for me to say definitively whether or not the difference will be meaningful for you.



    • Thomas e. dabovich

      I played 765 for 3 years..transition to the z7s was flawless and a 1000times better in every now!!

  9. Thank you Matt for a great review. As usual I fully agree with you findings.
    As I have already ZX7s (5 – PW, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120S) in the bag and have played a few rounds with them I would like to comment on “questions/comments” placed by readers. I am a senior golfer with a playing index of 3.5 and the comments below are based on my rather extensive testing of different irons during the last 6 – 8 weeks.
    – ZX7s are more forgiving than T100s irons (32* 7-iron). But it is fair to say that T100s is a great iron, too.
    – I have played with Z765s (4 – PW) in the past (same shaft). I would say that ZX7s are a clear step forward although Z765s were very good.
    – ZX7s (7-iron 32* loft) feel softer than Apex Pros (7 iron 33* loft), carry is app. a half club longer. This could well be due to a stronger loft and a couple of hundred rpm less spin but still plenty of height.
    – ZX5s are app. a half club longer in the long irons (7->). Although the lofts are 1* stronger the flight is higher. The feel is quite soft but the sound is slighty clickier but still not bad at all. The sole is noticeably wider especially in the shorter irons which is something a better player might want to consider.
    – I think that in ZX7s and ZX5s Srixon has the easiest irons to build a combo set in the market at the moment. I could easily play ZX5s 5 and 4 irons even the 6 iron.
    – Although no one has made any comments on Taylormade P770s a a few words may be in place. P770s are great irons and with a 1* degree weaker loft (but a lot of technology) in 7-iron they carry a couple of yards longer than ZX7s in my 7-iron 160 yards carry range. BUT ZX7s feel and sound much softer which for me was a winner.
    – I have no experience with PXG products so cannot comment anything on these.
    – Ari –

    • What are the handicap ranges for both the zx7 and zx5? Would the 7s be a good fit for a 10 index or better to go with 5?

    • Thanks all of the comments, Ari.

      I’m about to order a combo set 4-5 zx5 and 6-AW zx7 , I’m really wondering if I should bend the ZX7s 1* strong to gap a little better or just leave as is?

    • Hey Ari,

      Thanks for this write up with the first hand experience. I’m going in for a fitting next week and these are on my list to try but I was wondering how they compare in terms of forgiveness to the P770’s?

  10. I have a question about bending these irons and how V-sole reacts. Weakening an iron usually adds bounce. Since the V-sole seeks to be designed to play with different bounce at the leading and trailing edge, does adjusting the loft fight against the V-sole in some way? I guess put another way, can one weaken the lofts like you would any other iron, or will that have a greater impact on turf interaction because of the V-sole?

    • Matt Saternus


      Weakening the lofts of these irons will impact the sole and bounce the same way it does on any other iron.



  11. Matt,

    If I wanted to add loft to these irons to make them more traditional (and for gapping purposes), say make the 4-5-6-7-8-9 a 24, 27, 30, 34 , 38, 42 instead of their respective stock lofts. Do you think doing this would affect the performance severly in a bad way besides shortening distance? Distance is not an issue for me but curious to see what your thoughts are on this?

    Thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      The only thing to keep an eye on is the turf interaction. When you add loft, you’re also adding bounce to the sole. How much this matters depends on your swing and your sensitivity to turf interaction.



  12. Brian Martin

    Matt- Nice review. I have played a lot of clubs in my 49 years of golf (started at 8 y/o – now 57, still carry a 1.9 index). I have always thought Srixon was – overlooked – as an iron manufacturer and your review makes me think that even more. I have a set of 545’s still that I think are still one of the better iron sets I’ve owned. The Srixon design feature I like most is the camber on the sole and the turf interaction it allows – for my swing it’s a great and akin to having a custom grind for each iron.

  13. Matt – How are the ZX7’s compared to the 785s? I really love the 785s but am hearing so much goodness from these.

  14. Excited to see Srixon continuing to deliver great irons. Currently gaming the 765s with the ZTXs in the backup bag! Looking forward to adding these to the collection!

  15. Thanks for the review Matt, about to get a combo set (zx7 PW-6 and 5-4 in zx5). Was wondering if you have considered which ball would play best with the irons; assume srixon but just curious about your thoughts.

    • Matt Saternus


      There isn’t one ball that necessarily matches best with any given iron. It’s all a bigger equation of iron, player, ball, and preferences/needs.



  16. Hi Matt,
    Would you happen to know if Srixon plans to offer the two models in graphite shafts? I only notice steel, which is a little odd.
    Thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      I doubt that they will have a stock graphite option, but I’m sure the irons can be custom ordered with graphite shafts.


  17. Thanks Matt, great review. How would these compare to the Mizuno 921s? I’m specifically looking at the Z7 versus 921 SEL. Being a lefty, options are limited and these seem to be the best Player Improvement irons for both forgiveness and shot shaping, which I hope to make an integral part of the game going forward.

  18. Randy Siedschlag

    So Matt, I was just got in the 0211s (never got to try a Srixon). I like the progressive set but always felt being in the wet PNW, a v sole club would help a lot. I know you didn’t do the zx5 review, but were is the ideal to blend the zx7 and zx5? Split 6/7 or 7/8 and bend I deg weak on all the zx5 besides the 4?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t think there’s one single ideal split point. The question is, at what point in the set are you willing to give up some forgiveness for whatever benefits you derive from the smaller club? I think you’ve narrowed it to the right two for most players – either the 6 or 7 being the last of the ZX5 irons.



  19. Hi Matt. Watching several reviews online I think my biggest concern with this club is random low spin bomb that flies over the green. Did you find the iron was consistent in distance? Always been a blades guy and tried the TM 790’s. That lasted a couple weeks before I sold them. Often the ball would just rocket off the face making it impossible to judge shots.

    • Matt Saternus


      I did find it to be consistent. I’ve definitely experienced that occasional low spin rocket with other irons, but not the ZX7.


  20. Matt,
    You say these provide forgiveness. I a 65 yr old 9 handicap. Don’t swing as fast as I used to but love the idea of a club thats a blade (like I used to). Medium swing speed OK for these or should I look at the 5s?

    • Matt Saternus


      I would recommend a fitting to make sure you’re getting the right launch and spin, but in terms of forgiveness, I don’t think a 9 handicap would have a problem with the ZX7s.


  21. How much of a change is this from z785? The reason I ask is that I can get a set of those for $450 cheaper than zx7 and am having a hard time believing they’re that different. Thoughts?

  22. Hi Matt, thanks for the review. How would you compare these to the Miura TC-201 on forgiveness and feel. Many thanks

  23. Nate larson

    If you were playing tomorrow would you play zx7 or t100?

  24. Matt,
    I am a Mizuno fan and considering the JPX 921 forged. How do you think these compare? I am intrigued but always loved Mizunos. I read both reviews and you seem to like these better, but with the same shaft, what’s your guess on performance?

  25. Vikram Sharma

    Hi Matt, love you columns and reviews ! I am based in India and we have very limited golf clubs availability here. Get my stuff from US generally and I currently game PXG gen2 P irons and would like to upgrade them. Keen on ZX7 vs Gen3 T irons- I am 4 hcp and not phased by either of them. Since you own Gen3 , was wondering if you recommend one over the other ? Friend is coming from US soon and I wouldn’t mind either. I am looking for good balance in irons , not necessarily distance , I am steep at impact but taking regular lessons – VT sole would help , don’t know how good is PXG turf interaction.

    Any suggestion would be great Matt. My current shaft is Project x – LZ5.5 and pxg has elevate stiff as option and Srixon US site has plenty of options.

    Cheers , Vikram

    • Matt Saternus


      What are you trying to get out of a new set of irons? That answer will lead us to a recommendation.


      • Vikram Sharma

        Hi Matt, looking for slightly thinner irons than my current Gen 2 0311 P irons and easier shot shaping.

        My home course is very undulated, almost every second shot needs some adjustment.

        Thanks, Vikram

        • Matt Saternus


          If you want more shot shaping, you need higher spin. For me, the ZX7 spun a bit more than the 0311T.


          • Thanks Matt. Will give Srixon a go !

            Regarding shaft, I was fitted for Project X LZ 5.5 in my PXG , weighs 115g . I do come fairly steep and aggressive at impact, however will not like to go up in weight ( perhaps 120g max) since my course demands gripping down on various shots and 2-3rd shots being so undulated. Is there a shaft that you feel in this weight category that seems similar ? Recently bought factory fitted Bettinardi wedges with KBS 125 Hi rev shafts and they feel awesome, its high launching and buttery smooth – wouldn’t mind trying a different iron shaft like KBS ? Any suggestions. Sorry to hassle you Matt

          • Vikram,

            Is there a reason not to use the shaft you were fit for?


  26. Nice write up.

    How do compare the zx7’s with the taylormade p770’s (forgiveness, launch, spin, etc.)? I am going in for a fitting next week and am currently an 11 handicap looking for a set that I can make some serious progress with this year. If there are any other sets you think I should also take a look at please mention them!


  27. Hi Matt!

    Have you had the chance to try the Miura TC-201’s? I’m trying to decide between the two!!!


  28. Greg Hunter

    Do you suggest mixing the ZX5 longer irons with the ZX7 shorter irons? Is that what you would do for yourself?

    I’m getting fitted this Saturday and I’m a buyer.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t hit the ZX5, but a combo set is a fine idea. If I were going to game these, I’d consider a couple 5s.


  29. Matt,

    Solid review. I had a set of 745’s, great irons, but the one thing I didn’t like was the wedge looked more like an 8 iron than a wedge, other manufacturers like Ping have wedges that have the look of a wedge, can you comment on the looks of the z7 wedge compared to the ping blueprint wedge? Also would a combination of z7s and the current Z forged make sense, or are the z7’s short irons blade enough not to see much of a difference in playability when compared to the Z forged?

    • Matt Saternus


      You ask good questions, but my answers would be strictly subjective as they relate primarily to looks. My recommendation would be to find a retailer that stocks the ZX7 so you can see the short irons for yourself and decide if they fit your eye.



  30. Michael Davis

    Thoughts on the forgiveness of these against your PXG gen 3 ts?

    • Matt Saternus


      The GEN3 is going to be a bit better at preserving ball speed.


      • Michael Davis

        Thanks Matt. So PXG is a bit better at preserving ball speed but not necessarily “easier to hit” from a forgiveness perspective?

        • Matt Saternus


          Preserving ball speed is largely what forgiveness is. If you’re talking about something like elevating thin shots, I’d say they’re about equal.


  31. Matt,
    Srixon ZX7’s or Wilson Staff Model CB?

  32. Would you consider these as a larger profile players iron (compared to blade or taylormade p7mc size)? if so what other irons would you think are good to consider to test that are perhaps larger profile, more forgiving players iron? Basically irons that are still very much players irons, more confidence inspiring and forgiving.


    • Matt Saternus


      “Larger profile players iron” is slicing it a little too fine for my taste. The ZX7 is a players iron to me. There are certainly players irons that are smaller and some that might be larger. If you want forgiveness, these are great, you could also look at the Apex 21 or the PXG Ts.


      • Would you maybe put the ping i210 in this category with the Zx7 and PXG T Or would they be more comparable to a PXG gen 3P in terms of performance and look?

        • Matt Saternus


          Again, respectfully, I don’t find the categorization to be that useful. All the irons you mention are in the same ballpark. Some are a little smaller in one dimension or another, but they’re all comparable. It comes down to preference and fit.


  33. ZX7 or PXG O311T gen 3?

  34. ZX7 are pure! Matt, what do you think are the ‘easiest to hit/forgiving” irons in the players category where the lofts aren’t jacked too much? Are these in the conversation? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      The ZX7 is definitely in that conversation and could certainly be at the top of that list.


  35. Matt,
    Love the review here – thanks for putting it together.

    Stuck between adding these or the TM p7MCs to the bag – Any insights between the two you’d call out / which one would you go with if you were choosing between the two?


  36. What would you choose — the Zx7’s or 2020 Cobra Forged Tec irons.? I read both of your reviews and both sets are good. Looking to replace Ping I25’s. I’m a 10 handicap.

  37. Hi Matt,
    How would you compare ZX7 forgiveness to T100s and T200s?
    I am guessing similar to T200 but was curious on your view.

  38. Stephen Gengaro

    Thanks Matt. One other question – would you go with New Level 902 or ZX7, assuming price was similar. Any sense on relative forgiveness? I read both reviews!

  39. what did you prefer out of these and the gen3 ts, as you have some good experience with both :)

  40. Between Srixon ZX7 and TM P7mc, which one would you pick for a new iron set? HD around 9-11

  41. For forgiveness and distance. Subjectively how do you feel vs the I210?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’ve always held out the i210 as the apex of forgiveness in a players iron, but the ZX7 is very close if not equal.


  42. Hi Matt fantastic review, as always !!!! My gamers are the srixon´s z585, they are fantastic but it is time to change. I’m looking for a softer feel and I think the ZX7s could be a good option but I’m concerned about forgiveness. I’m handicap 12. Do you think the ZX7s would be a good option? Thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      You’ll probably be giving up a little forgiveness, but I don’t think it’s going to be life changing. If you’ve hit the ZX7 and enjoy them, get fit and play them.



  43. Being one of the 1st to order the Z5’s,
    (Got em w/Aerotech shafts at no $), 6 years ago,
    I can find no compelling reason to get rid of them, as the ball striking is solid.
    My handicap fluctuates between 0 & 3, so the clubs aren’t the problem, Srixon makes excellent clubs.

    However, I am in dire need of a putter that makes more putts, like the Rodney Dangerfield putter in Caddyshack with the radar alignment?

    Not only do I have a 5 year lock on “Worst Putter in DuPage County” award, but I am now in the running for worst putter in all of Christiandom.

    Matt, can you help a brother out?

  44. Hey Matt, I’m curious about the difference between the zx7 and the Honma 747v. It seems you liked both and maybe the difference is negligible one over the other. Thx Rick

    • Matt Saternus


      They’re in the same category. The difference will be negligible to some, meaningful to others, it just comes down to fit and preferences.


  45. I tested the ZX7 against my current Mizuno MP 20 MMC and was getting slightly better distance and dispersion was tighter. Correct me if I’m wrong, the Srixon’s are made with the same steel as Mizuno. Feel was identical which I personally loved. I am being fit soon for either the new Mizuno 223’s or the Srixon ZX7 & 5’s as a combo set. I also am intrigued to put them up against the PXG Gen 4’s. True pillow fight here and looking forward to my results.

  46. Just tried the zx7 today looking for a new set been thinking the zx7 the t100 or t200 or maybe callaway apex playing off 6 thoughts?

  47. Nigel Sykes

    Hi Matt
    I’m a returning player who used to be off 17 and not played seriously for 10+ years, but have got the bug again and will be playing much more regular with my 2 sons, I am not keen buying a set of say Taylor made SIM 2’s only in 6 months to be changing to a better set of irons. would you dive straight in or should I bite the bullet and buy a set of clubs for the higher handicapper? , I just love the look of the Srixon Z7X

    • Matt Saternus


      It sounds like you know what you want to do. If you want the ZX7, get them. That said, I think the concept of “outgrowing” clubs is one of the most overrated notions in golf – I’ll have an entire lesson and podcast on it at some point.


  48. If you had to play a set – which one would you pick: Ping I210 or Srixon ZX7

  49. Mathew Woods

    I use P770s currently and I’m torn between seeking something with more forgiveness and something forged. I used to play Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro and I miss that feel. I like the P770 but feel like there might be a better option. I’m a lefty so not easy to get fit for every brand!

    • Matt Saternus


      Sounds like you’re trying to decide if you’re playing for the scorecard or some other form of enjoyment. A very tough question.



  50. Srixon is my first choice because these are my fav irons and provide awesome forgiveness.

  51. Robert Wembly

    Srixon irons are awesome

  52. Just recently found this site, seems like a lot of great info. Believe it or not I’m still hitting my taylormade tp forged irons from almost 20 years ago, love these irons. Matt do you think the zx7 would be seemiler in feel but give me more distance from the advanced tech (both center and off center hits)? Thanks in advance

    • Matt Saternus


      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the site.
      With feel being subjective, I can’t say whether or not you’ll find the ZX7 similar, but, as you saw in this review, I am a huge fan of the feel of these irons. With regard to distance, I would expect these lofts are a little stronger and there’s more tech, so I would expect greater forgiveness and at least modest distance gains on center.



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