Puma Biofusion Tour Golf Shoe Review

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LIGHT!  Super comfortable.  Great traction.  Very stable.  Did I say very light and comfortable?

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The evolution of Puma golf shoes has been quite interesting since the brand brought on Rickie Fowler.  As Puma gained traction in the market, the demand for quality, high end golf shoes became greater causing the brand to deliver a new shoe year after year that outmatches its predecessor.  Using their most advanced technologies, Puma has brought to market the Puma Biofusion Tour, a shoe they claim to be their “best performance golf shoe ever.”

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Upon my initial opening of the box and picking up one of the Puma Biofusion Tours, I thought “MAN, these are light…but how in the world are these going to be the least bit comfortable?”  Essentially, whenever a company tries to go lightweight, their shoes start to feel like cardboard and are extremely uncomfortable after about three wears.  This is not the case with the Biofusion Tour.

Not only are the shoes extremely lightweight and comfortable for extended periods of time, but they are extremely breathable due to Puma’s Textile Lining.  The combination of the EverFoam that adjusts to the contour of your foot, external EVA heel counter for great support and stability, and FusionFoam in the midsole that’s 15% lighter and more durable makes for one of the most, if not the most comfortable golf shoe I’ve ever worn.  Based on my previous Puma golf shoe experience, I can’t tell you that I’m shocked.

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The Puma Biofusion Tour is a great looking shoe.  Simple as that.  You can go down the path of Rickie Fowler bright orange, or you can you can black and white, white and black, or white and neon yellow.  There are a couple of limited edition offerings more on the loud side, but they too are great looking shoes.

All the shoes have the signature Puma stripe down the outside and the large Puma outline on the inside carrying on the tradition of the Cell Fusion from lines past.  Another nice feature is that each pair comes with two pairs of laces that allow you to go with a different look depending on your tastes.

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A golf shoe can look great, but that doesn’t mean the shoe can perform.  The Puma Biofusion Tour masters the blend of performance and style better than any shoe I have had to date.  The most noticeable characteristic was how unbelievably solid this shoe was throughout the entire swing (usually another major downfall for super lightweight shoes).  Puma took significant care in focusing on stability and support using components like PowerFrame, the mid foot traction bridge, and SmartQuills for additional traction from the standard Swing Speed Quill spikes.  I don’t mean this with any exaggeration: these shoes feel like a stable and supportive foundation that is totally velcro’d to the ground while maintaining flexibility when you need it.

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If you haven’t been willing to embrace Puma‘s presence in the golf shoe market, it’s about time you start doing so.  Get past whatever it is that’s holding you back and realize that Puma is offering one of the best all around shoes you are going to find in the golfing industry in the Biofusion Tour.  This blend of comfort and style is virtually unmatched in the golf world and I feel 100% comfortable suggesting that anyone would benefit from playing in the Puma Biofusion Tour.


The Puma Biofusion Tour is offered in four standard colorways and a couple of limited edition colorways with pricing starting at $169.

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