Podcast Episode 167 – Tyler Standifird on Gaining Speed

“Will training for speed ruin my swing?”

This is a common concern, but what if I told you that speed training can actually make your swing better?  This is one of the many fascinating discoveries made by Professor Tyler Standifird in his research on speed training in golf.  Learn even more in this week’s episode.

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  1. Great podcast. It was interesting to hear that speed training may actually improve a golfer’s sequence and mechanics. A common refrain is that speed training will result in more OB tee shots for the less skilled golfer, since a longer shot that is offline has a greater chance of going OB than a shorter offline shot. Any thoughts regarding speed training g for a higher handicap player?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’d defer to what Tyler has found – that speed training improves some technical aspects of the swing.
      To go further, I’d say that speed is a skill. There’s no reason at any level for players to deny themselves that skill. Being longer is, was, and always will be an advantage in golf.
      Even if we accept your premise regarding OB, does that outweigh the benefit of all the in-play shots that are now closer to the hole? I would say no.


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