PAYNTR X 004 RS Golf Shoe Review

PAYNTR X 004 RS golf shoes

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The PAYNTR X 004 RS golf shoe has a remarkably comfortable heel and excellent traction.  Good stability and support.  Medium weight and heel height.

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PAYNTR X 004 RS golf shoes heel


There are some reviews I pursue because of reader requests, but I tracked down the PAYNTR X 004 RS for purely selfish reasons.  After talking with Professor Tyler Standifird [listen HERE], I’ve been wanting to go back to “real” spikes.  Since I had a great experience with the first PAYNTR golf shoes – the X 001 [review HERE] – trying the X 004 RS seemed like the obvious move.  Will these become my 2023 gamers?  Let’s find out.


Face on, the PAYNTR X 004 RS is pretty plain.  The toe box is solid white, and there’s minimal decoration around the laces.  A very small “PAYNTR” is placed at the top of the tongue.

When you move to the sides and back, you see that the X 004 RS has some personality.  My eyes took a quick stop at the “X” logo before moving to the unusual, tall black heel.  A closer scan revealed perforation throughout the white portions and a stripe of “X” and “Payntr” logos on the medial side.

The PAYNTR X 004 RS is available in white/black (shown here) and grey/black.  There is also a Luxe version which is white with a grey heel and an electric green sole.


If you’re anything like me, your first question upon seeing these shoes was, “What is going on with that heel?”  According to Payntr, this is a “blister free PMX-Fit heel,” the first of its kind in a golf shoe, and the first shoe I’ve encountered with a blister free warranty.  Practically speaking, this design replaces a “normal” heel with a material that’s softer and more flexible for increased comfort.  The top of the heel also arches away from you Achilles to prevent chafing.  Your foot is further isolated from the rubbing by the pads in the heel (above) that nudge your foot forward.

PAYNTR X 004 RS golf shoes side

Zooming out, the PAYNTR X 004 RS is a comfortable golf shoe.  The fit is in that sweet spot where you have room to move but don’t feel like you’re swimming in the shoe.  I found the sizing to be just a touch smaller than FootJoy’s.  Additionally, there are no hard elements in this shoe to pinch or stab your foot.

Underfoot cushioning also hits a nice midpoint between walking on a pillow and walking barefoot.  I felt a connection to the ground but also felt like the shoe was absorbing some of the impact of each step.


Since my goal in testing the PAYNTR X 004 RS was gaining traction, let’s start there.  These are the first golf shoes to feature the new SoftSpikes Tour Flex Pro spikes, and the traction is fantastic.  From mats to frozen turf to normal conditions, I was free to swing as hard as I want without fear of slipping.  These have become my go-to shoes for speed training.

Adding to the appeal of these shoes is the way the sole moves.  According to Payntr, they feature a “graphite propulsion plate” which “allows golfers to harness ground reaction forces more effectively.”  While I can’t report any noticeable gains in speed, it did feel like the sole moved with me very easily.  Some spiked shoes have soles that are very rigid, like you’re walking on a plank of wood.  The X 004 RS worked with my feet to pivot and twist during my swing.

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Working hand-in-hand with the sole is a gently structured upper.  There are no hard plastic elements, but the laces are impactful, allowing you to lock your foot down as much as you choose.

Finally, the PAYNTR X 004 RS has a medium weight and heel height.  In a size 13, they tip the scales at 15.4 ounces.  This is over two ounces less than the FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon [review HERE] but about three and half ounces more than the TRUE Linkswear Knit [review HERE].  Similarly, this is not a traditional shoe with a very large heel drop, but it’s not close to zero drop either.  For me, it’s right at the edge of tallest heel I would want to play in regularly.


With a balanced fit and outstanding traction, the PAYNTR X 004 RS is going to be a regular part of my golf shoe rotation for 2023.  And while I came for the added grip, I’m most impressed with the novel approach to blister prevention in the heel.  If you’re in the market for new golf shoes this year, give Payntr a serious look.


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  1. How would compare size to Nike/adidas? These look great

  2. Doug Mangette

    Are these shoes good for heavier guys? I am 260lbs. Comfort and durability are always concerns for me.

  3. Matt…
    Thank you for the great review! I see the upper is made with a bit of a stretchy material so I am curious about width. How do these shoes run width-wise? If I take a wide in Adidas and Nike, would I likely take a wide in these?

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately I haven’t worn a recent Nike or Adidas in a few years, but I would say that these are similar in width to FootJoy or any other shoe I’ve tried. If you typically need a wide, I would probably get a wide here, too.



  4. Brett Forte

    Hey Matt, I just ran across a YouTube ‘review’ of this shoe, except it was just a computer reading your review, with some video worked in. Posted under 7 Day Golf. Thought you’d want to know.

    Also, I’m a big fan of your reviews, I really appreciate your perspective, and find it’s communicated in a very relatable way. You all do a great job on your site! Thanks!


  5. Hey what size should I get I am wearing a 9M in the footjoy premier should I size up or to a 9.5 or 10?

  6. Jim Hammond

    I am a golf and travel writer based in New England with 23 years experience. Need some help ? I write for 3 major golf platform s. Jim Hammond Member golf writers association of America

  7. Dave Rafus

    Both the models seemed ‘tight’ or ‘slightly small’ compared to your normal shoe size? The reason I ask is I remember when Adidas had a narrow shoe box, and width was an issue, but True was wider in the shoe and I needed a smaller size…..
    Thank you for all you do!!

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