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The Puma Neo Lux is a great update to previous Puma Neo Classic Pro Type and Zero Limits shoes.  More comfortable.  More traditional looks.

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My previous day-to-day golf shoes were Puma Neo Classic Pro Types and I had them in both white and black.  I always thought they had a nice clean look with the signature Puma stripe but maintained a nice basic traditional leather look.  The Neo Classics were comfortable and had great performance, but they were like a traditional leather shoe rather than a more comfortable “gym shoe” style golf shoe.  In the modern era of golf, I would think someone would be able to succeed in combining the comfort of a gym shoe and the more traditional look and performance of a stiff leather shoe.  Well, Puma has done exactly that in the new Puma Neo Lux golf shoe.

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Earlier this year, we reviewed the Puma Biofusion Tour shoes and I said they were one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.  While I maintain that still, I want to add the Puma Neo Lux to that list.  The Neo Lux has a full-grain leather which is flexible but maintains its shape and “holds together” throughout the swing.  As goofy as that sounds, you know exactly what I mean if that’s ever been an issue for you before with a pair of shoes.

The inside of the shoe has a suede liner which has that traditional leather golf shoe feel, but there’s a lightweight sock liner that makes the shoe breath  better.  Slow recovery memory foam at the heel of the shoe is not only very comfortable, it prevents blisters from leather rubbing on your Achilles for 18 holes.  The largest contributor to the comfort of the Neo Lux golf shoe is the compression molded EVA midsole and combined with memory foam in the heel which give you a nice soft ride you will be able to sustain for a minimum of 18 holes on a hot summer day.

For my money, the Puma Neo Lux is the most comfortable high-end Puma golf shoe to date.

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Players today love to have different combinations of colors at their disposal, but selecting a specific set of colors is quite a commitment and can get expensive (trust me, my wife will tell you about my problem).  Puma made a really nice call with the Neo Lux shoes in offering four different color laces on a white/black shoe or a black/white shoe.  You get a nice basic foundation and can switch out your laces to get the dash of color you’re looking for.  With the Neo Lux’s elegant and sleek leather look, this is a really good move because it’s just a subtle touch of flair rather than a screaming statement that overpowers the elegance of your shoes.  Rest assured, the Puma Neo Lux is much more than just colorful laces.  It’s a shoe that shows class and means business out on the course.

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In my “professional” opinion, a golf shoes primary characteristic of performance is its comfort and the Puma Neo Lux knocked that category out of the park.  It doesn’t matter how good the “performance” of a shoe is if it isn’t comfortable for your round of golf.

Next, the shoe needs to maintain stability and allow you to put a lot of torque into your shoes while still maintaining balance and grip on the ground.  The SmartQuill system on the sole really grabs the ground well and allows for a secure platform throughout the entire swing.  These shoes are also properly waterproof and keep your feet dry throughout your round.  The Neo Lux really is indeed a complete package of a golf shoe that not only looks good, but will perform with any other elite golf shoe in the market.

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I fully anticipated that I would enjoy the Puma Neo Lux golf shoes, but I thought they would just be another solid golf shoe from a reputable company.  However, when I got them on my feet, I knew that I was going to be in for a much different experience than I initially thought.  The Neo Lux is the most comfortable Puma golf shoe I have ever worn and it felt reliable on every swing.  After a couple hours on the course in the Puma Neo Lux golf shoes, I returned to my car, pulled out my phone and emailed Cobra-Puma and told them “these are literally the best Puma golf shoes I have ever worn.  A true pleasure to review.”  I meant it, and now I need to go find a white pair as soon as possible.


The Puma Neo Lux retails for $179.99

Available in Ebony/White and White/Ebony with four different lace color options.

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