Payntr X 001 F Golf Shoe Review

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The Payntr X 001 F golf shoe is one of the most stable spikeless shoes on the market.  Tremendous traction.  Nice blend of comfort and structure.

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To most golfers, Payntr is a new name in the footwear category.  This may even be the first time you’re learning of them.  But while the company is fairly new to golf, the people behind it – David Paynter and Mike Forsey – have extensive experience with the footwear needs of athletes.  Matt Meeker and I tested the Payntr X 001 F golf shoe to see how the company’s first offering lives up to their goal of becoming “the innovative product alternative for the passionate golfer.”


Payntr’s website describes the brand as having “informed style and true performance enhancing benefit” (“informed style” is undoubtedly one the better phrases I’ve come across lately).  What I get from that description is that Payntr wants to make a high performance shoe that doesn’t look like a science project.  I think they’ve achieved that goal.

Roughly two thirds of the shoe, from the toe to the top of the laces, is one solid color.  The underlying texture is subtle, but it’s enough to keep the shoe from looking bland.  In the rear portion, Payntr steps up the look by revealing the sock-like liner and incorporating their “X” logo on the side.  There’s also a color change at the heel and the tiniest splash of color on the heel loop.

One cool, hidden detail is that the soles of the left and right shoe are different.  Under the right foot is a big, bold Payntr logo.  Under the left foot, the design is more modest with Payntr branding in the middle and a red X on the heel.

The Payntr X 001 F golf shoe is available in three colorways: white, grey, and black (mesh).


Matt Meeker and I both regarded the Payntr X 001 F as being very comfortable right out of the box.  They slip on easily with a little tug of the heel loop.  My first time wearing the X 001 F, I had them on for an entire day – four hours on my feet then a round of golf – and felt great the entire time.

Payntr uses the term “Holistic Comfort” to describe the mix of support, freedom, and cushioning.  I found myself very impressed by the way that this shoe blends those elements which are often at odds.  There’s enough room and give that my foot never felt smothered, but I also felt the shoes structure and support in every step.  Underfoot, there’s just enough cushioning to put a little bounce in your step.

Matt and I did have slightly different experiences with sizing.  I got my shoes in a 13, the same size I typically wear in FootJoy.  I found them to be a perfect fit.  Matt Meeker needed to size up to 10 from his normal 9.5.


The first thing that struck me when I unboxed the Payntr X 001 F is how tall the “spikes” are.  This gave me high expectations for traction, and these shoes did not let me down.  For me, the Payntr X 001 F is the new high water mark for traction in a spikeless shoe.  The combination of the height of the spikes and the mix of shapes and sizes allowed me to stay grounded in all types of lies and make any kind of swing I wanted to.

Tied to the traction is the “graphite power plate” and “zonally engineered” midsole.  These elements are designed to more effectively use the energy the golfer creates with the ground.  While I don’t know if these shoes have a measurable effect on club speed, I did feel great hitting drives in them.  My shoes were secure in the turf, and my feet were secure in my shoes, allowing me to swing powerfully.

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It’s also worth noting that the sole performs reasonably well on non-golf surfaces.  I thought that the tall spikes would be hazardous on pavement, but they’re soft enough that I was able to walk confidently.  While I would not recommend running on wet blacktop with these shoes, they’re more than capable of handling a couple errands after your round.

Finally, the Payntr X 001 F has excellent waterproofing.  The shoe is treated with a superhydrophobic solution called NeverWet.  That means water not only stays out of the shoe, it beads and rolls off immediately.

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If your current spikeless shoes aren’t providing the traction and stability that you want, check out the Payntr X 001 F golf shoes.  These shoes offer a very pleasing blend of structure and comfort while giving you the support to swing as hard as you please.


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  1. Excellent review. I bought a pair of the white X 001 F last spring when they first launched. I walk about 65% of the time and they were/are one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. The tech they used for the soles is so effective that I have all but given up wearing spiked shoes even in the wettest conditions. The membrane they use breaths extremely well in hot conditions, yet keeps my feet dry when it’s wet outside. Sizing for me ran true to size. I was so pleased that I bought a second pair in the black mesh last summer, and am getting similar results. I will buy another pair when they launch new colorways and/or styles which Payntr indicated will be forthcoming in the near future. When people research Mike Forsey and David Payntr’s backgrounds, they’ll appreciate why these golf shoes are a step above.

  2. Earl DeVeyra

    The current style looks like the common tennis shoe but I suggest putting a little polymer on the toes for some toe protection when the foot rolls on the follow through or push off

  3. Shooter Mcgavin

    Hey Matt ,
    If you had to pick between this shoe and the Footjoy Hyperflex which one would you choose?? I’m looking at getting one or the other , just want to make the best decision and don’t have a place to try both on . I’ve been wearing FJ DNA’s for the last few years but it’s time to replace. Thanks for any and all insight. And I always like and trust your reviews, keep up the good work!!

    • Matt Saternus

      I prefer the Payntr because the heel isn’t as tall as the FootJoy, but both are excellent shoes.



  4. I am really liking the look of these and I really enjoyed your review of them. I probably have to many pairs of golf shoes right now so I don’t need any (and these would be about as high as I would want to pay right now), but they are sure tempting.

  5. Bruce Laycraft

    Hi Matt,
    Perhaps you can solve an unusual problem I have with golfing shoes. Due to 9 hip/replacement surgeries on my left leg, I’ve lost 1 1/2 inches on that leg. Do you know of any manufacturer from whom I can purchase golf shoe soles that I can glue on to my regular shoes? Perhaps even just spikes that I could insert into the sole of my regular shoes?

    • Matt Saternus


      The closest thing I have seen to what you describe is a product called Golf Kicks. I’ve never tested them so I don’t know if it’s a quality product or not.



  6. How much “drop” do these have? Can you compare them to the TRUE’s you used to wear?

  7. Ken Caldwell

    How do these compare to the Puma PROADAPT? I like the Puma’s, but they’re difficult to put on and take off.

  8. Good review, I finally decide to buy a payntr golf shoe after a few months of thinking. I wear 9 on adidas and UA, fit great. The 9 for payntr fit perfect. The grip is better than ecco, adidas and UA spikeless shoe. Totally waterproof. My only regret, is I wait too long to buy these, a game changer for me.

  9. bill dehaan

    How did these shoes compare to the new offerings by Asics ???

  10. I wear a size 10 shoe. My Foot Joys have all been a size 10 and a comfortable fit. Are you able to tell me if the shoe size for a Payntr shoe run true to a Foot Joy Hyperflex shoe?

    • Matt Saternus


      In my experience, PAYNTR is similarly sized. At most, PAYNTR is 1/2 size smaller.



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