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Test & Review the 2019 Srixon Z-STAR Golf Balls

Test the New Srixon Z-STAR & Z-STAR XV

At the recent PGA Show, Srixon unveiled their new Tour-level golf balls, the sixth generation Z-STAR and Z-STAR XV.  Matt shared his thoughts on them HERE, and now it’s your turn!

Ten Plugged In Golf readers will each receive a dozen Z-STAR golf balls and a dozen Z-STAR XVs.  Want to be one of them?  Want to let the PIG community know what you think?  The details for entry are below.

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include: your name, location, and handicap.

Step 2: Make sure you’re subscribed to the PluggedInGolf newsletter.

That’s it!  On Friday, February 8, we will contact ten golfers via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

The ten winners will be expected to test the Z-STAR golf balls and fill out a short questionnaire about how they performed.  Those answers will be shared on

The balls are yours to keep.


  1. Your comment/entry will not be visible immediately.  We need to approve all comments, so it may take a few hours before you see it.  Please DO NOT double post.
  2. Please leave the “URL” section blank
  3. If your entry does not include the required information, you will not be entered.
  4. If you do not enter your correct email address, we will not be able to contact you, so you won’t be able to win.
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    Glenn Ruprecht
    1518 walnut st Lansdale pa 19446

  2. Always played Pro V1, would love to try something new and test these!
    Location: Birmingham, MI
    Index: 5.2

  3. Brian Valdez

    Brian Valdez, Long Beach, CA, 12 cap.

    Win over here!

  4. Roddy W
    Eau Claire WI

  5. would love to test these, Live in New Jersey, handicap 5.

  6. Ken Mykietowich

    Love the Srixon ball’s!!
    Ken Mykietowich
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Hdcp: 13

  7. corey traverse

    Corey Traverse
    St Pete’s FL
    10 Handicap 😏
    Love to try them out

  8. Josh Giesige
    Edgerton OH
    HDCP 8

  9. Padraig MacLochlainn

    Hi I’d love to test the new Srixon balls, my name is Padraig and used to play off 1 handicap 20 year’s ago 5 now and looking to improve this season, c/o north west golf club Lisfannon, Buncrana, Co Donegal Ireland

  10. Scott Kefalas

    Scott Kefalas
    Thomasville, GA
    Handicap 7.0

  11. Kyle, Nebraska, and 15.

  12. James Redmond

    Current ZStar player, therefore would love the opportunity to test the new versions of the ball. While I live in Chicago, I’m a crazy golf die-hard (most would say idiot), so I’ll be back on the course the first chance I can get. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Name: James Redmond
    Handicap: 9
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Current ball: 2017 Srixon ZStar

  13. Larry Williams

    Larry Williams
    Excited to try the new Z-Star. Gonna have to be so good to better this past year’s.

  14. Brian Barnsa

    Locust Grove , Va

  15. Brian Friedman

    Brian Friedman
    Westport, CT
    Handicap 9.8

  16. Brandon Cox

    Would def like to try these out!
    Oklahoma City

  17. Alexandria Bonham

    your name, location, and handicap

    Hahaha, just kidding.
    Alex Bonham, Tampa, FL, index of 3.8 (Gotta pay the fee though to get it back up for the year, kinda slacking on that one lol). Played the 2015/16? XV model last round for shizzles and giggles so this could be fun!

  18. Sean
    Fitchburg, WI
    Hcp 14

  19. Matthew Spohn

    Matt Spohn
    Peoria IL
    Handicap 8

  20. Ted Kozikowski

    I’d definitely like to try these golf balls.
    Ted Kozikowski
    Wenatchee, WA
    Handicap 12

  21. Christopher Shively

    Christopher Shively
    High point NC
    Please and thank you.

  22. Jim W Rosteck

    We never have an off-season. Play Q-star Tour and would love to compare them.
    Jim Rosteck
    Rio Vista CA
    Index 12.0

  23. Chris Ridings

    Chris Ridings
    1 Olympia Ct. #101
    Little Rock, AR 72210

    Hdcp = 14

  24. Chuk Hamilton

    Tucson, AZ, Handicap 18, Love Srixon balls!

  25. Rob
    Wake Forest, NC

  26. Mike G
    Central NY
    Handicap: 4

  27. Would really enjoy comparing these two balls, not only within the Srixon family, but against Taylormade and Titleist.

    Thank you.

    Baton Rouge, LA
    HDCP 5.4

  28. Joe Brazil
    Phoenix, Az
    4 handicap

  29. Joseph Wilkins

    New to plug in golf and love it

  30. Gary Morse I love testing new balls every season -then I decide what is going into
    1926 Churchill Downs the bag and to the course!!
    Lebanon. TN. 37087
    handicap 4.9 P.S. I left information off of first comment-hope I am entered
    correctly now.

  31. Brad Morris

    Long time pro v-er here, but would love the chance to test a new ball in the frigid north….

  32. Dave Anderson

    Dave Anderson
    Amarillo, TX
    5.0 HDCP


  33. John K
    Charleston, SC
    Hdcp: 5

  34. Gerry Blais

    Hope these spin a little less off the longer irons than previous versions.

  35. Milton Taylor

    I’ve been sent golfballs in the past to test it a cool thing to do.
    Milton Taylor
    North Dakota

  36. Robert Forberg

    Would love to have to chance to assist in giving a review of the Z Stars! I’m from Michigan and my handicap index is 4.9

  37. Ron Vaive
    Port St. Lucie, Florida
    3 handicap

  38. Chris Hall
    600 Rustic Ct
    Perryville, MD 21903
    HCP 13

    Thanks for the opportunity

  39. Dennis Klocke

    Dennis Klocke
    900 Larkdale Row
    Wauconda, IL 60084
    Index 11.2

  40. Steve Addison

    I’m in Michigan wont be able to test them til April it’s -40 here
    But would love to test them


  41. David Simon

    David S
    Ponte Vedra Beach FL
    Handicap 14

  42. John Cicconetti

    Used to play Srixon long ago. Would like to try again. Wooster Ohio

  43. Jay McGillicuddy

    11.6 handicap


  44. East Lansing, Michigan

  45. Bob Barczykowski

    I am a 70 year old male golfer that currently plays about 2 times a week in the spring, summer, and fall. I play with a group of 6-8 friends of similar ability. My handicap is 16 and the group’s ranges from 10 to 28. I currently use a very low compression ball because of a swing speed of 72-78. Distance is critical because the drive must be long enough to leave a controllable distance for the approach shot.


  46. Michael Trimble

    Michael T
    New York City
    Handicap 10

  47. Larry Collins

    Looking forward to trying out the new 2019 Srixon Z-Star.

    Larry Collins
    Tampa, FL

  48. John Sweat
    230 Jerusalem Church Road
    Warner Robins, GA 31088
    Handicap – 16

  49. John Hulewicz

    Typically play ProV and occasionally Chrome Soft but change can be good! Happy to try them out
    John Hulewicz Goshen IN, 7 hdcp

  50. Johne Spence

    Have used Srixon golf balls for years. Would love to compare your new products.

  51. Charlie Ross

    Heading to Charleston for March and would love to test these balls. Is it possible to get them in yellow? Having a “boys weekend” on St. Patrick’s Day and would love to share the bounty with 11 other knuckleheads.

  52. Philip J Boyle

    I’d love to test the new Z Star ball. I had 2 holes in one in 2018, using a Z Star ball each time
    Phil Boyle
    9.7 hdcp.
    Bluffton SC


  53. Eric Venhuizen

    Eric Venhuizen
    Manhattan, MT

  54. Phil Williams

    Love to try out these new balls🏅

  55. Scott Richards

    People at Roger Dunn told me these are great to play. I’d like to give them a try. Currently playing Pro V1.
    Scott Richards
    Los Angeles, CA
    20 handicap

  56. Phil Williams

    Love to try out these new balls in England, Derby.
    Handicap 18

  57. Ray Masaitis

    Playing Callaways now, I would love to try these to see the difference in my game.

    Ray Masaitis
    Smithtown, NY
    HC 20

  58. Richard Moore

    Playing the ZStar for years has always been a great ball. Would love to test the new balls.
    Richard Moore
    Handicap +23
    Columbia, Tennessee

  59. Grady Powers Dickens

    Grady Dickens, Irving, TX, handicap 2.

  60. 1420 Ramblewood Dr
    Emmitsburg, MD 21727
    Handicap: 9

  61. Jon Dobberstein

    Prior Lake, MN

  62. Thanks for the opportunity to try these new golf balls

  63. Stan Feuerberg

    I have been playing the Srixon Q-Star Tour, a very impressive ball for those of us with a 90 mph swing speed, and well worth the $30/dozen price. I would very much like to test, and write about the results with, the upscale Z-Star Balls. How much better are the Z-Stars than the Q-Star Tours?

  64. Cary B Sternberg

    Always looking for distance and control
    Cary B Sternberg
    The Villages Fl

  65. Mike McCabe

    Srixon testing please.

  66. Mike McCabe

    Srixon testing please.
    Scottsdale AZ
    5.6 handicap

  67. graham patterson

    My friend seems to think I get more distance with z star. I’m keen to test these against the competition as the feel and control are excellent!

  68. Currently playing the prior generation of Srixon O-Star golf ball

    70 years young and play (100+) rounds a year


    Fort Myers, FL & Fort Wayne, IN

  69. Would love the opportunity to try these and give you candid feedback. Play aprox 100 rounds a year and love to experiment with new equipment.

    Bill C. 11.0 index

  70. Gary Shroyer

    Gary Shroyer
    6 hdcp
    Sarasota, Fl
    Currently playing ProVx and Snell MTB Red

  71. Rob perkins

    I’m in kalamazoo Michigan and I’d love to test these against the Vice. My handicap is 11.1


  72. Andre Resner

    Andre Resner
    Salisbury, NC
    2.3 Ghin Handicap Index

  73. David J Mair

    Dave Mair
    Hc 9

    Play Titleist and Bridgestone but I am thinking about Srixon Z Star

  74. Bryan Lemaster

    Looking for replacement for the chrome soft x
    Ashland ky

  75. James Greenfield

    Dallas, Ga

  76. Garen Eggleston hdcp 15

    Always play Titelist or Callaway but really want to try a new ball

  77. Danny Snarski

    I’m 73 with a 15 hdcp. Usually shoot mid to high 80’s . Loosing distance at my age and need a “power “ boost. Currently play the Titeleist DT True soft. Thanks for considering me

  78. John Oliverio

    Very interested in knowing the effect one ball over another on my game. Is there really a difference?

  79. Tim Rutherford

    Tim Rutherford
    East Greenwich, RI
    Handicap – 9


    I play a Srixon Ball, so this would give me and Srixon a fair comparison ofd their new “ZX-Star” compared to their former one…….I am a 14 handicapper @ age 76, and play 40-50 rounds per year here in Virginia.

  81. Kevin Richmond

    Kevin Richmond
    Friendswood, tx

  82. Golf ball Testers r Us

  83. Edward Weller

    I would love to try the Srixon golf balls!
    I currently have a 6.1 handicap index.
    Deland, Fl

  84. Steve C.
    Handicap 18
    Hudson Valley NY
    Would love to compare these to my current ball (Brigestone B330).

  85. Jack Haenlein

    I play the Bridgestone E6 speed, have been play Bridgestone E series Golf balls for years.

  86. John Connery

    I play with a PGA pro once a week.
    I used Srixon balls in the past and would like to test the new ball.
    12 handicap

  87. Mike Ormerod

    I play the Pro V1x, but I have found a few of these over the last couple of years and played them and have scored low with them. I would seriously consider a change.
    Mike O
    Louisville, Kentucky

  88. Terry VanMeter

    Terry VanMeter
    Campbellsville, KY
    I play Chromesoft but would love to test the new Srixon to compare performance.

  89. Eric Hutchens

    Eric Hutchens
    Birmingham Alabama
    12.3 handicap
    The first golf ball I ever bought was a Srixon ball, many years ago. Would love to test out the new versions.

  90. Brennen Adams

    Brennen Adams
    Tulsa, OK
    I am a 15.5 handicap

  91. Jeff Vorick

    Jeff Vorick
    Testing golf balls and equipment by average golfers?Great idea!
    Handicap 12.

  92. stephen Trowbridge

    Steve Trowbridge
    Houston, TX

  93. If better than a Pro-V prove it…Love to see the positive difference
    Jim Baker
    Index 12

  94. Steve Lansing. 1218 Overlake Ave. Orlando, FL. 32806. 13.0

    I have played Srixon’s on and off for years. The new balls look and sound appealing.

  95. Jason Barbieri

    Sign me up to be a tester!
    Jason Barbieri
    Logan, UT
    Hdcp: 12

  96. Tim Tackett

    Tim Tackett
    2575 Lucasville-Minford Rd.
    Lucasville, OH 45648
    handicap 6.3

  97. Owen Jones
    Pontblyddyn, Flintshire, UK
    Handicap 12

  98. Dave Sampson

    Dave Sampson
    Greenville, SC
    11.9 Index
    Play Pro V1

  99. Jon Lopez
    El Paso, Texas
    HDCP 9.0

  100. John Pinola Jr

    John Pinola Jr
    Valley Springs, CA 95252
    Index 19.0

  101. Lou Guillen

    Lou Guillen
    South Central Florida
    14, handicap at 72 yrs of age
    Would love to give the Z stars a try.

  102. Jason Crowder

    Would like to give these a try to see if they are better than a ProV 1.
    Jason Crowder
    South Boston Virginia
    Handicap 21

  103. Lyle Keith Williams

    I play the Q-StarTour. I am very inpressed with the feel, distance and spin around the greens. I have played ProV for years and really like to see how the new balls could possibly be better. Tavares, Fl handicap 12.

  104. I would love to test these golf balls , I currently play Srixon irons and hybrids so it would be a nice match to test.

    Name : Jim Nalepa
    City : Scottsdale, Arizona
    Handicap : 5.7

  105. Dan Jondal, Tucson, AZ, 14 handicap. Always trying new balls.

  106. Allen Bird Madoc Canada hdcp 7

  107. Charles W Bartholomew

    I’d love to test the new Z-STAR ball. Currently play the Q-Star Tour ball. Always wondered if the Z-Star would perform any better. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Massachusetts 12 Handicap

  108. Would be great to give these a spin

    Todd Page
    Rock hill sc
    4 index

  109. Jim Minello. HDCP-10

    I work at a golf store and was won over to the Chrome soft in 2017 and have played it almost exclusively. However, many players ask about the Srixon line and I would love to give a first hand comparison rather than the back of the box description. Thanks.

  110. Dino J Vozikis

    My name is Zeke. I live in NW Illinois. I am 67 yrs old with a 6 handicap. I don’t know the time frame for this test but if it is going to extend into April, I would be happy to offer my thoughts on the 2 balls.

  111. Marvin Cantos

    Marvin Cantos
    Lake Forest, Ca
    Handicap 9

  112. Wernfried Haischberger

    Würde gerne die NEUEN Bälle testen.
    Wernfried Haischberger
    St. Agatha 15
    4822 Bad Goisern
    HC 10,7

  113. Gil Bloomer

    I love to practice as well as play and I’ll give them the test they need.

  114. Wayne W. Benson jr

    I play the Srixon QStar Tours, I like the ball switched from the Chrome soft, swing speed 89. The ball fits my swing speed, wishing manufacturers would tell the consumers which ball conforms to their swing speed on the back of the box! 9 index Goodyear arizona! Love Srixon!

  115. Jack Phillips

    I played Srixon balls 7 years ago as the pro of my club played them. I would love to see how they stack up now. Yellow please…

  116. Gil Bloomer

    I’m sorry I forgot to add my handicap, which is 12.

  117. Len Scramstad

    Usually play TP5’s. Will have to wait until April/May to test them – got 8-foot snowbanks right now.
    13 handicap.
    Sault Ste. Marie, ON

  118. james j wenzel

    Index 9.4, Would love to try these New Srixons out, after reading your review.

  119. Art Adams
    TPC Deere Run G.C. member
    HDCP = 11 from blue/black tees
    I typically play Taylormade TP5x or Titleist Pro V1X golf balls so I would enjoy the opportunity to compare the Srixon Z-STAR & Z-STAR XV balls to the Taylormades and Titleists.

  120. Anthony Perrault

    Tony Perrault
    Kailua, Hawaii
    3 handicap

  121. Tom the golf nut

    I wouldn’t mind giving these a whirl. Always looking for an opportunity to try a new ball out.
    Handicap 2.8

  122. Matt Perkins

    Matt Perkins
    Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
    10 Hcp

  123. Mike Martin

    Love Srixon balls!

    Fort Walton beach, FL

  124. Tim Stewart

    Tim Stewart
    Culpeper, VA
    Index: 13.9

    Planning to play MTB Tour Black this year. Would love to see how these balls fit my game.

  125. Tyler E
    Ontario, Canada
    12 Handicap

  126. Daniel Leinen

    Dan Leinen
    3170 N. Atlantic Ave. #604
    Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
    14.1 HDCP
    Would love to try the Srixon balls

  127. Michael Hoffman

    Mike Hoffman
    Milwaukee, WI
    11 handicap

  128. Kevin McCabe

    I’ve tried almost all the golf balls out there . Would love to try the latest Z star xz and see the difference.

    Charlotte NC

  129. Dave
    Boston, MA

  130. Gary Wilkie

    Gary Wilkie
    currently play the callaway chrome soft, would love the chance to compare

  131. Mark E Lehman

    Have read a lot about these balls and would love to try one of them out.
    Mark Lehman
    135vCalumet Ct.
    Crestview Hills, KY 41017
    15 Handicap


  132. Gerry Lapalme

    Gerry Lapalme
    116 Greenshields
    Asbestos, Quebec, Canada
    J1t 1P3

  133. Thomas Allee

    Would love to test – Thank you!
    Location: Perris, CA
    Handicap: 22

  134. Brian Brosnan

    Have used the Qstar Tour in the past, would love to try the new Zstars. Handicap 10.2

  135. Randy Waddell

    I haven’t played Srixon balls in years. This would be a great time to try again!!! Randy Waddell, Kingston,TN 11


  136. freddy garon

    I’m curious to see improved Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star XV. Freddy Garon Louisville, Ky. 11

  137. Marshall Flannery

    Marshall Flannery
    Would love to give these a shot.
    Brookings, SD
    8 HDCP

  138. Michael Denmark

    Have always played Titleist. If there’s a better ball out there, I’m all for trying it.
    445 Harwood Ave
    Satellite Beach,Fla
    Handicap 10


    I play proV1 & Vice golf balls & would love to try the Srixon ball.
    I play 6 months in Winnipeg MB Canada & 6 months in Tucson Az, presently in Tucson Az
    I am 76 – HCP 7.3 -play approx 185 games a year.

  140. Darwin Howard

    Pro V player and ball tester 8.4

  141. Landy Rodriguez
    Weston FL

    Would like to see how these perform with those of us with normal SS, 90’s.
    Thank you

  142. John Harrar

    I have played the Q-Star ball before and liked its performance. However I have switched back and forth between the TP5 and ProV1 recently with even a short trial of Bridgestone. I have not yet tried the new Z-Star ball and would like to try Srixon again to compare with the TP5 and ProV1.

  143. Ken Ledbetter

    68 years young–Been playing about 2 years, improving each year

  144. I have been primarily a Bridgestone player. I would love to try the Srixon premium ball.
    I am an 8.5HCI

  145. Jim Poelzer

    I would love to try these Srixon Z-STAR golf ball.

  146. Play Pro V because I like the the way I can stop ball on green.

    Peosta, Iowa
    Hdcp. 8

  147. Brian Hicks

    Been looking for a quality ball with a reasonable price. Pumped to save some money without sacrificing performance!

    Pound Ridge, NY

    HDCP 5.7

  148. Jackson, Tn

  149. Lance Chennault

    Lance Chennault
    Silverdale Washington
    13 handicap.

  150. Jimmy Roban

    Officially ball neurotic! Got it in my head that there’s a ball for every weather/temp./playing condition… and that the ball will help me out there! Usually fall back on ProV1… sometimes ProV1x, Taylormade, Callaway, Snell, Srixon, Bridgestone… U know the drill! My little dimpled harem!
    Would love to hit the new ones to find the condition in which they would come to my rescue!! …or not!?!

    Sparks, NV
    5 handicap…? It’s winter still!

  151. Wally Sabati

    Wally S
    Las Vegas, Nv

  152. Raymond Norris

    Grosse Stadtgutgasse 28/35
    Vienna, Austria
    Hcp: 17.0

  153. Drew Fink
    Dunedin, FL

  154. Mark Dahl
    Columbia, MO

  155. Doug Jaworski

    Currently play TaylorMade or Titleist balls.
    Would be my pleasure to test what Srixon has to offer.

    Doug Jaworski
    Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho
    Handicap- 8

  156. Michael Kulinski

    Michael Kulinski

  157. I’m happy to try.Prescott AZ . 11.3 index.

  158. Chuck Gariboldi

    Chuck Gariboldi
    San Antonio Texas
    Handicap 14

  159. Mike Berlin
    Lee’s Summit, MO
    4.6 handicap

  160. michael mcferron

    Mike McFerron I’m a fan of Srixon products. Would love to be the lucky guinea pig!
    Prescott, AZ
    USGA Index – 8.2

  161. Richard Bronson

    6 handicap
    LaQuinta, Ca
    I can test immediately

  162. Richard Bronson

    6 handicap
    La Quinta, Ca 92253

  163. Tom Coffey
    Windsor, Ontario Canada

  164. I would like to be consider to test the Z-STAR golf balls, I currently play Bridgestone.
    Kalamazoo, MI
    Hcp: 8

  165. Wayne W. Benson jr

    Wayne w.benson jr 15095 W. Fillmore st goodyear AZ 85338 Nine index!


  166. Dennis Delwo

    I would like to try the Srixons. I would give a sleeve to each player of a foursome . All different handicaps in group. Thus we could compare the balls tee to green and get 4 evaluations of the Srixons.

  167. playing pro v1x and calloway chromesoft, would like to see how these stack up.
    Located in the Danbury Ct area, currently a 16.7 hcp.

  168. Dave Hammond

    I would love to compare these with my current ball, the Pro V1X.
    Thank you,

    David Hammond
    Windsor, CA
    8.0 Handicap

  169. Joseph Barrett

    Would love to try Srixon’s new golf balls.

  170. Gene Christopher

    Sign me up to test the Srixon z star

  171. James Costanza

    My handicap is 22, I am getting older and my drives are not what they used to be. Need help in getting some distance back. Would love these as I am retired and on fixed income.

  172. Tom Duckworth

    I must say I already love and use Z star right now but would like to try the new ones
    Tom Duckworth
    Kansas City, KS
    10 handicap

  173. Jason Keller

    Jason Keller
    Fort Wayne, IN

  174. Would love to give these a try!

  175. Callaway super soft is the challenge to any ball – let’s see how the Srixon compares

  176. Historically have been a Pro V1 guy but love the idea of testing a ball that may be a better fit for guys like me

    Fox River Grove, IL

  177. Nelson Radcliffe

    Hdcp 10
    Would love to compare to my Callaways

  178. Ryan
    Los Angeles, California

  179. Nelson Flores

    Laguna Niguel, CA

    Handicap: 36

  180. John Simmons

    I would enjoy testing the golf balls.
    Henderson, NV

  181. David Silkroski

    Las Vegas NV
    USGA HDCP 20.2

  182. Glenn Hughes

    Glenn Hughes
    55252 Big Spring
    La Quinta, CA
    15 hdcp
    Would like to test the new Srixon balls. Playing Titleist Pro V’s
    Play 6 times a week at PGA West

  183. Guys, thanks for the chance to test these out. Always looking for something to improve my game that doesn’t involve a swing change!

    Dave Clark
    Keswick, VA
    7.8 Handicap

  184. Charlie Johnson

    Charlie Johnson
    Sapulpa, Oklahoma
    Handicap. 11

  185. Gijs de Jong

    Gijs de Jong
    Amersfoort, The Netherlands.
    Hcp 11.6


    Looking for the right fit for my game

    3517 S Leschi Pl, Seattle, WA 98144

  187. Paul Keyes
    McConnelsville, Ohio
    Handicap= 9
    Would enjoy testing the new versions of Srixon Z Star balls! Have played Srixon Q Star Tour a couple years ago and liked them.

  188. I’ve played with a sleeve of the Soft Feel and liked them. Usually play Titleist. Handicap 16. Would enjoy trying the new ball.

  189. Buford GA
    Handicap 10
    Play a couple of times a week

  190. Mark Niebrugge

    Mark Niebrugge
    1114 Cherry Ct.
    Fort Lupton, Co.
    Handicap 22

  191. Jim Dolliver

    I’d love to try them out.
    Jim Dolliver
    Sedona AZ
    HCP 11

  192. Adam Aaronson

    Adam Aaronson, Virginia, Index – 12

  193. Would love to test. Currently playing Tour Soft.


  194. Noel Guillaume

    Would love to try the Z Star and thanks for this chance.

    More than happy to provide a comprehensive report if I am successful.


  195. Rolland Bussieres

    I have read the Plugged-in review on your new Srixon golf ball and it is very interesting, I would love the opportunity to test them.

  196. Charlie Muskogee Oklahoma, hdcp14

  197. Phil Hollis

    i would love to test the new Srixon golf balls….i have been using the yellow balls for some time now and now i think that it is time for a change ….Phil Hollis….Shandon Golf Club Petone….Handicap 20

  198. Blake Hall
    Green Bay, WI

  199. Jeff Stewart

    Would love to try the new Srixon-Z-Star. My handicap is 14.

  200. Jeff Stewart

    Would love to try the new Srixon-Z-Star balls. Thanks Jeff Stewart Handicap 14 West Chester, Pa.

  201. Tim Johnson

    I love Plugged in Golf!
    It’s up to the minute information and product reviews are excellent for people on the move who want to know what’s new out there that can lower their handicap!
    5 stars!
    Tim Johnson
    15 handicap
    Lewisville, Texas

  202. Kyle Lightsey

    I’ve only been playing for two years so I’m still looking for my ideal ball. I’d love to try yours.
    Kyle Lightsey
    Hot Springs, Arkansas
    Handicap 22 (and hopefully lower when I get back out this spring)

  203. Scott Adkins

    Scott Adkins
    New Carlisle, OH
    3 handicap

    Would love to test them. Thanks

  204. David Webb
    Berkeley, CA
    Index is 11.6

  205. Charles Silberberg

    Charles Silberberg
    Santa Ana, CA
    Handicap 20
    Getting older and could use some extra distance while still having good feel.
    Would love to try the new balls and provide a report.

  206. george francis

    Used Srixon golf balls a few years ago and would like to compare their performance
    to previous models.

  207. Walter Zahler

    Walter Zahler
    Hickory, NC
    Handicap of 14
    Have used Srixon balls and would love to test new balls to see how they work for a Senior

  208. Would love to try these. Compare them to the Pro V1. Playes Srixon 2 years ago and loved them. Last year not as much.

  209. billy malooly

    billy malooly 302 Kossuth ave wesley I.A 50483 0-3 handicap.

  210. Phil Hollis

    i would like to test the new Srixon golf balls please….Phil Shandon golf club Petone 20 handicap

  211. Cliff Lattanzio

    Cliff Lattanzio
    Handicap index 9.2
    Would love to test and review Srixon-Z-Star balls

  212. Bradley T. Barker

    Srixon is challenging the status quo
    Brad Barker
    La Canada California
    handicap 13

  213. joe lopiccolo

    Joseph lopiccolo. 8 handicap New Orleans La. Currently playing prov1 looking for a comparable new ball hopefully Srixon has it.

  214. Dave Sanguinetti

    Dave Sanguinetti
    Livermore, CA 94551
    10.7 index

  215. Love to try these balls.; ( Zane. Howard. PO Box 5238. Wodonga Plaza, Vic, 3690. ) My Handicap is 20.7 and I play my golf at Thurgoona Golf Club and Beechworth Golf Club so I would be able to try these balls on both Grass And Sand Greens.

  216. John Tokarsky

    Currently play a competitor’s ball, would love to try these!
    John Tokarsky
    Youngstown, OH
    Hdcp factor – 13.9

  217. Peter Rigsbee

    Peter Rigsbee
    Kamuela, HI

  218. Manchester, England.
    8.3 HCP
    Currently use previous years Zstar XV.

  219. Follower of the AD 333 Tour, look forward to trying the Z-Star
    Handicap 16.1
    Val d’Oise; Ile-de-France

  220. Scott Perry

    Lockport ny. Handicap 12. I’ve been playing Q star. Would love to try

  221. I have played Srixon in the past. I am currently playing pro vs.

    Don Borgo
    Hartsville South Carolina

    15 Handicap

  222. Charleston SC
    5.1 handicap

  223. Mike D.
    Columbus, OH
    HCAP 16

  224. Matt Schairer

    Matt Schairer
    Trumbull, CT

  225. Kevin Bowen

    Currently using a selection of Srixon balls from Ad333 tour and XV . Bit of a convert to Srixon as wear better than most other balls , Handicapp 6.1 Pembrokeshire west wales

  226. Joe Glorence

    Joe Florence
    Mineral Bluff, GA 30559
    Handicap: 10.6

  227. Steven Launer

    Am trying TP5X, and always looking for that “perfect” ball.

  228. Steven Launer

    Am trying TP5X right now, but always looking for that “perfect” ball.

  229. Brent Danforth

    Brent Danforth
    120 W. Koplin Ave.
    Cissna Park, IL 60924

  230. 3.2 hdcp in Chicago (but have several golf trips planned in next few weeks/months.)

  231. Jason Warren

    I play the Srixon softfeel currently. They’re really a great ball. I would really enjoy testing these balls. I’ve got a mixture of Srixon balls I play. I will admit I play Pro V1 balls. I would be interested to see how the Srixon X-Star compared to a Pro-v1 in a true comparisons.
    I’m a -12 Handicap. I play at Calvert City Country Club, Calvert City, KY. I play 4-5 times a week…getting better, having a blast enjoying the game. Thanks

  232. Dean Jacobson

    Dean Jacobson
    Burnsville, MN
    8.4 Ghin index

  233. Frank Cairns

    I play with Zstar
    Somerset, England

  234. Summer and Fall – Rowayton, CT
    Winter and Spring – Ft Myers, FL

    +1 HCP

    I’m always looking for the better/best feel ball that I can feel absolutely confident with at address. Played Srixon Z-Star with the high visibility yellow covers for a few years. I recently started playing the Titleist AVX because I like the softer feel and they also came in a high vis yellow. I played the Pro V and ProV1x exclusively for years. Looking down on those Titleist markings just gives me a deep feeling of comfort. I go back to them when I need to reset my game. I’ve experimented with Callaway Chrome Soft, Bridgestone B330 Rx and Wilson Pro Urethane, but never felt fully confident with them. I may give the Taylor Made TP5 a try.

    I have been playing Srixon irons and utility irons for the last three seasons which I can’t say enough good things about, so matching up all with clubs would be a plus.

  235. Paul

  236. Gary Barros

    Retired, 12 hcp….play in Palm Springs 2x a week…Need the best affordable ball possible….Let’s give it a go !!

  237. Philip J Boyle

    used Srixon balls to score 2 holes in one in 2018. Would love to try the new ZStar ball

  238. Gary Barros

    Play in the the desert, twice a week. Mens team play. Like to test different balls for performance vs price .

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