2020 Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Ball Review

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The 2020 Srixon Q-Star Tour is a strong distance ball with tour level performance around the green.  A great combo of low spin off irons and the driver plus super soft feel and tons of spin with the scoring clubs.


With so many manufacturers and models of golf balls out there these days, it’s important to pay close attention to the branding.  Srixon has done a wonderful job of staying true to their messaging over the years, and the new third generation Q-Star Tour is a prime example.  Positioned between the tour level Z-Star and 2-piece Q-Star, the Q-Star Tour blends the best of both models for a powerful distance ball with excellent green side control.  Although Srixon dropped the “designed especially for golfers with moderate swing speeds” statement from the box, their website does make note of it and further defines moderate as having driver distance less than 250 yards.


Srixon describes the feel of the Q-Star Tour as “ultra soft” and I completely agree in the short game arena.  Off the putter the sound is a soft ‘tawck’ – like a slower, southern pronunciation of ‘tock’.  I created that word in an attempt to distinguish the Q-Star Tour from the 2019 Z-Star (review HERE), which is a tad bit firmer.

Around the green, the Q-Star Tour retains that soft feel that invokes the sensation of touch.  Off an iron or driver, the Q-Star Tour has a firm feel, despite its 72 compression rating.  The feel is nothing close to hard, but in no way is it the marshmallow feel the term low compression often invokes.

Short Game

Around the green, the Srixon Q-Star Tour is indistinguishable from tour level balls in terms of performance.  The Q-Star Tour ball responded to whatever short game shot I attempted.  High pitches stopped quickly, while low chips had repeatable, controlled roll-out.

I wasn’t surprised that the Q-Star Tour’s short game performance matched the Z-Star when I learned they share the same cover material technology – Spin Skin with SeRM.  SeRM stands for Slide Ring Material, where molecules are bonded by moveable cross-links.  If that sounds cool, you need to see the graphic on Srixon’s website.  In non-geek terms, just picture the urethane cover expanding into the wedge grooves at impact for enhanced spin.

For golfers who utilize a line on their ball to aid in alignment, the 2020 Q-Star Tour features a thick black side stamp as shown below.

Long Game

Across my irons and with my driver, Q-Star Tour spin rates were on the low side.  Ball flight was piercing with mid trajectory and generous run out – especially with the driver.  This performance would be particularly beneficial in windy conditions.  The lower spin also kept balls on a straighter path, closer to my intended target line.

At the physical core of the Q-Star Tour is FastLayer, which transitions from a soft center to firmer outer layers in an almost continuous fashion.  Srixon also employs a 338 dimple pattern dubbed Speed, which creates lift while promoting a penetrating ball flight.


My results were right in line with the advertised performance characteristics of the 2020 Srixon Q-Star Tour.  The ball fits perfectly in Srixon’s lineup between the Z-Star and the Q-Star, with tour level feel and spin in the short game, and low spin, max distance in the long game.  If you often wished you could hit a distance ball off the tee and switch to a tour ball around the green, your wish has been granted with the Srixon Q-Star Tour. The price is right on target at $33 per dozen.

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  1. Will these have the same name in Europe or The UK?

    • I don’t have that answer for you. I recommend asking Srixon via their website or social media.

      – Meeks

    • Kevin Porter

      How much are the Q STAR Tour per dozen, shipped to :
      22 Ferrell Street,
      Hazeldene, Germiston
      South Africa

      • Matt Saternus


        We do not sell golf balls. You can order them direct from Srixon on their website.



        • I’ve been very pleased with the 2018 version and now the 2020 version as well. Everything in this review I would agree with – It’s a great ball.

  2. How would you compare this ball to the Bridgestone XRS or Pro V1?

    • I haven’t hit the new Bridgestone’s, but as far as the ProV1, the Q-Star tour is softer in the short game and spins less off the driver. Grab a sleeve and let us know what you find.

      – Meeks

  3. MBU yes it will have the same name and selling for around £30 per dozen. Isn’t google wonderful.

  4. David Vicenc Roig Recio

    In EU they are the AD333 Tour. And yes they are brilliant!

  5. Thanks for the review Matt. I have already bought my supply of balls for the season, I opted for the lower spinning ZStar XV. How was the trajectory in comparison to the other Srixon tour balls? I experienced the Q Star Tour to be noticeably higher on the driver and irons compared to most tour balls. Does the new dimple pattern help lower the trajectory?

  6. Louis Bertella

    This Is my favorite ball to hit. Swing speed around 99 and distance between 230 and 260. Spin is marginal but the feel is fantastic.

  7. Is there another Q Star Tour 3 coming soon??

    • Matt Meeker

      We haven’t heard anything and will certainly post any news of such as soon as we do. Make sure to follow Plugged In Golf on Twitter if you aren’t a daily reader on this site to stay current on releases of balls, clubs and all things golf.

      – Meeks

  8. I play Srixon soft feel currently, but I found a lost Q star an really like the way it played. It was a step up in all aspects of my game. Of course, my game has improved as well. I generally get more than 25 rounds with the soft feel before the cover shows signs of wear, usually, a tear or cut. Will the Q star tour give me as many rounds? By the way, I play nearly every day, usually 27 holes each time. Yep, I’m retired!

    • Matt Meeker

      25 rounds with any ball before showing wear is impressive Randy. The Q Star and Q Star Tour both feature urethane covers which will like show wear more quickly than the Soft Feel.

      Keep enjoying retirement.

      – Meeks

    • You play 25 rounds without losing a ball? Can I contact you for a lesson?

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