PXG 0311 XP GEN5 Irons Review

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The PXG 0311 XP GEN5 irons are longer and more forgiving than their GEN4 predecessors.  Exceptional looks and feel for a “game improvement” iron.

Check out the new PXG 0311 XP GEN6 Irons HERE


GEN5 appeared almost exactly a year after GEN4.  But that doesn’t mean PXG is going to start operating on a traditional, predictable product release calendar.  The company has made it known that it only releases new product when it represents a clear improvement over what came before.  In the case of GEN5, that means more distance and a new and improved core material.  Keep reading and learn all about the latest iteration of the 0311 XP.


My reviews of the 0311 T (HERE) and 0311 P (HERE) have already been published so it shouldn’t be any secret that I think that PXG’s GEN5 irons look fantastic.  I’m even more impressed by the looks of the XP because of its status as a game improvement iron.  While there’s a clear difference between the models in terms of blade length, offset, and topline, it’s not as dramatic as it could be.  At address, it looks very clean, without a bunch of visible tech protruding from the back of the club.  Simply put, the 0311 XP GEN5 is as attractive as game improvement irons get.

Overall, the looks are very similar to GEN4 with a few small differences.  And that’s a good thing.  The GEN5 irons feature intricate milling on the back of the club, very similar to GEN4.  This time, they’ve added two sections of contrasting dark steel at the heel and toe. These are milled to look like they are separate pieces but the clubhead is one solid piece. They also emphasize the tungsten weights, of which there has been an additional weight added to the toe side.

The 0311 XP (Xtreme Performance) is the most forgiving of the three irons in PXG’s core lineup, after the T (Tour) and P (Players).

Sound & Feel

The sound and feel of the 0311 XP is fantastic.  It’s unmatched in its category, as far as I’ve seen.  For GEN5, PXG engineers worked with its partner supplier to improve the XCOR material, creating XCOR2.  This polymer fills the inner cavity of the clubhead and, coupled with an incredibly thin face, creates a feeling at impact that is satisfying and unique to PXG.

If you’ve read my reviews of the 0311 T and 0311 P, the following anecdote will sound familiar.  But I want to include it here too because it illustrates how thin PXG iron clubfaces are and how integral the XCOR2 material is to the sound and feel of the irons.  In a presentation on GEN5 technology, PXG Chief Product Officer Brad Schweigert stated that, without the support of the XCOR2 polymer inside the clubhead, the clubface would begin to cave in after one strike.

Hitting these is a pleasurable experience.  It’s soft and explosive at the same time.  There isn’t nearly as much feedback as with the T model, and slightly less than the P, but it’s not that far off.

In terms of feel, one of the big innovations from GEN4 has remained.  It is the large circular weight at the back of the clubhead.  PXG calls this Precision Weighting Technology.  Used during the fitting process to dial in swing weight to suit player preference, it is locked in place and not able to be changed by the consumer like the changeable weights in woods.  This technology adds a valuable new variable to the fitting process that other OEMs don’t currently offer.


The 0311 XP is a monster of an iron.  Shots launch high, fly long, and feel good.  It looks great both at address and in the bag.  Let’s take a closer look at the tech and compare it to other models and the previous generation.

One new piece of technology for GEN5 is the power channel.  This is a singular groove milled into the inside of the clubface.  This feature helps the face flex in a way that slightly increases both launch angle and ball speed.

For GEN5, the tungsten weights in the heel and toe of the club have been shifted further towards the perimeter of the club to boost MOI and forgiveness.  OEM testing shows about a 5% increase in MOI.  There has also been an additional weight added to the toe side.

Let’s get into some quick comparisons.  When comparing the XP GEN5 to GEN4, the XP carries about 2 mph more ball speed, resulting in just under 5 yards of extra carry.  This comes with a small reduction in spin of just under 100 revs.  Bear in mind that the XP is PXG’s lowest spinning iron model.  Compared to the 0311 P GEN5, the XP carries about 10 yards more and spins about 300 revs less.

The 0311 XP does have stronger lofts than the 0311 P.  Some people like to point to this and cry foul, as if the distance gains were manipulated by way of loft jacking.  The reality is that the tech employed by PXG has produced distance gains, as the lofts have not changed since the prior generation.

In terms of performance, this iron is geared toward the player that is looking for help in terms of forgiveness and distance.  This player just wants to hit the ball straighter and further.  They aren’t necessarily going to care if the ball doesn’t stop on a dime as long as they were able to get it onto the green.


The PXG 0311 XP GEN5 irons are a continuation of the company’s commitment to innovation in iron technology and performance.  They look good, feel great, and are super long.  Gaming them isn’t cheap but that won’t come as any surprise.

GEN5 irons are also be available in “Black Label Elite,” which means the irons come with the company’s Xtreme Dark Finish and Steel Fiber Private Reserve shafts.


PXG 0311 XP GEN5 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Renny Grech

    Love the look of the club l,ve got a old set of clubs to have a new set that would help me get better score wow

  2. Steve Dodds

    Not every crap golfer fights a slice.

    Some, like myself, fight a draw.

    Offset may or may not make my left tendencies worse, but I believe it does. So I pay special attention to reviewer comments about the amount of offset in various irons.

    Too often they assume, rather than check.

    So I did.

    In the case of the Gen 5 XPs, the 7 iron does have more offset than the Gen5 P 7 iron.

    But when you adjust for loft, it has less.

    In other words the XP 8 iron has the same loft as the P 7 , but less offset.

  3. gary l finn

    I have hit every Iron on The Planet and I will have to say The PXG irons are the best PERIOD.

  4. William Dickman

    If your not playing PXG’S, your just playing hockey 🏑. Just go get a real fitting , buy a set of PXG’S, AND BE HAPPY!!!

    • Noel Levesque

      I had a fitting at the Atlanta store and it was great. Andre the manager was a solid guy and Matt the fitter was extremely knowledgeable. Two great guys. I bought Gen 4 extreme black finish XP irons full bag. 3 sugar daddy 2 wedges and all with X-shaft and double wraps jumbo grips. Definitely a great set of clubs. I play in two leagues a week and every one wants a peek at them. So far I am a happy customer. 👍⛳️🏌🏾‍♂️😎

  5. I love my Gen 4’s however, when/if Gen 5 are discounted their going in my bag. Already tested all lines and the review here is dead on accurate (as usual). Good writeup!

  6. i can only imagine how good they are to play and at $349 per club i will never find out – but personally i don’t like the look of them. I like something a bit sleeker and refined but its interesting how many people thing think they are great looking (guess its why we can all find something we love amongst the various brands).

  7. PXG fanboys show up to the review

    • Matt Saternus

      Just like the Mizuno fanboys, the TM fanboys, the Callaway fanboys, etc.
      Nothing wrong with enjoying your sticks.


    • Very insightful comment. Bet it took a long time to think out & compose such a detailed response.

  8. Richard Capone

    Like most of PXG irons, they look like plumbing tools to me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  9. Ken Benson

    $349 a club is way outside my budget considerations so guess I’ll never swing a PXG club. My Pings give me considerable distance and forgiveness so I’ll have to be satisfied with them. Thanks for the great review as usual, Dylan!!!

  10. Jeff Patterson

    I got the Gen4 XP 5-Gw a couple of months ago and can say without doubt they are the best irons I have ever hit , they just instill confidence when properly fitted . I have won four comps already with them and expect to go from 14 to single figures by the end of summer .

  11. Bill crable

    I bought the gen 4 XP’s in nov 2021 and the gen 5s in may 22 returned the 5s after hitting them a month could not take the tacky gaudy look of the black knobs on the heel and toe also the 5s are not milled as much as the gen 4s I reordered the gen 4 on July 1st they are a beautiful club

  12. Joeg Voll

    (I’m not sure how to properly word my question in an understandable & succinct manner, but here goes.) Can the PGX irons perform fluidly between models? Say a combo set of P & T models? I was thinking P models in 3-6 and T models 7-W. I’m wondering if the distance gapping would be fluid through out the set? I noticed you can customize by weakening and strengthen lofts which would help the cause but I’m guessing that would require a fitting to get the gaps honed in. I’m not knowledgeable enough to figure that out on my own but I’m definitely intrigued by the idea after the reviews I’ve read. I really want to give PXG a try and the price improvements add to my curiosity. Thanks for another excellent review!

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hi Joeg,

      Yes, I think you could definitely create a great combo set going from P to T or XP to P (4, 5, 6 in the P; 7, 8, 9, W in the T, for example). You would definitely want to get fit and make sure the lofts are properly adjusted though, because they do differ pretty significantly from one model to the next. Hope that helps.


      • Bailey Jones

        What would you recommend the combo set breakdown for XP to P? Was thinking 5 & 6 XP 7-G P would that work?

  13. Are PXG clubs “magic”? Absolutely not. Are they as good as anything out there? IMHO, absolutely. I had a really good PXG fitting & even though I didn’t purchase anything, was very impressed both with the fitting & the clubs themselves. When I need a new set of irons I’ll definitely consider PXG (though I will wait for that current year’s model to become last year’s model & go down in price so as to be comparable to the OEM offerings).

  14. Galen Jorgensen

    How come they don’t make a Sw in Gen 5 0311 xp irons

  15. Does the lower spin affect side spin or curvature in any way, ie would these clubs be more or less likely to go straight compared to other game improvement irons? Thanks

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hi George,

      It’s impossible for me to compare them to directly to other game improvement irons. The club is designed to help mitigate excessive curving of the ball though and to help players keep the ball relatively straight. Hope that helps.


  16. Yes, it does. Thank you.

  17. Joseph Bourdeau

    Hello Dylan, absolutely great review, as usual. I’m currently gaming 2021 Titleist T300’s . I was fitted into my current clubs and would want to be fitted into PXG’s. My question is , would I notice a considerable difference from these and my current set? Thank you.

  18. I know you can’t give a specific answer, but any genera thoughts are appreciated.

    I have Gen 3 XP irons with modus 120 stiff shafts. I did a PXG fitting recently and was fit into Gen 5 XP with steelfiber i95 shafts in regular. The dispersion and feel was much better.

    Obviously, these are very different shafts, but now I am left with the dilemma of reshuffling my Gen 3s or purchasing new Gen 5s at 3x the price.

    Any thought of whether the performance difference was more likely club head or shaft related? I imagine the difference between one generation to the next is minimal, but not sure about two generations of difference.


  19. Reshafting, not reshuffling.

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