PXG 0311 P GEN6 Irons Review

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The PXG 0311 P GEN6 irons remain among the fastest and longest in the game, but they’re also some of the most consistent.  Solid landing angles.  Playable for a huge range of golfers.


When they launched the original 0311 irons, PXG changed the way that irons were made.  Ever since, they’ve remained at the forefront of innovation in this category.  But golf equipment is a copycat game, and many of their competitors have been catching up.  How is PXG staying one step ahead?  Let’s discuss in this deep dive into the PXG 0311 P GEN6 irons.

pxg 0311 p gen6 irons address


The PXG 0311 P GEN6 iron sits in the middle of their line up, and is described as a “midsize” iron with moderate offset.  Personally, I would be more generous and say that this iron sits on the border of players and game improvement.  The heel-to-toe length is average, but the top line looks fairly slim.  Also, the contrast between the matte face and chrome hosel really hides the offset well.  Finally, you can see below that the leading edge transitions fairly dramatically from straight in the long irons to rounded in the wedges.

In the bag, the 0311 P GEN6 irons puts a slight variation on what we saw in the 0311 P GEN5 irons [review HERE].  The entire bottom rail is black – not just the toe and heel – and all the weights are silver.  There is limited branding on the back – just one PXG badge on the toe – because the model is noted on the hosel.

pxg 0311 p gen6 irons face

Sound & Feel

With the exception of the ST (Super Tours, review HERE) it’s been a couple generations since I have reviewed PXG’s irons.  One of the things I was curious to find is if they retained their trademark “bounce” off the face with the new XCOR2 core.  I was pleased to find that they have, though it is reserved for the pure strikes.  Across the face, the PXG 0311 P GEN6 irons are very soft in the hands.

That soft feel is complemented by an extremely quiet impact sound.  Striking a premium ball – even indoors – makes little more than a low-pitched “thud.”  I only found notable audio feedback on very thin strikes, but there was plenty of feedback through the hands.

pxg 0311 p gen6 irons in bag soles


PXG has always stated that they don’t release new product unless it’s demonstrably better than the current stuff.  To back that up, they’ve become the industry leader in sharing their testing data to let golfers know exactly what has improved.  In the PXG 0311 P GEN6 irons, they’ve created an iron that’s both longer and straighter.

A longer iron starts with a thinner face and a barely-legal .833 COR.  That face is supported by the XCOR2 core material, without which the face would dent after one swing.  Also carrying forward from GEN5 is the Milled Power Channel inside the face which not only boosts ball speeds, it increases launch angle.  All that adds up to 1 MPH of extra ball speed, slightly higher launch and lower spin, and 3.5 yards of extra distance.

The bigger gains are in forgiveness, dispersion, and consistency.  By putting more mass in the top rail, PXG boosted the MOI by 2.2% over GEN5.  That – plus more weight in the heel and toe – shrank the dispersion of the PXG 0311 P GEN6 irons by 35%.  Additionally, looking at the distance produced on different areas of the face, the GEN6 is much more consistent than GEN5.

Need even more forgiveness?  Check out the PXG 0311 XP GEN6 irons HERE

My own testing mirrored much of what PXG shared from theirs.  I was certainly impressed with the top end ball speed, but what really stood out was the consistency of the distance.  On a series of four swings that included a heel shot, a thin, a good strike, and a ball that was absolutely demolished, the carry distances were 178, 179, 180, and 182.  It’s also worth noting that my landing angles were above 45 degrees through the 6I, and the 4I and 5I were still in the low 40s.

Another thing that stands out about the PXG 0311 P GEN6 irons is the sole.  They’re outstanding at smoothing out slightly fat strikes, but they never feel clumsy.  They are wider and have more bounce than the irons I game, but I had no problem pinching the ball off tight lies.  This combination of versatility and forgiveness is easy to overlook, but it’s going to become a favorite feature for those that play them.

Finally, PXG continues to be a leader in the area of custom fitting.  Precision Weighting Technology allows PXG fitters to modify swing weight while keeping the CG centered.  In my fitting, we used this to increase the swing weight slightly and boost the launch angle.  Swing weight can be a massive factor in a club’s performance, but PXG is the only OEM that makes it a focus of the fitting process.

pxg 0311 p gen6 irons back


Regardless of your handicap, if you want an iron that’s long, consistent, and routinely puts the ball where you’re aiming, the PXG 0311 P GEN6 irons are tough to beat.  Pair all this iron’s technology with the kind of high quality fitting PXG makes available and you have the ingredients for your best irons ever.


PXG 0311 P GEN6 Irons Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Purchased these yesterday and your review is spot on. Playing Gen 5 now and wanted to see difference. Slightly higher ball speed, better descent angle, feel was better than G5. Can’t describe it. Cannot stress enough to get fit properly for these irons. They’re not “off the rack” clubs. Various weight, shaft combos need to be played around with to dial you in perfectly.

  2. Some of the images on social media lead me to believe the P looks closer to the T than previous versions. Did you get that sense?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, to my eye the P is “better” looking than it has been in the past – slimmer, less offset, etc.



      • Just FYI
        The gen 6P vs gen 5P has:
        Same bounce, same loft, same offset in their specs. I’ve heard a few people claiming they are much slimmer but the specs are identical. Maybe a bit more chambering to achieve an appearance of less but it’s not. Same offset.

        • Matt Saternus

          I said the P looks slimmer than in the past. I didn’t review the GEN5, so I wasn’t speaking to that set specifically.


      • Which irons would you recommend to an 18 handicap out of these or the paradym x?

        • Matt Saternus


          My advice is always to get fit.
          I would note that your pairing is a bit unusual as you’ve chosen the larger of two irons in the Paradym family and the smaller, more players iron in the PXG line. Is there a reason for that?


  3. Been playing the OG 211 irons for 4 years and it’s time for a new set. I convinced myself to avoid PXG just to freshen it up and, let’s face it, those commercials make me NOT want to buy them. Your excellent review is not the only early glowing review of Gen 6 P. I may need to suck it up and include them in my testing mix.

  4. For you, how do these compare to ping g430?

    I tried the G430 and loved the feel and forgiveness, but I felt the gen 5 XPs were more consistent, for me. I will be comparing gen 5 vs gen 6 XP in an upcoming fitting and now wonder if I should try the gen 6 Ps. My current miss is a thin shot, so I will have to see what is better in-person for me.

    All great irons!

    Thanks for your great reviews.

  5. Jay Vincent

    I had a fitting last December at Tiburon naples Fl what a fiasco that was the [fitter] David Jacobs put me into reg stock steel shafts. I thought I was going fishing!!! Pxg corporate
    Redrafted them at no charge I still couldn’t hit them pxg took them back & refunded me fully
    Great company fitter was just a salesman

  6. Jeff Patterson

    Gen 4 are the best irons I have ever used , these Gen 6 look excellent but I doubt my bank manager would be quite so enthusiastic .

    • I tested both irons as they were the favorite ones I hit. The feel for both are great but to my surprise pxg was softer. The head weighting through custom fitting won me over w pxg. Easier to swing. Dispersion and forgiveness was a bit better. W the jpx 923 forged I was hitting my 7 iron 165ish and pxg 175ish +. Both irons are 30 degrees of loft which was interesting. Cant go wrong with either but I feel the pxg is the better overall package.

  7. Hi Matt, great review. I also read your review of the JPX 923 Forged, and noticed that PXG’s P line is the same in terms of loft from the 7 through GW, and just one degree stronger on the long end. I know you hit them on different days, but wondered if you might be able to offer any insight into how they compare? Did one stand out as more forgiving, or were they roughly the same? Did one launch higher or spin more, or again, same ballpark, since they’re basically the same lofts throughout the set? Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      For forgiveness relative to size, I don’t think anyone beats PXG. That said, I don’t think the margins are enormous. With regard to launch and spin, I hesitate to say anything definitive because I didn’t get to hit them both with the same shaft.



    • I tested both irons as they were the favorite ones I hit. The feel for both are great but to my surprise pxg was softer. The head weighting through custom fitting won me over w pxg. Easier to swing. Dispersion and forgiveness was a bit better. W the jpx 923 forged I was hitting my 7 iron 165ish and pxg 175ish +. Both irons are 30 degrees of loft which was interesting. Cant go wrong with either but I feel the pxg is the better overall package.

  8. Great review sir. I had a fitting in early January with the Gen5s that left me liking them, but my swing was abysmal that week so they offered the option to do a follow up fitting after I fixed my swing. I went back March 10th and they had the Gen6. REALLY liked the results! I put my order in following the fitting that day. Delivered on the 20th. 10 days from order to front door delivery? WOW!
    The ONLY regret I think I have is not getting the dark color. With the shaft upgrade ibended up needing the overall price would have been a wash. And yes, I truly needed the different shaft. The fitting and conparison of multiple set-ups was very focused, well thought out and very thorough. This is not my first fitting or my first set of clubs. Cannot recommend PXG highly enough.

  9. The face is stated in the PXG website to be 15% thinner rather than the 5% mentioned.

  10. Michael Pasvantis

    Wish these came in either all chrome or all black. Do not like the two tone. Looks clunky.

  11. Great as always Matt. I have Gen 4 Ts and am confused why there’s no T with Gen 6. Is that due to the 317s maybe and the range of 311s has shrunk 3 to 2?

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you.
      Yes, my belief (not based on reporting, just my sense of things) is that PXG will be moving the T iron into a different line alongside the 0317 that might update more slowly.



  12. Steve Lundstedt

    Please remind me..what irons do you game?

  13. Playing GEN 3, fitted 2 months ago for GEN 5. Received the clubs and before I have had the chance to go to the course, they issue GEN 6. I am attempting to return them and pay the difference, will keep you posted.

    • Why not go back and get fit for GEN 6 and compare what you have to them? Your buyers remorse seems over warranted. As well, rumors of PXG releasing GEN 6 have been out there for a couple of months. Perhaps you pulled the trigger too soon because of the great price you got! Sounds like a case of “sour grapes” to me and you haven’t even tasted the fruit! Even Rory went back to the old trusted Stealth after using the Stealth 2.

    • Steve Dodds

      Don’t be so sure newer is better.

      I’ve been playing the Gen3 0311Ps for a while and have done fittings comparing them to the Gen4 and then the Gen5 with the same (Steelfiber i95) and different shafts.

      Each time the fitter and the numbers showed that the Gen3s were either better or at minimum no worse. Feel was better than the Gen4s and about the same as Gen5s.

      So your Gen5s may well perform better or the same as the Gen6. I think they look better. Try both.

      Now that the lunch of Gen6 has lead to a big price cut on Gen5, what I would do is ask PXG to refund the price difference. They have done this for me in the past.

      • I agree. Also been playing Gen3 Ps. The Gen 4 and 5 were hotter, but flatter and less spin, so I wasn’t convinced they would hold the green. In addition, I like the Modus Pro3 steel shafts, which PXG hasn’t been able to get for a couple of years.

        If Gen6 has a steeper descent angle, this may help with them being even lower spin.

  14. Rick Scott


    How do they compare to your recently reviewed Paradym X?

    • Matt Saternus


      They’re not entirely comparable. The Paradym X is bigger, stronger lofts, more offset.



  15. Matt, am I mistaken to be thinking about choosing between the Gen6 P iron and the Mizuno 923 Forged? Your review has me wondering if the new 0311 P is more of a competitor to a bigger iron such as the Hot Metal Pro.

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with either of those choices. I think you will get a lot more forgiveness from the PXG, but they’re not too different in size.



  16. Hi Matt,

    Since you have reviewed the Gen4 (which I game), do you think the Gen6 is worthwhile upgrade? I didn’t find the Gen5 to be a notable imrovement under real-life conditions on the course. Unfortunately, theres is no way for me to demo Gen6 around here. I certainly prefer the cleaner looks of Gen4.


  17. Michael Perlman

    Is there a hero program price for the Gen 6 irons? Have Gen 2 and Gen 4 irons. How do they compare distance wise to Callaway Paradygm X irons? Are they as long?

    • Matt Saternus


      You would need to contact PXG about any discounts.
      For me, the Paradym X irons were a bit longer than the 0311 P, but not nearly as versatile.


  18. Great review, how would you compare these to the Ping G430 irons?

    Thank you!

  19. Michael W. Carroll

    PXG or Titleist
    How much of a difference in distance regarding the new PXG and say the Titleist T200
    I am a senior 71 once carried a +1 handicap now play to a 3-4 – looking to improve distance as the swing speed of old is not quite the same as the swing speed of today. Generally around 90-94 mph occasionally will hit 95 but generally I would say the avg is around 93 mph. Currently play a PXG 0311 Gen 5 along with Tour Edge irons ( not happy at all with the irons). I did at one time play Titleist irons ( in the 90’s) – any help will be appreciated. Thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      It will depend on the fit, but generally I’d say the PXGs will be a bit longer.


  20. Mike Jesmer

    I bought the PXG Gen 5 irons in March to replace 2016 Callaway Apex Pro. I have half a dozen games on them now and love them. Big improvement over my old clubs. Better solid feel, better sound, about 10yards longer and more forgiving. They are just more fun to hit. My golf partner has commented how much quieter and solid they sound. I also tried the Mizuno JPX 923 which were also very nice. The PXG just felt better.

    Senior Golfer

    • Andy Wood

      Former collegiate golfer now 54yr old dad of teenagers, coming at it from the perspective of a guy who resists change and doesn’t play a ton of golf, but when I do I still want to score well and feel like I have go chance of going low.

      My club history:
      Chi Chi Rodriguez starter set
      Lynx Ladies
      Wilson Staff blades
      Ping Eye 2
      Nike Pro Combo forged
      Callaway Razr X forged
      And as of today… PXG Gen6 0311 P

      My fitter in Bellevue, WA (Taylor) was superb, data oriented and not a pushy salesman. I recently hit the Titleists, Mizunos, Pings, Taylor Mades, Srixon etc. and the PXG, for me, provided the best combination of feel and forgiveness. Once we got my basic preferences dialed in on the shaft & weight combos, we honed in on side-by-side comparisons with my favorites, and I had him immediately cancel out the shots when i dug too deeply into the driving mat. . I ended up with +1 weighting and a KBS C-Taperlite 110 stiff shaft.

      I think I’m good for another 10-15 years. Thanks for the review.

  21. Thanks for another great review.

    So the 0311 P’s are easy launch and super forgiving.
    * My question is, do they launch the ball maybe a little too high?
    * And, If you then try and flight a ball down, would it have too little spin to stop the ball with any degree of consistency?
    * How workable would you consider these irons? Normally, forgiveness and workability is like oil and water.

    • Matt Saternus


      To your first two questions, that’s a matter of fit. “Too high” for you might be perfect for me. To workability, I had no issue working these. Workability and forgiveness are not mutually exclusive.



  22. Todd Addison

    I tested JPX forged 223 , P770 , P790 and Gen 6 on the course. Gen 6 was hands down the easiest for me to hit repeatable shots from 190-120. I’m not a PXG fan boy be any means. I tried their Gen 2 for a few months and didn’t like them. It’s been a while since I even gave them a look. The reviews are good and are Accurate on this iron! Buy them!

  23. What would you say is more forgiving..The Gen 6 0311 P or the p790s?

  24. I’ve never spent this much on clubs. I’m also not a fanboy of anything, opr PXG. So I’m not someone that’s going to say these are great when they may not be. I’m 50 years old, a 4 handicap, and the Gen6 are the most incredible clubs I’ve ever hit. I only bought the 4-PW and three Sugar Daddy II wedges, and the 21 degree hybrid. Here’s what you need to know. I bought the 4,5,6 in the XP, and the 6,7,8,9,W in the P versions. I needed help hitting the long irons. I was fitted for the woods, but I use Taylormade M6 Driver and 3W and they are FAR superior. The IRONS, however, are another story. Historically, I’ve played PING and most recently Mizuno JPX921 Forged. I’ve played four rounds now with the PXG irons. i’ve shot 73,74,73,69. These clubs really ARE incredible. Misses don’t feel like misses. Good shots feel incredible. I’ve had one ace and one eagle (par four) from 99 yards. So, the real scoop on the long irons, the first time I had to hit my 4I, I hit a beautiful, high draw, 20 feet for birdie. Every shot – every shot – with these clubs has been amazing. The wedges are also incredible. I was using Ping forged wedges. Wasn’t getting spin. Wasn’t getting close to the pins with them. I’ve already holed out from 99 yards with my 50 degree wedge and all of them have high spin rates, which is what I was looking for. BUT, like the irons, they FEEL amazing. At address, the swing, impact, all incredible. The hybrid is really great too. Feels great, 21 degrees and the flight is a little high, but I can work on that. Mostly due to the shaft, I’m sure. COuple things: I had the 4,5,6 XP’s weakened by 3 degrees each (my request, not the fitting) to make sure the gapping is correct. If you split the set (which I highly recommend), make sure you do this, because you will end up with two clubs with the same loft. In other words, two 6-irons. The XPs (if I recall) are 3-4 degrees stronger per club). Listen folks, I don’t spend this kind of money on clubs – ever. But I’m telling you – WORTH EVERY PENNY. The woods, not so much.

  25. Joe kennington

    Great information on the other posts. I have.gen 5 irons midsize grip, as well as GEN five driver. I recently went back to the local fitter to check out the GEN six. No doubt about it. The GEN six driver was longer and more consistent than my GEN five driver. However, it seemed the GEN five irons for me. At least we’re as good as the GEN six irons. In distance and accuracy. I was wondering if that was an experience other people had had. Unfortunately, the grips that I normally use are midsize and the fitter only had regular grips for the GEN six. Any comments or recommendations you would have I would really appreciate. by the way, I did add the new GEN six driver to my bag as well as sugar, daddy wedge, 64°

  26. Bruce mulkin

    Just got fitted in Erie p.a. My experience was great. I tested better with the gen 5 irons then the gen 6 i am 71 first new clubs in 20 years and can’t wait to play them. Anyone apprehensive about getting fitted by pxg don’t be I’m a 10 handicap and my fitter was great.

  27. The club head size , are they larger and longer than the new P790 ? Or would you say the Gen6 P are more compact and smaller.

  28. Walter Green

    Getting fitted on January 27th, 2024. The question I have is what model should I be most interested in the XP or the P ? I have not been able to really find an answer in the difference of the two. I was a scratch golfer for many years but didn’t play as much for 10 years and getting back in the game now at age 62. I am probably playing to a 8-10 handicap now and wondered if the XP or P would be better for me. Thank’s and enjoyed reading the article and reviews.

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s exactly the question you’ll be able to answer for yourself in the fitting. As an 8-10 handicap, I would think the P, but everyone is different.


  29. Alan Ferguson

    Do you have a feel for what swing speed would benefit from these clubs? I’m a 9 handicapper but have a relatively low swing speed. My existing clubs were bought 12 years ago when I was playing off 22. I’ve improved a lot since then and am considering an upgrade. But I wonder if I’ll really see any benefit as I’m now 68 and unlikely to be getting any faster in my swing.

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no prescribed swing speed for these clubs. If they’re fit with the right shaft and specs, they can work just as well for fast swingers as slower swingers.



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