PXG 0311 P GEN5 Irons Review

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The PXG 0311 P GEN5 irons are longer and more forgiving than their GEN4 predecessors.  Same great feel in a similarly attractive package.

Check out the new PXG 0311 P GEN6 irons HERE


The folks at PXG have made it known that they only release a new generation of clubs when they feel they have created something demonstrably better than what came before.  In the case of the GEN5 irons, that marker is primarily distance and forgiveness.  Find out about the tech behind PXG’s latest generation of irons and how they performed for me on course in this review.


PXG has really nailed down marrying player-preferred looks with forgiving technology.  The GEN5 irons feature attractive milling on the back of the club, very similar to GEN4.  This time, they’ve added two sections of contrasting dark steel at the heel and toe.  These are milled to look like they are separate pieces but the clubhead remains one solid piece.  They also emphasize the tungsten weights.

Overall, the looks feel like a logical continuation of GEN4 rather than a significant departure.  And that’s a good thing.  They’re eye-catching without being too flashy.

At address, the 0311 P irons look friendly but still relatively compact.  There is a moderate amount of offset, the topline is reasonably thin, and the blade length is not too short and not too long.  When it comes to game improvement irons, there aren’t any more attractive irons out there.

The 0311 P irons are the middle of PXG’s range of offerings.  They sit right between the T (review HERE) and XP (review HERE).  The P stands for “Players,” but these irons may be better described as “Players Distance.”

Sound & Feel

To me, sound and feel are PXG’s bread and butter.  Think fresh sourdough right out of the oven with whipped artisan butter.  For GEN5, PXG engineers worked to improve the XCOR material, creating XCOR2.  This polymer fills the inner cavity of the clubhead and, coupled with an incredibly thin face, creates a soft yet explosive feel at impact that is satisfying and unique to PXG.

Here’s an anecdote to illustrate how thin PXG iron clubfaces are and how integral the XCOR2 material is to the sound and feel of the irons.  In a presentation on GEN5 technology, PXG Chief Product Officer Brad Schweigert stated that, without the support of the XCOR2 polymer inside the clubhead, the clubface would begin to cave in after one strike.

The feel of impact is sublime.  I think that feeling of a well-struck iron shot is one of the primary reasons many of us keep coming back.  It seems that because of the forgiveness offered by these irons, this feeling happens a bit more often than it might otherwise.  The sound is explosive yet controlled.

In terms of feel, one of the big innovations from GEN4 has remained.  It is the large circular weight at the back of the clubhead.  PXG calls this Precision Weighting Technology.  Used during the fitting process to dial in swing weight to suit player preference, it is locked in place and not able to be changed afterwards.  This technology adds a valuable new variable to the fitting process that other OEMs don’t currently offer.


The 0311 P flies high, goes long, and feels great.  It’s a pleasure to look down at and is eye-catching in the bag.  Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on inside the club and why it performs the way it does.

One new piece of technology for GEN5 is the power channel.  This is a singular groove milled into the inside of the clubface.  This feature helps the face flex in a way that slightly increases both launch angle and ball speed.

For GEN5, the tungsten weights in the heel and toe of the club have been shifted further towards the perimeter of the club to boost MOI and forgiveness.  OEM testing shows about a 5% increase in MOI.  There has also been an additional weight added to the toe side.

Ultimately, the biggest difference in performance is distance.  The 0311 P GEN5 flies about 4 yards further than the same model in GEN4.  And before the loft police throw on the flashing lights, they are the exact same lofts as the prior generation.  The downside to this increase in distance is that they spin less.  In OEM robot testing, the 0311 P GEN5 spins nearly 400 rpm less than GEN4.

In terms of performance, how much this matters depends on what you’re looking for.  If your home course features firm turf, it might not feel worth it to sacrifice spin in order to gain distance.  If you play on softer, target-style golf courses, that extra distance might make a big difference in your game.  I think it depends on what you value and what your unique swing needs.

For better players seeking higher spinning irons, keep an eye out for my review of the 0311 T.  The newer version actually spins slightly more than the previous iteration, according to OEM testing.


The PXG 0311 P GEN5 irons are a continuation of the company’s commitment to innovation in iron technology and performance.  They look sharp, feel great, and go a mile.  As ever, they aren’t the most affordable irons on the market but those interested will already know that.

GEN5 irons will also be available in “Black Label Elite,” which means the irons come with the company’s Xtreme Dark Finish and Steel Fiber Private Reserve shafts.


PXG 0311 P GEN5 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Each time i check in i get the message about sign up and do you like free golf gear ,WHO DOESN,T ? . Sadly i know that living in Bulgaria i am not likely to get a free set of irons or a Driver . I Don,t mind about this as i signed up to read and get information about golf equipment and enjoy reading your posts and reviews .

  2. A big fan of PXG brought Gen 1 irons after a side by side fitting with Titleist and Mizuno. Price was close to other top of the line brands after military discount. When they launched Gen 2 I did not feel there was enough improvement to upgrade. Gen 3 yes current gamer. Then Gen 4 and now Gen 5 a year later very disapointed that PXG now is like Taylor Made and others. So maybe I will wait a year and try Gen 7

    • why are you disappointed? Does releasing Gen 5 change the way your Gen3s work for you?
      I think people just look for reasons to hate PXG, which is sad.

      • lessons the value of Gen 3 usually high end clubs do not come out with new versions every year. i guess you did not read where I am a big fan and currently game a full bag

        • “Lessens the value of Gen 3”? Did you buy those as an investment or to play with? Sounds as if the Gen3 work for you, so who would care what they release next?

    • I agree Rich. 4 yards, lower spin, and a 5% moi increase, in my opinion does not fit with PXG’s statement of not introducing another model unless it is an improvement on the previous. I’ve always admired the PXG business model, and I feel like these quick releases take away from their uniqueness.
      P.S. Thank You for your Service!

      • 4 yards is a huge gain. That’s a half club up in distance. And all the reviews I’ve seen say the new Gen5 irons “feel” ( that is always a subjective term) better than Gen4.

        • Idk if it’s a “huge” gain for 9/10 golfers, who aren’t going to deliver a quality strike through the ball and realize any of that extra distance. And even for the better ball strikers who do, is 12 feet really worth $3,000?

  3. Recently picked up Gen 4 and absolutely love the feel and performance I’m getting out of these clubs. Million dollar question, in your professional opinion as of right now, does Gen 5 feel and perform significantly better than Gen 4? The price right now at their launch is steep and I can hold off and enjoy what I have if/when price drops on Gen 5 but if the gains and feel is significant I might just have to pony up and trade my 4’s in. Great writeup!

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hi Geoff,

      Thanks for the question. I totally understand why you ask it and you won’t be the last. But there’s really no way for me to give a straight answer. I think I laid out the primary differences in performance in the review, but feel is subjective. What might feel “significantly” better to me may not to you. As you rightly said, price becomes a consideration for most of us, too. In the end, you have to weigh the pros and cons and make the call for yourself. Keep an eye out for reviews of the woods popping up in the coming weeks!


  4. Nice! First review I’ve seen…looking forward to hitting these in a fitting in a couple of weeks! Then just have to decide GEN4 or GEN5. The price point on the GEN4’s right now is also a sweet spot!

  5. Strong lofts(my Titleist T100s 7 iron is 34 degrees) and 4 yards and less spin is not impressive). I have a PXG 0311 Gen 4 and it’s great. I don’t see the magic about PXG when they have a full bag of the Xtreme Dark for approximately $6000. It’s for a certain small crowd, someone that’s not affected by inflation and has money to burn.

  6. What a great offering from Pxg. I would love to get a set but I just bought a set of Itobori.
    But these make me jealous.
    Great review Dylan.

  7. I did not realize thise dark sextions were not weights. Very odd choice. Can’t wait to see the GEN5 driver review .

  8. Tony figueredo

    Have loved your clubs for years, but they’re a little out of my price range. I’ve read that there’s a program about getting a free set of irons, how does that work. Thank you, a fan.

  9. Is there a difference in looks at address between the gen 4 and gen 5?

  10. Thank you for the review. I purchased the Gen 4 Ps in January 2022 at their Scottsdale fitting facility. I have been using Gen 1s since they came out and they have been great. Have won 3 club championships with them. I am a little older now, upper 50s and have lost some flexibility and speed so the Gen 4s gave me 7 yards on a 7 iron and the same spins based on a side by side comparison, so I purchased them. To be honest I was frustrated at first when the gen 5s just came out a couple of months later, however seeing your review, and the fact I play mostly fast firm courses, a lower spin would not be good for me. Thank you

  11. Just did a fitting at their Scottsdale location today. Currently play Gen 3 Ts and I wasn’t getting any significant changes from Gen 3 versus Gen 5. Gen 5 is a softer feel then Gen 4 and more like the Gen 3 softness which I love. Gen 5s are good but no reason to switch for me. Gen 5 driver is good. I like the setup and the ball feel off the face. However I hit my M5 driver within 2-3 yards of the Gen 5 so again not a sizeable difference (for me). PXG continues to make a good product and I will continue to be a fan and customer.

  12. I admire what PXG has done in the golf industry. Great products and a bespoke feeling product in a studio fitting environment that is arguably the best in the industry.

    Currently charging 50 dollars for a fitting? Find me better value. My father went to phily and got a whole bag that has changed his whole game and at 83 years old, added 20 consistent yards every drive, he plays a lot, and wow so happy!! My wife just fit into the Z hybrid whole bad set and the fitter tray was amazing, she was very happy and wow she was hitting the ball high and long.

    I have tried getting around spending money for clubs a long time, ebay-second hand, ect. driver here, hybrid there, player cavity extra stiff unfit boardy irons there. I fit into the gen 5 P and they were fantastic! I bought the black iron set that comes with the private reserve shaft 110 S. And I couldn’t be happier. I have tried everything. This is the future. Direct to consumer fitting centers. For the money, I am unaware of a better value experience in golf. Different lines, different clubs, and different price tiers. If you don’t want what I bought don’t buy it! Buy a cheaper great performing product from the same company. Just spend 50 bucks and go get fit and embrace the value you are very likely to find. Also, buy direct from all companies where you can- give them the full value of their great products. Wine cigars and golf clubs should not be bought on a budget, unless that is how you are…. Cheers to living in America with all the freedom and choice and free information, thanks also plugged in golf!

  13. Simon Butler

    Chaps, always love your reviews. Any news when your Gen 5 T Irons review will be published? Had a look at the Gen 4 P recently and felt they were a little chunky. Any thoughts on how the Gen 5 compare?

  14. Bought the Gen 5 Black Reserve irons with the 110S Aero Tech Steel Fiber shafts after playing Mizuno JPX 900 with KBS steel C-Taper 125 Gram Stiff for years. I was sceptical, but these irons are at least 1 1/2 clubs longer with a penetrating ball flight. Feel is incredible, you know when you hit a good or a bad shit, but very forgiving on miss hits. I will never play another brand of irons or ever go back to steel shafts.

    Yes the clubs are pricey. But you get what you pay for. Just like steak is more expensive than hamburger. I couldn’t afford these when I was younger, just blessed that I can enjoy these and watch my scores drop once I get use to the distance gains. Just easier to hit a 7 iron where I would be hitting a 5 iron.

  15. Mike Winner

    Headed for a fitting tomorrow and pretty excited for 74 years old guy who began playing golf only 64 years ago at 10 years old with a set of Sears Ted Williams clubs. Finally, was able to buy what I wanted and player Titleist from blades to the newest cavity backs. I am wondering if I should expect a real noticeable difference and also am looking at Senior shafts for first time.

  16. Looking forward to putting Gen 5 in my bag next week after fitting Gen 4 has been good but I love the feel of Gen 5 better and was gaining on average 5-9 yds more w Gen 5 after comparing a brief track man experiment. PXG is so good it’s scary.

  17. John J Allaway

    I purchased the 0211 irons, driver, and three wood. I love all of them, the more I use them the better they get. These are the best, also just what I was hoping to find.

  18. I recently switched from Gen 4 0311 P to Gen 5 0311 P. Your review is spot on. Overall in my opinion, Gen 5 has a more crispy feel than Gen 4. I also am getting a better descent angle on my approach shots to greens. My ball is sticking more on greens which I was getting a little more roll out with Gen 4. Both models are very very good but I have to say, in all honestly, Gen 5 is the best irons I’ve had in my bag now and I’ve had a lot of different brands over the years.

    • Good afternoonGeoff, after a fitting last week in N.H. I purchased the 0311 Gen5 irions , with the black face , also received the hero discount , I was surprised at the distance & height , also the accuracy l am a high handicapper but walked away from the fitting very happy never ben fitted for clubs so ben wasting money, also purchased the Gen 5 driver ( $500. Fri vet for $249. ) with the military discount can’t go wrong. Love reading your reviews have a great fall & winter.

  19. Regarding the “lower spin”, wouldn’t the shaft have more to do with that? I’m sure you used the same shaft for comparison, but how much does the head matter vs. the shaft? Thanks!

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hi Jim

      Shaft choice can definitely impact spin characteristics. But OEM robot testing shows the same differences in spin I discussed in my reviews. So, to answer your question directly, in this case the head matters quite a bit.


  20. I’m about to press the button to purchase Gen5 0311P irons, but wondering if I should be looking at the game improvement model(one step below). I’m an 8 handicap, with a steep swing. Difficult to get the ball high. Will Gen5 0311P irons help me with forgiveness and height?

  21. I had a fitting in May and purchased an entire bag of Gen4 0311P irons, Driver, 7 wood, 5 wood, putter, 50 deg, 54 deg and 58 degree wedges. All I can say after three moths of play, ~50 rounds of golf that these clubs are the real deal. The look, feel and accuracy are amazing. know that for me the purchase was worth every penny. My game has improved significantly. I went from a 11 handicap to a 3.5 handicap. I have more eagles, birdies and sub-par rounds than I have ever had by a large margin. I used to get a birdie or two a round. Now I typically have three or four birdies a round.

    Yes, it’s a significant investment, but in my opinion it’s worth it if you are serious about improving your game. The clubs will not be the limiting factor.

  22. Hello All,
    I am a scratch golfer I live in Dallas Area. If you are on The Grint app feel free to verify TheArnieRice. I have played with Titleist from the time I was a 6 handicap until I reached my lowest of a +3.8 handicap. I saw PXG was having a sale and I was due for new clubs so I got the Gen3 0311 T irons. Then I added the Wedges 52, 56, & 60. Then the driver (immediately sold it to my son with a slower swing speed). I then went and got fit by PXG in Plano, TX. Best decision ever. Now, I have a Gen 4 5wood and Driver (with a $300 upgraded shaft each). I crush them. So I guess my point is don’t like or dislike PXG until you spend the $25 (yes $25) to go spend 60-90mins to get fit by someone that knows the clubs and golf!! I don’t agree with $345/club but $200/$250 I would never hit anything else.
    Keep up the good work PXG!!

  23. George Crisostomo

    Recently bought my PXG Gen5 Set and let me tell you, I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Irons are awesome. The Feel and Sound at contact is Unbelievable!!! Hybrids are the best I’ve ever hit. My 3 Wood goes as far as the Driver! Solid club! Still need to get use to the Driver. Overall, these are the BEST clubs I’ve ever owned.

  24. Dylan did you get to hit all irons?I ask as I’m interested in how the short irons like wedge etc look and play can’t see them where I live.

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hi Harkshark,

      Yep, I hit every club. Not sure exactly how to answer your question here but they look great. Fairly compact, medium-thin topline, nice shape, not too much offset. Hope that helps.


  25. Karuvath ENU

    I gest got fitted for a whole set of G5 ,Ihave not got the set yet .Ihave been playing with PING FOR THE LAST 20 YRS,.Iam 84 and a 13 handicapper .i will let you soon how i enjoy the set.

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