2019 Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star XV Golf Ball Review

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Both versions of the latest Srixon Z Star golf ball provide excellent performance from tee to green.  Biggest differences at the ends of the bag – putter feel and driver spin.


After dropping teasers this past fall, Srixon unveiled their new Z-Star and Z-Star XV golf balls at the 2019 PGA Show.  As the ball of choice for players like Cameron Champ and Hideki Matsuyama, the Z-Star doesn’t lack for Tour bona fides.  We tested it to see what it offers the recreational player.

Learn about the newest Srixon Tour ball, the Z-Star Diamond, HERE


Players who liked the feel of the previous generation of Z-Star golf balls will find that Srixon hasn’t changed much in the new versions.  Off the putter, the Z-Star XV creates a slightly higher pitched impact sound; the Z-Star creates a deeper sound.

While the sound is different, both balls feel very similar.  With some brands, the softer ball feels heavy off the putter.  Both Srixon Z-Star balls have a firm, solid response on the green.

Short Game

One of the key upgrades in the sixth generation Z-Star balls is the new Spin Skin coating with SeRM.  Srixon claims that this allows the cover to bite deeper into grooves for more spin.

What I saw on the launch monitor tells me that both balls produce extremely consistent green side spin.  From flush shots to mishits, I saw spin numbers that stayed in a tight range on pitches and half swings.

Here’s what the big hitters will love: the Z-Star XV has almost every bit as much spin as the Z-Star.  On short shots, I couldn’t tell them apart.  When I got to 3/4 and full wedge shots, the Z-Star did spin a bit more, but that reduced spin in the XV might be to the benefit of high speed players.

Long Game

With the irons, I got the exact result I expected: a negligible difference between the Z-Star and Z-Star XV.  Both balls launched and spun very consistently providing a strong ball flight with no surprises.  Players with more extreme speed or swing dynamics may coax a larger difference out of these two balls, but with a 90 MPH 6I, I found them interchangeable.

When I got to the driver, I found that the differences between the two reemerged.  The Z-Star XV shaved a couple hundred RPM off my drives.  For high spin players, that could mean longer, straighter tee shots.

With my swing speed, I didn’t see a difference in ball speed between the Z-Star and Z-Star XV.  Players who are slower may find the Z-Star beneficial and those who are faster will likely get more from the Z-Star XV.  As always, testing with the help of a club fitter is the best way to find your perfect fit.


Srixon has set a high standard for their Z-Star line of golf balls, and this latest generation proves itself worthy of the name.  If you’re in search of softer feel and maximum spin, the Z-Star is your ball.  Big hitters with a preference for a slightly firmer feel can opt for the Z-Star XV.  Either way you go, these golf balls will deliver performance that you can rely on.

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  1. Oliver Cullinane

    I have always found the Srixon Z Star to be a very good ball.

  2. How would you compare the Srixon balls with the ball that I currently play, the Callaway Chrome Soft?


    • Matt Saternus


      The biggest difference is the feel. The Chrome Soft may be the softest Tour ball, the Z Star is one of the firmest.



  3. John Solian

    I’ve always liked the Srixon Z-Star Balls. On a different topic, will you be doing a review of the Cobra F9 driver soon?

    • Matt Saternus


      We are working with Cobra on that now. We hope to have that up soon. If you’d like to see a review on PIG, please go to social media and let Cobra know.



  4. So is there really any performance and/or feel difference from the previous versions? Or should everyone stock up on the now cheaper previous versions?

    • Matt Saternus


      Big picture, no, the new version is very similar to the last version. I doubt any “normal” golfer could tell the difference.



      • Hi Matt,
        Thank you for the review. Performance was discussed, but I didn’t see durability. I played Srixon XV for a few years, but then made the move to TP5x purely because of the cover. I had an issue with the last generation of Z-Stars where on bunker shots, sand would actually penetrate and be stuck in the cover.

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  6. I’d love to test some of the new Srixon balls. Too many of my other golf balls spin to the water hazards!

  7. Kevin Davis

    Looking forward to trying these out!
    Montrose CO

  8. Jeff Angellotti

    I like the feel off the tee most of all as good as anything I’ve hit.
    Allways a go to ball in the pro shop for a scramble or mens nite league
    Please tell me available in yellow.
    Thx jeff a

  9. Gord Dyck Saskatchewan Canada

    Hi Matt
    I have used the Srixon xv for a few years in the past and I compare them to a pro v1… thanks for your review.. Cheers

  10. Dan Shepeherd

    I’ve been a Bridgestone ball player for most of the past few years, and with Tiger’s admission that his Nike balls were Bridgestone tech manufactured, it reinforces that brand’s high quality. But based on Matt’s review, I’d love to test the 2019 Z-STARs.

  11. kent franklin

    I’d love to test the z star against the new Wilson Pro ball. I’m 62 a low swinger with a 14 handicap. Ive been looking to those few extra ards off the tee but keeping the short game spin.

  12. Michael Trautman

    Looking forward to seeing how the Srixon balls stack up against Titleist and the rest. I have always been a fan of their balls and would love to be a tester. Mike Trautman, 912 Fairdale Ave. St. Louis MO 63119, handicap 5.6

  13. charlieo
    winston, oregon
    9 index

  14. I have always enjoyed the Srixon Q Star Tour ball. I think Srixon was way ahead of everyone in designing a 3 piece ball with a urethane cover at a price that was affordable. Now you can see Callaway is getting into the action with the ERC, and Titleist did last year with the Tour Soft. Most recently now Bridgestone is getting into the pool with the B12. I would love to try out the new Z Stars as I play the ChromeSoft as my premium ball of choice. Mark Scott, 14HC, Colorado Springs, CO

  15. David Lewis

    Would love to test the Srixon balls with my 585 driver.
    Handicap 15

  16. Danny Lowery

    I am about a 12 handicupp ; i go to the driving rane frequently and test different sets of clubs I have . I have a variety of balls and enjoy comparing the different brands against each other. I have a ideal place on our course the I could do some testing for these balls and also compare them to other brands and we give you some good feedback. I worked in quality control for a number of years in the rubber business and I am very familiar we the make up of golf balls.

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  19. R.A. Browning

    Right now I play the Titleist ProV1 with a handicap of 12. I’m working hard to get it under 10 and heard good things about the ZStar Srixon (Yellow) balls. I would love to try them out.

  20. Ryan Bobier

    What is the difference between these & the Q star or Q star tour, I’ve played those for a few years & wondering if it’s worth the added cost for the top of the line ball.

  21. Lewis Rutherford

    Do you know when the Z Star 7th generation will be released?

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