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The Puma Titan Tour golf shoe is one of the most innovative shoes of the modern era with literal space technology in its materials.

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Puma Golf has made some great shoes in recent years like the Neo Lux and Biofusion Tour shoes.  While I was a big fan of both of these shoes, I’ve never been more impressed by Puma than I have with the new Titan Tour golf shoes.  The Titan Tour is not only a comfortable, good looking golf shoe, but has the impressive new Outlast cooling technology which makes the long hours of a hot day at the golf course that much more bearable.  As you may recall, we highlighted the Titan Tour as the “coolest” product at the 2015 PGA Show in Orlando.

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There are a lot of factors of the Puma Titan Tour golf shoe that make it an exceptional shoe, but its claim to fame is definitely going to be comfort.  The leather is sturdy, but not so hard that it’s pokey and gives you blisters.  The footbed gives you enough cushion, but still maintains the rigidity you would want in a golf shoe.

Most important in the comfort discussion is the new Outlast cooling technology.  According to Puma, Outlast is a temperature regulation technology that was designed for the space program and now they have implemented it into the Titan Tour to always keep your foot cool even as the temperatures rise.  While I haven’t had to wear these in 100º weather yet, I can tell you that these shoes are abnormally comfortable, and your feet don’t seem to get anywhere near as warm and sweaty as they do in a traditional leather shoe.

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Puma Golf seems to be really hitting their stride, not only in the new Titan Tour, but with the looks of all their new products.  After being the company outfitting some punk kid with long hair in a bright orange jumpsuit, Puma has found a real balance in making statements while giving the traditionalist a cool new option as well.  The all black Titan Tour looks like a traditional golf shoe with a basic white Puma stripe, and if you’re looking for a little flair, they’ve also included an alternate pair of yellow laces.  There are a wide range of colors available to fit a variety of tastes…and maybe we’ll be lucky enough one day to be able to get a pink pair like Rickie wore on his triumphant Sunday at the 2015 Players.  The appearance of the shoe reminds me of high-end Mercedes, or even Ferrari.  There are some interesting lines, definitive character, and an ample amount of sophistication.

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The basic elements of performance are present in the Puma Titan Tour with its lightweight Power Frame that increases flexibility and traction, the low-profile stealth cleat, and the Power Vamp that increases foot support while still allowing flexibility.  All of these components perform as advertised, but rather than really elaborating on these areas, I want to focus on the Outlast technology and how it works.

The first step in the Outlast “process” is that the Outlast coating on the Titan Tour’s memory foam insole absorbs the heat from your foot.  This creates a somewhat unfamiliar, yet comfortable, coolness in your leather shoe.  (DISCLAIMER: Let’s not get crazy here, it doesn’t feel like you stuck your foot in an ice box)

Once the heat is absorbed from your foot, the heat gets stored in the Outlast layer away from your foot.  In the event that there’s a temperature change, the Outlast material will then release the heat as necessary to warm your foot back up.  This “Goldilocks Effect” keeps the shoe, and your feet, from being too cold or too hot…they’re just right.

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I often think of my first pair of real golf shoes and how insanely different golf shoes are today.  Put it this way, they were $225 shoes I convinced my parents to buy me on clearance for $40…and they came stock with a sole full of metal spikes.  Real tear-up-the-green-and-destroy-the-clubhouse long metal spikes.  Where I’m going with this is that the technology in golf shoes has undoubtedly come a long way, but I never would have imagined some of the stuff we have seen in the past few years.  Sure, there’s the well-known Tiger Woods effect, but to think that a brand like Puma has created a shoe with literal space-age technology is amazing, super exciting, and totally mind blowing.  The Puma Titan Tour not only grasps the concept of thinking outside of the box in how to use new materials to reach new levels, but it sets a tone for all of the brands in the industry and innovation.  I like to imagine what players like Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones, and Harry Vardon would think if they were told they could play golf in a shoe with technology that was used in space travel…

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