Project X PX 95 Iron Shaft Review

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The Project X PX 95 is the lightest steel Project X shaft currently offered and is designed for a nice mid-flight and high-end performance.


Taking a stab at playing the Project X PX 95 flighted steel iron shafts was the final step for me in completing the Project X steel shaft challenge.  I have officially played every steel iron shaft Project X has offered and have had all sorts of different results with each experience.  As documented in the PXi review, the PXi has been my gamer iron shaft so I am more than familiar with Project X performance in a lightweight iron shaft.  When Project X released an even lighter shaft than the PXi, I knew I had to see what the PX 95 was all about.

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Typical of any Project X steel shaft, the PX 95 Flighted shaft has the smooth stepless design with the signature Project X label on the bottom.  The polished chrome finish paired with the stepless design creates a very slick look.  Putting the PX 95 shaft with the right grip and club head will give you one serious looking golf club.

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One of the biggest reasons I have recently become such a fan of the lightweight Project X steel shafts is that they have more of an enhanced feel than their heavier counterparts (at least in my opinion).  With the feather-light Project X PX 95 Flighted iron shafts, Project X engineers actually used a design that gives descending “weight properties” throughout the set to give the golfer enhanced feel in the middle and scoring irons where golfers need the most touch.  How noticeable this was for me, I cannot say.  What I can say is that I found the PX 95 shaft to have a much different feel than previous Project X shafts I had hit.  First of all, they had the most response I have ever felt out of a Project X shaft to date.  That said, the shaft also felt a little softer-to-flex and smoother.  For my tastes, I need a little more of a sturdy feeling shaft, but I found the comfort and response pretty hard to argue with.

If you do some deep internet research, you will see some golfers claim that they felt elbow pain from the previous Project X lines.  Though I don’t know how specific that claim really is to the club shaft, I can tell you that Project X PX 95 Flighted shaft’s softer feel and lighter weight is going to leave you pain-free in your elbows.  If you still need a little more weight for your feel preferences, this can be addressed with a little lead tape or tungsten powder.

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I mentioned before that I found the Project X PX 95 Flighted steel shafts to be very comfortable and have some great feel, but the proof is really in the performance of this shaft.  The Flighted technology incorporates an exaggerated change in kick point throughout the set to control the ball’s trajectory for each club.  With the Flighted technology, the longer irons have a lower kick point to make it easier to get the ball higher in the air with an easier launch and a little more distance.  The Flighted technology, paired with the lighter shaft making it easier to generate more club speed, make the PX 95 Flighted shaft a distance machine.  In addition to a little extra distance, the longer irons were easy to control and shape to create a variety of different shots.

The shorter irons have a higher kick point which results in lower trajectories and make it feel more like you’re shooting darts at the green.  With the short irons, it was nice to be able to throw in a low shot with some good bite to it, but to also be able to get a nice floating shot into the air for a soft landing on the green.  The PX 95 is certainly not a one trick pony.

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It’s going to be hard for me to replace my Project X PXi irons anytime soon, but the PX 95’s certainly gave them a run for their money.  The PX 95 Flighted found a nice little place of its own in the Project X lineup rather than just a lighter version of the existing shafts.  For the golfers that are looking for upper-echelon performance characteristics, but perhaps need a softer and more comfortable shaft, the Project X PX 95 with Flighted technology are a great option for your set of irons.

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  1. Lawrence Williams

    Do you think the px95 plays to a tighter dispersion than the pxi? I just hit both today and the pxi felt “looser” ….5.5 flex for both

    • Lawrence, that’s an interesting question. I didn’t hit these shafts in the same clubs so I couldn’t tell you that I have an accurate “apples to apples” comparison. I have been gaming PXi’s for awhile now so it’s hard for me to say anything really beats them out. I would say the two shafts are comparable enough that I would play whichever one flights best and feels best for you.

      Best of luck!


  2. Hi Bill, do you know if these shafts are still available? There is no mention of them on the pxshaft website.

    • It looks like you can still find them at some places, but they’re starting to be backordered. Your best bet is to Google, look on ebay, or see if your local dealer can track down a more definite answer.



  3. How would you rate the XP95 vs the Project X 95 flighted shafts

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