PAYNTR X 005 F Golf Shoe Review

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The PAYNTR X 005 F spikeless golf shoe offers tremendous traction.  Innovative design elements enhance comfort and performance.   Distinctive looks.


When presented with the opportunity to review another pair of PAYNTR Golf shoes I jumped at it.  Matt Saternus and I were both impressed with the original X 001 F spikeless shoe [full review HERE], and Matt even ventured back into wearing spiked shoes after reviewing the X 004 RS [read it HERE].  Would the PAYNTR X 005 F shoes live up to my expectations?  Only one way to find out – testing.


Taking the PAYNTR X 005 F shoes out of the box they looked so familiar that I had to double check my current pair.  Although somewhat similar to the X 001 F, the true déjà vu culprit was Matt’s X 004 RFs.  From the ground up, the X 005 F and X 004 RF are identical best I can tell.   That’s not a knock – it seems smart to parlay a great looking design.

What sets the X 005 F apart from so many other golf shoes is the solid colored heel.  Another cool design twist is that the sides of the shoes are different from each other.  I really like the subtle “electric green” X in the strip of material on that extends from the heel opening down towards the arch area captured in the photo above.  And I love looking down at the clean, solid white toe box while setting up for a shot.

If you like groovy soles like I do, the PAYNTR X 005 F is sure to please.  The navy and silver graphics offer an intriguing backdrop to the clear traction elements, and the large electric green X really pops.  A window not only reveals the graphite propulsion plate but also the thick and inviting midsole.

The PAYNTR X 005 F is available in white/navy/electric green (shown here), black/dark grey/silver, and white/silver, black/electric green.


The comfort assessment of the PAYNTR X 005 F golf shoes actually started with my hands and eyes.  Taking the shoes out of the box, I couldn’t believe how soft and supple the uppers felt.  And my eyes were drawn to the ridges on the inside of the heel.  Those ridges, what PAYNTR calls “counters,” form the key feature of the PMX Fit Heel, which secures the back of the foot in a blister free way.  PAYNTR is so certain of this method that they offer a 90 day blister free warranty.

The counters felt odd when I first slipped on the shoes, but after a few minutes they became an afterthought.  I appreciated the lacing system, which held its tightness while I worked my way up and tied the strings.  The footbed felt supportive, and there was a nice amount of wiggle room for my toes.  The X 005 F had a wonderful natural flow while walking.  I went with my normal sizing and the fit was great.  After one range session, I realized that the X 005 F shoes would have been fine for a round of golf straight out of the box – so I wore them for 18 holes the next day.

PAYNTR X 005 F Golf Shoe sole


Even while walking, I could sense the traction elements engaging with the turf.  I’ve started flaring my front foot at address, and with my other spikeless shoes that’s a simple pivot.  The X 005 F had me so locked in that a slight lift of my foot was required.  Whether on tight Bermuda grass or crushed loose shell, flat lies or steep slopes, the PAYNTR X 005 F provided excellent traction.  The length, variety, and placement of the traction elements makes the PAYNTR X 005 F a true standout for connectivity with the ground.

Swing wise, the shoes provided solid lateral stability and transitioned nicely through impact.  It seems that the graphite propulsion plate I mentioned in the Looks section is aptly named.  PAYNTR states the plate “allows golfers to more effectively harness ground reaction forces” – I love seeing technology used in footwear.

PAYNTR X 005 F Golf Shoe heel

Another performance boost came from infusing nitrogen in the foam of the insole and midsole of the X 005 F.  PAYNTR engineers discovered the larger nitrogen molecule responded faster to applied forces, resulting in more efficient energy return.

PAYNTR X 005 F Golf Shoe


The traction of the PAYNTR X 005 F is so outstanding that it doesn’t seem fair to call it a spikeless golf shoe.  PAYNTR calls the comfort “holistic” and I have to agree.  I also concur that the X 005 F is “built for the biomechanics of the golf swing.”  Add in the great looks and the PAYNTR X 005 F becomes a compelling golf shoe choice from every perspective.


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  1. Eh, I am afraid I have to say, Buyer Beware. I ordered these shoes against my better judgment owing to my being a challenging fit for any shoe let alone a golf shoe bought sight unseen. I returned the shoes (postage paid by me) and now have to provide additional documentation to my credit card company that my shoes were indeed, returned. Apparently, Payntr is giving them a hard time on the refund which is too bad as the shoes are well made. Retailers who market (including many on this site) exclusively online need to be as liberal as possible in their returns if they are to stay viable. Even those who have cultivated a cult following from this site like SWAG, EDISON, and TRUE have to remain uber customer focused — or in the long run it will bite them. End of rant.

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